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  1. They are almost at the outlet I would say... *coug* *cough*
  2. raspu86

    [WIP] Terrain Diyala province Iraq

    Hey @Cype_Revenge very nice map! Love your work. Would you please have a look at the wrongly signed dya.pbo? Thanks! Player Raspu: Wrong signature for file I:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 3\@DYA_V1.3\addons\dya.pbo
  3. Getting the height advantage in ACRE2
  4. Hey @Cheitan, the answers are hidden somwhere in the topic ;) You need to be within 6 meters of the satcom antenna to get a range multiplier of 4 times your active radio range (this should basically cover the whole map depending on the radio). The ranges for the different antennas are: Whip: tf_range = 17000 Whip extended: tf_range = 25000 Blade: tf_range = 18000 DD: tf_range = 15000 The default range for the TFAR backpack radio is 20000. Frequencies aren't touched at all.
  5. Only the 148, 152 and 117 are compatible, which leaves you with this compatability matrix ;) AN/PRC 343 PRR SEM 52 SL AN/PRC 148 AN/PRC 152 AN/PRC 117F AN/PRC 77 AN/PRC 343 PRR x SEM 52 SL x AN/PRC 148 x x x AN/PRC 152 x x x AN/PRC 117F x x x AN/PRC 77 x Lots of possibilites to choose for your requirements, especially if you throw Babel in the mix.
  6. That's weird this should not be happening with 1.2.2... Please send me the rpt if it happens again. The mod is also on Steam workshop now: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=873999690
  7. Hey @Jack Ost are you using version 1.2.1 by any chance? This build was borked from my side. Please use 1.2.2 that should fix the issue.
  8. You could just turn on the speaker and drop the backpack, couldn't you? Anyways thats nothing I will do in the near future. Imo TFAR is planing some kind of static radio anyways.
  9. Sorry guys, the latest release 1.2.1 was somewhat broken. 1.2.2 fixes the "Ressource not found" error. Download Link Changelog: 1.22 - Fixed wrong radio GUI "Resource not found" error
  10. First post updated with release 1.2.1 of the TFAR version. Changelog: 1.21 - Fixed placement of RF-3080 satcom antenna (ace_common_waitAndExecute was removed with ACE3 3.8.0)
  11. For the guys having trouble placing the satcom antenna (animation stuck, antenna dissapears from inventory but no item placed on ground): It seems like something changed / broke with the newest ACE3 version 3.8.0 / 3.8.1. I'll have to look deeper into it. For now I can only recommend to switch back to ACE3 3.7.0 for the satcom interaction to work.
  12. Unfortunately the ACRE version is cosmetics only. It does not include the RF-3080 either. To replace the antenna of a radio (imo most of them in this mod should fit the 117F) they first would have to be modelled/simulated in ACRE. Also there is no API available to change the antenna of a radio as far as I know.
  13. Hey guys, I just wanted to inform you that there is version without the TFAR dependency available for download in the first post.
  14. raspu86

    NIArms Release Thread

    Hey toadie, during testing of the great MG42/MG3 pack i noticed that the MG3 seems to have a lower rate of fire then the MG42. The official documentation to the MG3 talks of a rate of fire of 1200 rpm. The current rpm feels a bit low imo.
  15. raspu86

    NIArms Release Thread

    Love the MG3! Thanks a lot as always quality!