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    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    As seen in and this picture. (Source) It's a fantastic looking architecture that is going to be standard issue (as opposed to to just a one-off prototype), and the modular aspect is really attractive to me. Better still if a modder can emulate the modular aspect in Arma 3.
  2. troptastic

    How Long And How Much Work To Build Future New Engine?

    I definitely agree with Windies: Arma 4 doesn't need a new engine, but RV needs to be developed and enhanced so that there are less instances of "hacky" code that negatively impacts the long-term future of the engine. In addition, there are still performance issues remaining to be solved, nevermind all the improvements they could make in terms of animation, view distance, and visual effects. Probably the most important of these is true 64-bit support and proper utilisation of multi-core CPUs. Both of these qualities will define good engines by the time 2018/2019 rolls around, and not having them would severely hamper Arma 4 as compared to other games given that Arma is already more demanding than most series.
  3. troptastic

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    You mentioned changing the names of vehicles and weapons to be more accurate. Does this extend to the descriptions and names in the field manual as well?
  4. troptastic

    RWCO: Rotor Wing Combat Overhaul

    Nice mod, but I am curious as to what your reasoning is for removing the "no-lock" functionality of the DAGR. I haven't seen anything that specifically remarked on whether the real-life system would have the functionality or not, but as far as "future" tech goes, it's not improbable.
  5. It does just display an info box at the top of the screen, where the script "recognizes" what type/distance away an object is and displays the relevant information (as well as the GPS info and other things). There is a video by Spliffz that shows off the functions (starting at about 3:15) and a picture by sno250, both on page 2 of this thread (can't link yet, too new). I think that it is quite reasonable to check out a mod before committing to downloading it, especially if you are running a server and there is a risk of mod conflicts/gameplay disruption when installing an untested mod (not directed to Spliffz of course, but in general).