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  1. Try adding the following in your config selectionFireAnim = "zasleh"; I do believe that should solve your problem
  2. This should be of assistance; The weapon config guidelines If you need any further assistance feel free to hit me up on here or via Steam
  3. Looking forward to see this plugin grow - I've really grown fond of Code in a very short amount of time and this just adds more reason to use it!
  4. I've just PM'ed Gobi42 the solution, so expect him to post the fix soon.
  5. Thanks for the answer mate, I fully understand your considerations regarding the performance when spawning furniture and it being a very hard job to do overall, as I said in my first post it's a small thing for me to use the logistics to move it out the way, especially when everything else seems to run just the way I want it and this is the only small "issue" annoying me slightly. :) So a big kudos to you and the rest of the team for all the effort and time spend on this project! KUTGW it's all appreciated.
  6. I've been playing around with the new Asymmetrical behaviour for the AI commander, but one thing I have noticed when using All In ArmA is that Recruitment HQ's are often blocked off one way or another by the furniture spawning. Sometimes the building itself might be completely be sealed off with furniture in the doorways or I'm able to enter the building but a staircase or room might be blocked by furniture, meaning I have to move it out of the way to get inside. It's a small thing to move it out the way, I just wondered if anyone else has this experience when using the Asymmetrical AI Commander with AiA?
  7. Hello all I've tried getting a GMG into the game and it seemed to have gone really well, until I tried firing it - The weapon itself bounces back and tumbles around in the air as soon as I shoot, with me still in the gunner position, only to have me land upside down or sideways, but still being able to be flipped over onto it's tripod via the Action Menu. Does anyone have any idea what might cause this, someone told me I should change the mass and so I did, but that has had no effect on the bouncing and it continues. Cheers
  8. Hello all I'm doing a Javelin Launcher for the people I play with and as I'm focusing on utilising teamwork through having the CLU being the main apperatus and having to add the tube, I've run into a small problem when it comes to 'holstering' the CLU. Basically it will do as any other secondary weapon system and stick to my back, only the CLU will flop around and block my vision at times, while also being a huge blop on the side of my person. So I would like to know if it was possible to hide the CLU when it is holstered and not having it shown in the regular proxy for secondary weapon system? I hope I made myself clear and that someone is able in assisting me hiding the model from plain sight, right now nothing I can think of seems to be working the way I'd like it to. Cheers
  9. Hello everyone. I have recently begun dwelling into the world of terrain creation - So far it's all new and exciting, but I have some strange issues while using Terrain Builder - I constantly get performance drops such as slow downs and periods where everything locks up, seems like my CPU is spiking pretty hard only running Terrain Builder, this is becoming a frustrating choice as I from one time to another lose the ability to recover from the slow downs and lock ups, forcing me to restart and potentially losing progress. Has anyone else experienced Terrain Builder behaving like this? It's annoying to get large lag spikes and lock ups in a steady stream, when you're trying to be creative. Cheers, Fiz
  10. I have recently gotten into using DAC and so far learning how to use it is going very well - I've dabbled in creating various 'presets' ranging from spawned units to behaviour. One thing I can't seem to wrap my head around is the behaviour of units when near buildings or in towns, they start crouching and searching all the buildings, which is pretty good if the town wasn't empty and the fact I would love them to setup positions and walk around in the streets, fortifying the city and stop them behaving like they're the ones attacking it and clearing through the buildings. I might have missed a vital step at some point, but if anyone has a solution to my little problem I would be a very happy man.
  11. npk

    turret config

    You're missing two base classes; Turrets and MainTurret. class Turrets; class Turrets: Turrets { class MainTurret; }; You have to reference the base classes like you did with class B_MRAP_01_gmg_F;
  12. The Rifles Gaming Unit [TRGU] Website: http://theriflesgu.com/ (Under Construction) Forums: http://www.theriflesgu.com/forums/index.php Teamspeak: Steam Contact: PsychD Operational Times: Mondays and Thursdays 19:30GMT to 22:30GMT (At the latest) Requirements: Functioning Microphone, 50% Attendance Rate, 16 years or older, Humour. TRGU is a British ArmA 3 Casual MilSim unit based on The Rifles regiment, consisting of several battalions of infantry with each battalion configured for a specific role, allowing us to focus on the Light Infantry Platoon, while still having access to deploying as Mechanised, Light Protected Mobility and Armoured infantry. The Rifles pride themselves on their brotherhood shaped by a common ethos, while getting the greatest satisfaction from their excellence on the battlefield - We feel that this suits TRGU perfectly, as our gameplay is only half the story! We are a group of great friends who enjoy each others company as much as playing the game and don't want the hassle of calling each other "Sir" or by rank. Drawing from a wealth of experience within the ArmA community, this group aims to engage people in a highly realistic environment while still maintaining playability and enjoyment. Several of our members having been utilizing their skills and drills in other British MilSim groups, doing roles such as the Royal Marines and various other elements of the British Armed Forces. The Rifles is our infantry fighting force, our boots on the ground. Joining The Rifles means you will be doing a wide variety of tasks in a realistic environment and our training programme will ensure that you can handle the tasks that every Light Infantry Platoon might be expected to handle during deployments be it for example Close Target Recce, an ambush or a Platoon/Section level attack. Army Air Corps is our main support - Flying us to and from battle the AAC is a fundamental part of TRGU, as they support The Rifles in their endeavours on the ground, be it providing CAS, CASEVACS or basic transportation and logistics. Join Today! The process for joining is not long, nor is it complicated, but it allows us to take a look at you, and it certainly allows you to take a good look at us and decide if this is the GU for you! After applying to the unit you will be allowed to join our sessions straight away, but not long after there will be Recruit Training where you will learn all the proper trades of a virtual Rifleman or pilot and how to be an effective player in your chosen subunit. If this sounds like something you would want to be part of don’t hesitate to contact the GU either on the forums, our Teamspeak or contact me on Steam (PsychD).
  13. Does anyone have a template for the AAF Officer? I'll begin uploading some of my PSD's, most of which are already covered, but I guess it doesn't hurt having a few extras.
  14. Hello all I was in the midst of porting over some A2 assets when my HDD with all my work died, so I'm sitting here trying to rework the various assets. I had various helmets working, and now it seems like I'm doing something wrong as when I check the model ingame it's attached to the characters chest region instead of the head. I have the following selections in 1.000: 'Head' and '-Helmet'. Using the A3 template model.cfg as per below class CfgSkeletons { class Default { isDiscrete = 1; skeletonInherit = ""; skeletonBones[] = {}; }; class OFP2_ManSkeleton { isDiscrete = 0; skeletonInherit = ""; skeletonBones[] = { "Pelvis","", "Spine","Pelvis", "Spine1","Spine", "Spine2","Spine1", "Spine3","Spine2", "Camera","Pelvis", "weapon","Spine1", "launcher","Spine1", //Head skeleton in hierarchy "neck","Spine3", "neck1","neck", "head","neck1", //New facial features "Face_Hub","head", "Face_Jawbone","Face_Hub", "Face_Jowl","Face_Jawbone", "Face_chopRight","Face_Jawbone", "Face_chopLeft","Face_Jawbone", "Face_LipLowerMiddle","Face_Jawbone", "Face_LipLowerLeft","Face_Jawbone", "Face_LipLowerRight","Face_Jawbone", "Face_Chin","Face_Jawbone", "Face_Tongue","Face_Jawbone", "Face_CornerRight","Face_Hub", "Face_CheekSideRight","Face_CornerRight", "Face_CornerLeft","Face_Hub", "Face_CheekSideLeft","Face_CornerLeft", "Face_CheekFrontRight","Face_Hub", "Face_CheekFrontLeft","Face_Hub", "Face_CheekUpperRight","Face_Hub", "Face_CheekUpperLeft","Face_Hub", "Face_LipUpperMiddle","Face_Hub", "Face_LipUpperRight","Face_Hub", "Face_LipUpperLeft","Face_Hub", "Face_NostrilRight","Face_Hub", "Face_NostrilLeft","Face_Hub", "Face_Forehead","Face_Hub", "Face_BrowFrontRight","Face_Forehead", "Face_BrowFrontLeft","Face_Forehead", "Face_BrowMiddle","Face_Forehead", "Face_BrowSideRight","Face_Forehead", "Face_BrowSideLeft","Face_Forehead", "Face_Eyelids","Face_Hub", "Face_EyelidUpperRight","Face_Hub", "Face_EyelidUpperLeft","Face_Hub", "Face_EyelidLowerRight","Face_Hub", "Face_EyelidLowerLeft","Face_Hub", "EyeLeft","Face_Hub", "EyeRight","Face_Hub", //Left upper side "LeftShoulder","Spine3", "LeftArm","LeftShoulder", "LeftArmRoll","LeftArm", "LeftForeArm","LeftArmRoll", "LeftForeArmRoll","LeftForeArm", "LeftHand","LeftForeArmRoll", "LeftHandRing","LeftHand", "LeftHandRing1","LeftHandRing", "LeftHandRing2","LeftHandRing1", "LeftHandRing3","LeftHandRing2", "LeftHandPinky1","LeftHandRing", "LeftHandPinky2","LeftHandPinky1", "LeftHandPinky3","LeftHandPinky2", "LeftHandMiddle1","LeftHand", "LeftHandMiddle2","LeftHandMiddle1", "LeftHandMiddle3","LeftHandMiddle2", "LeftHandIndex1","LeftHand", "LeftHandIndex2","LeftHandIndex1", "LeftHandIndex3","LeftHandIndex2", "LeftHandThumb1","LeftHand", "LeftHandThumb2","LeftHandThumb1", "LeftHandThumb3","LeftHandThumb2", //Right upper side "RightShoulder","Spine3", "RightArm","RightShoulder", "RightArmRoll","RightArm", "RightForeArm","RightArmRoll", "RightForeArmRoll","RightForeArm", "RightHand","RightForeArmRoll", "RightHandRing","RightHand", "RightHandRing1","RightHandRing", "RightHandRing2","RightHandRing1", "RightHandRing3","RightHandRing2", "RightHandPinky1","RightHandRing", "RightHandPinky2","RightHandPinky1", "RightHandPinky3","RightHandPinky2", "RightHandMiddle1","RightHand", "RightHandMiddle2","RightHandMiddle1", "RightHandMiddle3","RightHandMiddle2", "RightHandIndex1","RightHand", "RightHandIndex2","RightHandIndex1", "RightHandIndex3","RightHandIndex2", "RightHandThumb1","RightHand", "RightHandThumb2","RightHandThumb1", "RightHandThumb3","RightHandThumb2", //Left lower side "LeftUpLeg","Pelvis", "LeftUpLegRoll","LeftUpLeg", "LeftLeg","LeftUpLegRoll", "LeftLegRoll","LeftLeg", "LeftFoot","LeftLegRoll", "LeftToeBase","LeftFoot", //Right lower side "RightUpLeg","Pelvis", "RightUpLegRoll","RightUpLeg", "RightLeg","RightUpLegRoll", "RightLegRoll","RightLeg", "RightFoot","RightLegRoll", "RightToeBase","RightFoot" }; // location of pivot points (local axes) for hierarchical animation pivotsModel="A3\anims_f\data\skeleton\SkeletonPivots.p3d"; }; }; class CfgModels { class Default { sectionsInherit=""; sections[] = {}; skeletonName = ""; }; class ArmaMan : Default { htMin = 60; // Minimum half-cooling time (in seconds) htMax = 1800; // Maximum half-cooling time (in seconds) afMax = 30; // Maximum temperature in case the model is alive (in celsius) mfMax = 0; // Maximum temperature when the model is moving (in celsius) mFact = 1; // Metabolism factor - number from interval <0, 1> (0 - metabolism has no influence, 1 - metabolism has full influence (no other temperature source will be considered)). tBody = 37; // Metabolism temperature of the model (in celsius) sections[] = { "osobnost","Head_Injury","Body_Injury","l_leg_injury","l_arm_injury","r_arm_injury","r_leg_injury", "injury_body", "injury_legs", "injury_hands", "clan","clan_sign","Camo","CamoB","Camo1","Camo2","personality","hl", "injury_head", "insignia" }; skeletonName = "OFP2_ManSkeleton"; }; class UN_Helmet: ArmaMan{}; };