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  1. Vasilyevich

    Norwegian Units

    Well, nope. -_-
  2. Vasilyevich

    Norwegian Units

    Hi everyone, I would like to let you know that i am trying to get back to Arma after i got burned out (the interest for the game) because all i did in the end was modding for this and the community i was with. Still deciding if i keep playing arma again but when, i will start working on the mod again. And i'm still reading here, so if a game/mod breaking bug pops up i notice it and will do my best to fix it :) And thank you all for your input, i did read everything and i really appreciate it. Thank you for liking the mod, giving feedback and hopefully having fun with the mod in Arma :) - Vasilyevich
  3. Vasilyevich

    Norwegian Units

    Gawd damn, this again :D i will take a look into it - thank you for pointing it out :) in the futureâ„¢ ;) i could make a replacement config or so Also: in the futureâ„¢
  4. Vasilyevich

    SweetFX in Arma 3

    Source ? :P
  5. Vasilyevich

    Norwegian Units

    I'm thinking about that, since i already have snow textures for most of the vehicles it would be mostly config work. But still, i'm taking a little break to see if everything works as intended before adding new units :)
  6. Vasilyevich

    Norwegian Units

    Thanks :)
  7. Vasilyevich

    Norwegian Units

    Update: Ok, here we go - 2.0 is out. It took me longer than expected but i'm very happy with it! Since i'm quite exhausted atm i won't write that much, but there is a video explaining the major things, and ofc. the changelog. The coolest thing is that i implemented a uniform randomisation for the special forces unit. And that you can now contribute to the mod on GitHub. Small stuff like the flagpoles and the classname list will come back soon! New Screenshots - Would be awesome it Armaholic could exchange the old screenshots for those new ones, on the mod page. *waves Foxhound* thank you! - This work is licensed under a Arma Public License Share Alike - You are not allowed to upload this mod to the steam workshop. Changelog: - New: AA-Tank, Artilery-Tank, Amphibious AFV (Wood/Desert) - New: UGV variants (Wood/Desert) - New: All Special Uniforms in long and short sleeve versions - New: Insignias in various camouflages (Medic, FSK, MJK, Flag, Viking) - New: Uniform randomisation routines - New: Woodland (M98) and desert (M03) camouflage textures - New: Uniform variants for FSK and MJK units (Grey, Coyote) - New: Work in progress german translation - Changed: Split the mod into seperate PBO files for easier modification - Changed: Unified wood and desert crewman (incl. new uniform - Changed: Uniform code from scratch to bring it in line with vanilla code - Changed: All equipment code - Changed: All vehicle textures (new woodland camo pattern) - Changed: All uniform textures for more details and weathering - Changed: Parts of the backpack code - Changed: Some of the backpack textures - Changed: Icons for most of the custom items - Changed: Existing randomisation routines - Changed: Standard units now have the ECH helmet - Changed: "Men" categorie names reworked slightly - Changed: mod.cpp code - Changed: mod.paa - Misc: The source data of the mod is now available on GitHub - Misc: The mod is now modular (in case you don't want vehicles or the randomisation) - Misc: Reworked (new) mod logo - Misc: Mod is now licensed under a 'Arma Public License Share Alike'
  8. We are talking about the edge of the black overlay that limits the FOV, it is sharp and you can see single pixels from the texture - when blured it looks way more natural. Sharp: http://abload.de/img/hardq7jgi.jpg Blured: http://abload.de/img/smooth96jaz.jpg This is just an example, it's the same with all other textures.
  9. Still, it needs bluring :D a hard edge is so immersion breaking.
  10. the battery version has a battery pack at the back of the helmet (head) btw. it would be cool if the screen vignette would be a bit blurred at the edges, just to make it look less "sharp" like this: http://abload.de/img/gp_nv_optic3uupvc.png
  11. What do you mean ? put it where ? :)
  12. It just looks iffy running around with them on the helmet all day, cause they are so huge they look very heavy (stress on the mechanism, and soldier neck) so having them hidden when not turned on would be very cool :)
  13. Would be awesome to have them hidden when not turned on, atleast as an option :)
  14. Click the image for larger version on Flickr.
  15. Vasilyevich

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    run EVERYTHING in admin mode, not just TS^^