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Tutorial: Installation & Configuration of ArmA3 Dedicated Server

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Why doesn't BIS create a simple server that people can download and run on a separate dedicated machine for their game? This is ridiculous. They spend all this time making and trying to sell DLC's content rather than making something we need, such as a dedicated sever that can be EASILY RUN by anyone. We don't need DLC's - that's what the community does.


There are hundreds of responses in this (and other) thread(s) across the net of people trying to get a dedicated server to work right. It's obviously not simple or we woun't have all these confused people. And with workshop mods being updated all the time, this situation is  absurd.  You have the issue of steams verification as well as ArmA's  verification being locked to a machine preventing you from running two copy's on multiple machines which is a nightmare when updates come out. Compounded with all the config files that have to be prepared and put in the right folders, this is a nightmare for the common player who just wants to run their multi player game smoothly on a dedicated server. Some of us have to pay rent and mortgages. We don't all live at home and have the time to do all this.


Why is BIS still making DLC's. We need an easy server to install and run. I think most of us can forward ports, but this tutorial is nuts. Who has time to do all this? Unless you still live with your parents. What good are multi player missions when the performance sucks because no one in the clan can figure out how to create a server. If setting this up requires the lowest level skill as the OP said, then we all must be stupid because I don't see too many people getting it right.



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Yep, I gave up 3 times with tutos. I can script addons, scenarios. I can understand how to script for MP, but the dedicated server interface is just horrible.

You click on arma3serve.exe, you obtain something like:

 9:44:20 BattlEye server updated to version: 217

 9:44:20 BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.217)
 9:44:20 Host identity created.
 9:44:20 Game Port: 2302, Steam Query Port: 2303


And?? .... you dig the tutos. They all speak about Arma installation, you don't need that, then some files to be created with poor explanation and no answer about what things work.

Simple for me: the arma3server.exe initiate something non-existing, useless and disappointing.


I script & play with hosted server. I'm able to understand the principle of scripts for a dedi one,with no chance to see this kind of interface (if any? what is looking like?) on my PC. I understand the principle of headless client, but it's too hard (too long) for me, running a second PC with working HC.


BI, the real progress for that, is to add two options in your launcher, one for dedi, one for HC, allowing to run the interface of the dedi server if chosen. I mean able to choose a mission to be run on this dedicated server.

For HC,truly i don't know. perhaps the possibility to choose a HC slot in lobby?

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Like you said pierremgi, there's too many vague and ambiguous explanations. And then you have all these people in a thread asking different questions, and it turns into a situation where no one really gets a  answer they can work with. I don't mind paying for 3rd party server service, but I don't get how to make the game communicate with what ever service I'm  buying, and then things get more complicated when  you have mods like CUP, CBA, Red Hammer.. ect. I can already tell by looking at this tutorial that something is going to go wrong, and it's not worth spinning my wheels. I'm not a programmer, someone such as the BIS team are, and I'm willing to pay them for a server, but it's got to be easy.


When I played Benny's warfare in A2 back in 2012, There was a super easy server platform you downloaded, I installed it on Linux, and I wasn't even that experienced with Linux at the time. You copied your mission file to the specified folder, started the server and that was it. You could even save your progress with this server. Now I don't know where any of that stuff is for A3. Today we have all these complicated tutorials. I thought things were suppose to get easier with Steam


The problem with this, and even Tophe's Arma Dedicated Server Tool is that if you want to run the server on a dedicated independent machine at the house, you really need ArmA running on another machine so it has all the mod's in the workshop being updated for the server platform, which is difficult because you can only run the game on one computer unless purchase another license. This tutorial might cover all this, but good luck getting the common player to understand how to get this to work.

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@Boss and Pierremgi,

If your approach was to methodically work through the tutorial on the initial post in this thread (Which I can assure you took many hours to write/rewrite, tweak and update) until you get to a point that you do not understand and THEN ask a SPECIFIC question about that instead or a general rant about how B.I do things you might actually get a decent answer and achieve something.


and by the way I am a gas fitter that works full time with a family, I am not an IT techie,  I dont even work in the IT industry, nor Do I work for BIS yet somehow with the help of others I have managed to keep an arma community going since before 2003 (15 years now).  If I can do it the only thing stopping you doing it is your attitude and lack of patience. I even recently learnt how to code in C# by putting the effort in knuckled down to it and tried until I got it right.

Spending time learning instead of whining is far more productive than the appalling attitude you are displaying right now.

Imagine if a would be employer saw the post you created, Would he give you a job based on such unconstructive ranting?


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