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  1. jjespejo

    co10 Escape

    I would never post it as my own, I'm to old to get into that issue. Just a player on my ded server that is always password played. I made the change but stopped, when it didnt work i reverted it back. The mission is base (top of thread). I was really asking if there really was a respawn hidden under the covers, in the works or not. I will tinker some more when I get the time. The one thing I always do is bolt on No-Fatigue and assign ammo crates to Arsenal, which does allow us to amp up the AI difficulty and skills. With two just playing, the adrenaline is hell-uva intense but we will never get to finish it without respawn. LOL
  2. jjespejo

    co10 Escape

    It looks like you were trying to do a respawn. in initplayerlocal.sqf you have the following lines: AT_Revive_StaticRespawns = []; AT_Revive_enableRespawn = false; I was hoping it would work. I have just two of us playing and we just cant get through the map. I tried using True and I did get a new message under the unconscious msg. then I was thinking this may be in the works? Would turning on respawn in the editor work? You also indicated turning off Revive will screw up gameplay. I like the BI native respawn/revive engine, and would like to see if I can replace. Lots of question sorry.
  3. thought this was a good place for this brilliant instruction. Looked all over the net to stop creating duplicate @folders for my dediServ, to come across this link. SO Brilliant and simple. https://boberro.github.io/arma3_workaround/
  4. I did your steps and I am able to play. There was also an update that happened before that also. So I am not sure that had to do with it also. But its working!!! thanks mate :rolleyes:
  5. wow got hi-jacked on my posting. I do use steam, installed and lanched from steam also.
  6. I have Arma3 & 2, and not getting this error. But when I installed Argo I cannot launch the game I keep getting this error. If I bypass it, I can connected with more Battleye messages. Then get to play about 30 seconds then it drops me. I have uninstalled Argo also and upon reinstall/reboot same scenario Battleye is not enabled. Restart the game to enable it?
  7. jjespejo

    Simple CountDown script

    Thanks Schatten, We got our Multiplayer Timer working, using the Functions FOCK provided earlier, and then understanding how it all links together. This is a easy little Countdown timer that can be used on Dedi. I will document for others that want to expand on it. Put in init.sqf //GLOBAL HINT "FOCK_GHint" addPublicVariableEventHandler { private ["_GHint"]; _GHint = _this select 1; hint format["%1", _GHint]; }; Put this anywhere including triggers to make it run [] execVM "Timers.sqf" Code in Timers.sqf:(change timer to any value in seconds) timer = 60;publicVariable "timer"; while {timer >= 0} do { FOCK_GHint = parseText format ["<t size=1.5' align='center'>%1</t>",(timer / 3600) call compile loadfile "time.sqf]; publicVariable "FOCK_GHint"; hint FOCK_GHint; timer = timer - 1;publicVariable "timer"; sleep 1; }; Code for Time.sqf: (gives you the hh:mm:ss formatting) _playtime = _this; _h = (_playtime-(_playtime % 1)); _m = ((_playtime % 1)*60)-((_playtime % 1)*60) % 1; _s = (((_playtime % 1)*3600)-((_playtime % 1)*3600) % 1) - (_m*60); _hh = ""; if (_h < 10) then {_hh = "0"}; _mm = ""; if (_m < 10) then {_mm = "0"}; _ss = ""; if (_s < 10) then {_ss = "0"}; _playtimeHMS = format ["%1%2:%3%4:%5%6",_hh,_h,_mm,_m,_ss,_s]; _playtimeHMS;
  8. jjespejo

    Simple CountDown script

    Thanks Schatten, did try that. It does not work in dedi. I used the example 2 above in my script, plain vanilla. Can't make it any simpler.. I have a trigger that executes [] execVM "Timers.sqf" Timers.sqf [[["Hello"], {hint _this select 0}], "BIS_fnc_spawn", true, false, false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP; RPT error is Error in expression <hint _this select 0> Error position: <hint _this select 0> Error hint: Type Array, expected String,Text
  9. jjespejo

    Simple CountDown script

    We are trying to use this script in A3 on Dedi server. Doesnt seem to work. Nor for that matter any versions of a timer. It really nerves me that we had a working timer script that worked with A2OA just by adding the following line to a timer SQS just by using the rhint with the call RE function As stated we do not think any hinting functionality, whereas the server is running the clock/timer then distributes that to the players, will work with A3. We cannot figure out if this is an issue with A3 or just the code, as all the scripts we have used never show any issues in the server RPT log. If anyone figured how to make a time published to all users, we would greatly apprecitate any insights. re. I really wish they never messed with the RE function and/or replaced it with the new MP garbage.
  10. I have a working COIN module, owrks great with buildings and empty veh and weapons. How do use the module to create manned tanks and static weapons? Or do I have to have a seperate script in the construction zone to create men and add to weapons? But then again, how do I identify a weapons or tank without a name? Very confusing.
  11. thanks ADOGMC. yu'd think BIS would have put that in there wiki under this command? That was a lot of time wasted thinking it was syntax. It would help others out. I ended up using addaction's, really don't like those but its all I got. Thanks for getting back...
  12. I have been at this all day, reading every post to get this to work. I have gotten it to produce the Charlie Radio call. under 0-0-3. Once you select it nothing. I copied the settriggerStatements line right from Comref and it doesn't want to work. Now that statements is really not what I want, but I can't even get the basics to work. I really want to execVM another script, but that wasn't working either. I just want this friggn thing to work....here are a couple of tries that failed. I just want to run my sqf???? :cryy::cryy: trg1 setTriggerStatements ["this", "execVM 'MoveBase.sqf';",""]; trg1 setTriggerStatements ["this "player exec ""MoveBase.sqs""" , ""]; trg1 setTriggerStatements["this","execVM 'MoveBase.sqf';];",""]; Sectorpos = _this select 0; //trigger sector if (!isServer) exitWith {}; hint "Charlie on Server"; tgr1 = createTrigger["EmptyDetector", getpos player]; tgr1 setTriggerArea[50,50,0,false]; tgr1 setTriggerActivation["CHARLIE","PRESENT",true]; trg1 setTriggerStatements ["this", "hint 'trigger on'", "hint 'trigger off'"];
  13. Just wanted to share a working version of COIN Base Construction. Pulled various user inputs but big thanks to Moach Mayham. Create a file called coinvar.sqf copy past the code below and follow instructions in // sections to make it work. Place file in Game folder. FYI, could not get Item 8&9 to work, not sure why?? //credit to Moach Mayhem for code and layout. I added line descriptions and items to make //basic Base Construction and allow other to build more into this. //Place Construction Interface(COIN) Module on Map. In its init //put _naught = [this, player] execVM "coinvars.sqf" //then synchronize each player to the COIN module placed on map fieldSupplies = 5000; //set to 0 and make cost below 0 for all free _builder = _this select 1; //player _module = _this select 0; //this _module setVariable ["BIS_COIN_name", "F.O.B Construction"]; _module setVariable ["BIS_COIN_funds", "fieldSupplies"]; _module setVariable ["BIS_COIN_fundsdescription", "*"]; // you can use any symbol $, Euro // your list of categories you want player to see _module setVariable ["BIS_COIN_categories", ["Base Assets","Barriers","Light Vehicles", "Armour","Static Weapons"]]; _module setVariable ["BIS_COIN_areaSize", [100, 50]]; //distance radius around construction zone _gearArray = []; //Base Assets //"CLASS","Categories","Cost","Your Desciption" ** Cost 0 = free _gearArray set [0, ["USMC_WarfareBBarracks","Base Assets",100,"Barracks"]]; _gearArray set [1, ["Land_fortified_nest_big","Base Assets",75,"Fortified Nest"]]; _gearArray set [2, ["Land_Fortified_nest_small","Base Assets",50,"Sandbag Nest"]]; _gearArray set [3, ["MASH","Base Assets",100,"Mash Tent"]]; _gearArray set [4, ["USMC_WarfareBMGNest_M240","Base Assets",150,"MG Nest"]]; //Barriers _gearArray set [5, ["Land_Fort_Watchtower","Barriers",200,"Fort Tower"]]; _gearArray set [6, ["Hhedgehog_concrete","Barriers",30,"Concrete Tank Barriers"]]; _gearArray set [7, ["Land_fort_bagfence_round","Barriers",10,"Sandbag Circle"]]; _gearArray set [8, ["smallbase","Barriers",500,"Small Compound"]]; //doesn't work _gearArray set [9, ["tankDitch2_cdf","Barriers",500,"Tank Compound"]]; //doesn't work //Armour _gearArray set [10, ["M1A2_Tusk_MG","Armour",500,"M1A2 Tusk"]]; _gearArray set [11, ["MLRS","Armour",300,"MLRS Rocket Tank"]]; _gearArray set [12, ["M6_EP1","Armour",400,"M6 Tank"]]; _gearArray set [13, ["M2A3_EP1","Armour",400,"M2A3 TOW"]]; //Light Vehicles _gearArray set [14, ["LAV25","Light Vehicles",150,"LAV25"]]; _gearArray set [15, ["M1126_ICV_M2_EP1","Light Vehicles",125,"Stryker M2"]]; _gearArray set [16, ["HMMWV_M2","Light Vehicles",110,"HMMWV M2"]]; _gearArray set [17, ["HMMWV_MK19","Light Vehicles",100,"HMMWV MK19"]]; //Static Weapons _gearArray set [18, ["M119","Static Weapons",400,"M119 Canon"]]; _gearArray set [19, ["MK19_Tripod","Static Weapons",125,"MK19 Grenade Gun"]]; _gearArray set [20, ["2b14_82mm","Static Weapons",110,"82mm Mortors"]]; _module setVariable ["BIS_COIN_items", _gearArray];