Tutorial: Debugging a server issue This is based on having already installed the dedicated server package or the full client install on your server Have already proved a vanilla install at some stage in the past and the server has been running and hosting missions. if you need help setting up a server, use the following ArmA3 Dedicated Server Tutorial LAST UPDATED: Sunday 7th September 2014 up too and including this post Note to Experienced admins If you see any flaws in the debugging logic, or you have any additional snippets of information to add, please do so. It will be much appreciated What you will need a) Admin Access to the server backend, eg RDP access B) Familiarity with file locations, especially the .rpt file .RPT File locations Wherever you set your -profile to be or C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Arma 3 C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Arma 3 C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Arma 3   ********************************************************************************************************************* INFORMATION YOU NEED TO PROVIDE If you have been linked to this tutorial to give information and data to help solve your issue, this is the information you should provide   Restart the server, (load the mission if you can) then copy your newly created *.rpt file (IN ITS ENTIRETY) to pastebin Copy your server config file (Delete your passwords) to your post \ thread and wrap it in a spoiler Copy the bandwidth settings (Users\Username\arma.cfg)to your post \ thread and wrap it in a spoiler tag Give a brief description of your server setup (Colocated, rented, home based etc Give a brief description of the hardware and o/s it is running on Give as much detail as possible on what issue you have and what debugging steps you have already taken to try and solve it and then we actually have some information we can work with to try and help you out   ********************************************************************************************************************* ISSUE: Server isnt starting How to logically progress to find the issue STAGE 1: PREPARATION Take the server instance back to a clean vanilla install   Create a desktop shortcut on the server that runs pure vanilla , nothing else Typically this will look something like -port=2302 "-profiles=d:\Games\A3\A3ServerNo1" -config=Config_Vanilla.cfg -exthreads=1  -mod= Take note of the empty -mod param, this is important Move the contents of your MpMissions folder to a backup folder (NOT a subfolder of your MpMissions) Move the contents of your keys folder to a backup folder (except the a3.bikey) EDIT the config_vanilla.cfg or whatever you have called the server config file Comment out the Mission cycle class completely Temporarily Disable BattleEye (Avoids any BE issues with the client on connect) Temporarily disable verify signatures (Avoids any addon issues with the client on connect) Add a temporary password so only you can connect to the server delete or clear out our .rpt files. (Lets start of clean) Run your steam updater and verify the game cache (You could delete the folder that looks something like "5d173415bc27ec53aaa2c78445046a1dcb3c69e3" this will remove the steam logs that define the version installed etc causing a complete re-install and overwrite) STAGE 2: INITIAL BOOT UP   Start your server from the desktop shortcut you created. Wait for it to show up on the Steam browser list Login as the only client and try starting one of the B.I hard coded missions What should happen You should see the console window popup as the server starts (See example output below) You should see a newly created rpt file, leave it a minute before you open it up, to give it the time for a fully booted the server to finish writing to this log. A good clean vanilla install .rpt file should look similar to the Example RPT file listed below (before any players attempt to connect) and you should be able to see the server in the steam server browser (eventually) Login and start a mission If FAIL Reinstall ArmA3 on the server (Dedi package or full client install) ? You have omitted to do something previously stated in this tutorial Check the .rpt file again for any obvious issues (It will now be a much bigger file with a lot of spam entries to read through)   IF SUCCESS: goto STAGE 3 STAGE 3: BIKEY DEBUGGING Issues with .bikeys can cause the server not to fully load or start Symptom: The server will hang just as it starts to contact Steam. The last RPT entry will be (Thanks to Killswitch)   Move the backed up Bikeys to the root keys folder Delete your rpt file. (Not necessary but can avoid confusion when you start losing focus due to frustration) Restart the server using the desktop shortcut Check the .rpt file (for existence and content) Login as the only client and try starting one of the B.I hard coded missions IF FAIL: Remove the bikeys, repeat Stage 3 but only add a few bikeys at a time, continue doing this until you find the bikey that is causing the issue. Check the .rpt file again for any obvious issues (It will now be a much bigger file with a lot of spam entries to read through) IF SUCCESS: goto Stage 4 STAGE 4: MpMissions DEBUGGING The Mission.sqm, Description.ext and any files #included from the description.ext are read by the server when the first player connects after a server restart. if there are any critical errors in these files, then the server will not allow you to fully connect. It may be possible to see these errors in the rpt file, as the server should write to the .rpt when you connect. You will typically get this issue after restarting the server, where you haven't changed any server files, command lines, addons etc. A mission that has been recently uploaded could be causing this issue. To prove/disprove Move all the backed up MpMissions back into your server install MpMissions Delete your .rpt file Restart the server using the desktop shortcut Check the .rpt file (for existence and content) wait for it to be seen in the steam browser Login as the only client and try starting one of the B.I hard coded missions IF FAIL: Remove the MPMissions, repeat Stage 4 but only add a few mission.pbo's at a time (Take note it is most likely going to be one of the newest uploaded missions to then server). Check the .rpt file again for any obvious issues (It will now be a much bigger file with a lot of spam entries to read through) IF SUCCESS: go to Stage 5 STAGE 5: SERVER.CFG (Config_Vanilla.cfg) DEBUGGING The only issue I am aware of in this file that stops the server from fully loading, is the mission cycle class If the file name listed is not exactly the same as the file name on the server, it will cause the server to hang on an island loading screen This is why in Stage 1: PREPARATION, you should have commented this cycle class out Uncomment the Mission Cycle class in the above mentioned file Delete your .rpt file Restart the server using the desktop shortcut Check the .rpt file (for existence and content) wait for it to be seen in the steam browser Login as the only client and try starting one of the B.I hard coded missions IF FAIL: Check the syntax of the mission cycle class and any mission files listed in there. IF SUCCESS: go to Stage 6 STAGE 6: ADDON DEBUGGING Be aware that some addons also utilise a userconfig folder, so make sure where ever these are needed that they are present, otherwise the server wont fully boot Issues here should be fairly easy to see in the rpt file. Edit the desktop shortcut to run all the -mod folders that you were initially running Delete your .rpt file Restart the server using the desktop shortcut Check the .rpt file (for existence and content) wait for it to be seen in the steam browser Login as the only client and try starting one of the B.I hard coded missions IF FAIL: Repeat Stage 6, but edit the -mod line in the desktop shortcut to load less mod folders, repeat until you find the @mod folder with the issue Take note, some addons have dependancy on others, so make sure you load the required dependancy addons. Start with @CBA_A3 if you run that mod folder and work from there Check the .rpt file again for any obvious issues (It will now be a much bigger file with a lot of spam entries to read through) IF SUCCESS: go to STAGE 7 STAGE 7: LAUNCHER DEBUGGING So far you have proven That a vanilla install is working The Bikeys are all okay (from a server launch viewpoint) MpMissions are all okay (from a server launch viewpoint) @Mod folders are all okay (from a server launch viewpoint) Typically servers can be launched - run from various applications, such as TADST, Firedeamon, some Hosting company GUI Debugging these issues is beyond the scope of this tutorial, however, if you have managed to reach this stage successfully, then only the launcher can be at fault and you will need to contact the host or ask a question on the TADST thread. I can give some Firedeamon support here. IF SUCCESS: go to STAGE 8 STAGE 8: Set everything back to how you want it Re-Enable BattleEye Re-Enable verify signatures Change the temporary login password back to the default one you use and then reconnect as you did before   ISSUE: CLIENT CANNOT CONNECT Work In Progress Basically this will either be an addon issue (Bikey-Bisign mismatch, I have found a fair few bikey issues not matching to bisigns over the last few months) a BattleEye issue (Ping limiter set perhaps or just a bad connection to the A3 host or BE server a ban issue, check BE bans.txt and your root ban.txt a connection issue a Temporary issue, DNS etc or BE server down Client-server version mismatch   EXAMPLE FILES Successfully Fully loaded vanilla server Console Window 15:46:01 Dedicated host created. 15:46:07 BattleEye Server: Initialized (v1.194) 15:46:07 Host identity created. 15:46:07 Game Port: 2502, Steam Query Port: 2503 Successfully Fully loaded vanilla server RPT file This is what you should see before any players have attempted to connect Branch: Stable Version: 1.28.127008 Dated 7th September 2014 ===================================================================== == D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\arma3server.exe == "D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\arma3server.exe" -port=2502 "-profiles=d:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest" -config=Config_Vanilla.cfg -exthreads=1 -enableHT -mod= Original output filename: Arma3Retail_Server Exe timestamp: 2014/09/02 11:16:17 Current time: 2014/09/07 15:30:38 Type: Public Branch: Stable Version: 1.28.127008 Allocator: D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\dll\tbb4malloc_bi.dll ===================================================================== ManagerConfig() AppId parsing successful. Using appId=107410 Updating base class ->Base, by a3\dubbing_radio_f\config.bin/CfgHQIdentities/PAPA_BEAR/ Updating base class ->Base, by a3\dubbing_radio_f\config.bin/CfgHQIdentities/AirBase/ Updating base class RscShortcutButton->RscButton, by a3\editor_f\config.bin/RscDisplayEditObject/Controls/B_OK/ Updating base class RscSliderH->RscXSliderH, by a3\editor_f\config.bin/RscDisplayEditObject/Slider/ Updating base class RscText->RscPicture, by a3\editor_f\config.bin/RscDisplayEditObject/Preview/ Updating base class RscShortcutButton->RscButton, by a3\editor_f\config.bin/RscDisplayMissionLoad/Controls/B_OK/ Updating base class RscShortcutButton->RscButton, by a3\editor_f\config.bin/RscDisplayMissionSave/Controls/B_OK/ Updating base class ->RscControlsGroup, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscControlsGroupNoScrollbars/ Updating base class ->RscControlsGroup, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscControlsGroupNoHScrollbars/ Updating base class ->RscControlsGroup, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscControlsGroupNoVScrollbars/ Updating base class ->RscText, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscLine/ Updating base class ->RscActiveText, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscActivePicture/ Updating base class ->RscButton, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscButtonTextOnly/ Updating base class ->RscShortcutButton, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscShortcutButtonMain/ Updating base class ->RscShortcutButton, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscButtonEditor/ Updating base class ->RscShortcutButton, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscIGUIShortcutButton/ Updating base class ->RscShortcutButton, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscGearShortcutButton/ Updating base class ->RscShortcutButton, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscButtonMenu/ Updating base class ->RscButtonMenu, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscButtonMenuOK/ Updating base class ->RscButtonMenu, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscButtonMenuCancel/ Updating base class ->RscButtonMenu, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscButtonMenuSteam/ Updating base class ->RscText, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscLoadingText/ Updating base class ->RscListBox, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscIGUIListBox/ Updating base class ->RscListNBox, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscIGUIListNBox/ Updating base class ->RscText, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscBackground/ Updating base class ->RscText, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscBackgroundGUI/ Updating base class ->RscPicture, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscBackgroundGUILeft/ Updating base class ->RscPicture, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscBackgroundGUIRight/ Updating base class ->RscPicture, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscBackgroundGUIBottom/ Updating base class ->RscText, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscBackgroundGUITop/ Updating base class ->RscText, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscBackgroundGUIDark/ Updating base class ->RscPictureKeepAspect, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscBackgroundLogo/ Updating base class ->RscMapControl, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscMapControlEmpty/ Updating base class ->RscPicture, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/CA_Mainback/ Updating base class ->CA_Mainback, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/CA_Back/ Updating base class ->CA_Mainback, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/CA_Title_Back/ Updating base class ->CA_Mainback, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/CA_Black_Back/ Updating base class ->RscTitle, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/CA_Title/ Updating base class ->RscPictureKeepAspect, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/CA_Logo/ Updating base class ->CA_Logo, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/CA_Logo_Small/ Updating base class ->RscButton, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/CA_RscButton/ Updating base class ->CA_RscButton, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/CA_RscButton_dialog/ Updating base class ->RscActiveText, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/CA_Ok/ Updating base class ->RscText, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/CA_Ok_image/ Updating base class ->RscText, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/CA_Ok_image2/ Updating base class ->RscText, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/CA_Ok_text/ Updating base class ->RscPicture, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscVignette/ Updating base class ->RscControlsGroupNoScrollbars, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscMapControlTooltip/ Updating base class RscShortcutButton->RscButtonMenu, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayDebug/Controls/B_OK/ Updating base class RscShortcutButton->RscButtonMenu, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayDebug/Controls/B_Cancel/ Updating base class RscShortcutButton->RscButtonMenu, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayDebug/Controls/B_Clear/ Updating base class ->RscText, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayCapture/controls/TimeLines/ Updating base class RscShortcutButton->RscButtonMenu, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayCapture/controls/ButtonAverages/ Updating base class RscShortcutButton->RscButtonMenu, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayCapture/controls/ButtonSavePreviousData/ Updating base class RscShortcutButton->RscButtonMenu, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayCapture/controls/ButtonPreviousData/ Updating base class RscControlsGroup->RscControlsGroupNoHScrollbars, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayMain/controls/ModIcons/ Updating base class RscPicture->RscPictureKeepAspect, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayMain/IconPicture/ Updating base class IconPicture->RscPictureKeepAspect, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayMain/DlcOwnedIconPicture/ Updating base class IconPicture->RscPictureKeepAspect, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayMain/DlcIconPicture/ Updating base class RscListBox->RscCombo, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayCustomizeController/Steepness/ Updating base class ->RscStandardDisplay, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayControlSchemes/ Updating base class ButtonOK->RscButtonMenuCancel, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayControlSchemes/controls/ButtonCancel/ Updating base class RscButton->RscButtonMenuOK, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayControlSchemes/controls/ButtonOK/ Updating base class RscPicture->RscPictureKeepAspect, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayFileSelectImage/controls/OverviewPicture/ Updating base class RscShortcutButton->RscButtonMenuCancel, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayFieldManual/controls/ButtonCancel/ Cannot delete class B_KickOff, it is referenced somewhere (used as a base class probably). Updating base class RscButton->RscButtonMenuCancel, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayPublishMission/controls/ButtonCancel/ Updating base class RscShortcutButton->RscButtonMenuOK, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayPublishMissionSelectTags/controls/ButtonOK/ Updating base class ButtonOK->RscButtonMenuCancel, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscDisplayPublishMissionSelectTags/controls/ButtonCancel/ Updating base class ->RscSubmenu, by a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscMainMenu/ Cannot update non class from class a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscCallSupport/Items/ Cannot update non class from class a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscRadio/Items/ Updating base class ->None, by a3\characters_f\heads\config.bin/CfgGlasses/G_Diving/ Updating base class Optics_Commander_02->Optics_Armored, by a3\armor_f_epb\apc_tracked_03\config.bin/Optics_Commander_03/ Initializing Steam Manager ManagerConfig() unable to load subscribed content list. list will be updated from steam unable to load published content list. list will be updated from steam unable to load cached items meta info. save and update functionality will be broken Steam Manager initialized. ==== Loaded addons ==== dta\bin.pbo - unknown dta\core.pbo - 72362 dta\languagecore_f.pbo - 73106 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\kart\addons\anims_f_kart.ebo - 68104 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\kart\addons\characters_f_kart.ebo - 69654 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\kart\addons\data_f_kart.ebo - 68542 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\kart\addons\languagemissions_f_kart.ebo - 71194 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\kart\addons\language_f_kart.ebo - 71194 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\kart\addons\missions_f_kart.ebo - 72076 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\kart\addons\missions_f_kart_data.ebo - 68567 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\kart\addons\modules_f_kart.ebo - 68506 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\kart\addons\modules_f_kart_data.ebo - 68104 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\kart\addons\soft_f_kart.ebo - 71931 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\kart\addons\sounds_f_kart.ebo - 69963 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\kart\addons\structures_f_kart.ebo - 71528 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\kart\addons\ui_f_kart.ebo - 68104 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\kart\addons\weapons_f_kart.ebo - 69840 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\curator\addons\data_f_curator.pbo - 69630 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\curator\addons\functions_f_curator.pbo - 70878 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\curator\addons\language_f_curator.pbo - 69026 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\curator\addons\missions_f_curator.pbo - 72076 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\curator\addons\modules_f_curator.pbo - 70910 D:\Games\A3\A3ServerTest\curator\addons\ui_f_curator.pbo - 71182 addons\a3.pbo - unknown addons\air_f.pbo - 72106 addons\air_f_beta.pbo - 72362 addons\air_f_epb.pbo - 72121 addons\air_f_epc.pbo - 72244 addons\air_f_gamma.pbo - 72106 addons\animals_f.pbo - 70922 addons\animals_f_beta.pbo - 69641 addons\anims_f.pbo - 71962 addons\anims_f_bootcamp.pbo - 72244 addons\anims_f_data.pbo - 67148 addons\anims_f_epa.pbo - 70151 addons\anims_f_epc.pbo - 64977 addons\armor_f.pbo - 66875 addons\armor_f_beta.pbo - 72238 addons\armor_f_epb.pbo - 71158 addons\armor_f_epc.pbo - 67549 addons\armor_f_gamma.pbo - 71553 addons\baseconfig_f.pbo - 43414 addons\boat_f.pbo - 71876 addons\boat_f_beta.pbo - 71271 addons\boat_f_epc.pbo - 69978 addons\boat_f_gamma.pbo - 69978 addons\cargoposes_f.pbo - 71528 addons\characters_f.pbo - 72192 addons\characters_f_beta.pbo - 72235 addons\characters_f_bootcamp.pbo - 71769 addons\characters_f_epa.pbo - 72109 addons\characters_f_epb.pbo - 72109 addons\characters_f_epc.pbo - 71967 addons\characters_f_gamma.pbo - 67255 addons\data_f.pbo - 72243 addons\data_f_bootcamp.pbo - 70358 addons\drones_f.pbo - 71840 addons\dubbing_f.pbo - 55351 addons\dubbing_f_beta.pbo - 55170 addons\dubbing_f_bootcamp.pbo - 70741 addons\dubbing_f_epa.pbo - 64461 addons\dubbing_f_epb.pbo - 64461 addons\dubbing_f_epc.pbo - 71948 addons\dubbing_f_gamma.pbo - 55217 addons\dubbing_radio_f.pbo - 70403 addons\dubbing_radio_f_data.pbo - 70088 addons\editor_f.pbo - 70677 addons\functions_f.pbo - 72089 addons\functions_f_bootcamp.pbo - 71974 addons\functions_f_epa.pbo - 69421 addons\functions_f_epc.pbo - 63816 addons\languagemissions_f.pbo - 70504 addons\languagemissions_f_beta.pbo - 67088 addons\languagemissions_f_bootcamp.pbo - 71374 addons\languagemissions_f_epa.pbo - 72010 addons\languagemissions_f_epb.pbo - 69398 addons\languagemissions_f_epc.pbo - 69398 addons\languagemissions_f_gamma.pbo - 67088 addons\language_f.pbo - 72031 addons\language_f_beta.pbo - 72141 addons\language_f_bootcamp.pbo - 71964 addons\language_f_epa.pbo - 67088 addons\language_f_epb.pbo - 70677 addons\language_f_epc.pbo - 72010 addons\language_f_gamma.pbo - 70557 addons\map_altis.pbo - 72244 addons\map_altis_data.pbo - 68681 addons\map_altis_data_layers.pbo - 64204 addons\map_altis_data_layers_00_00.pbo - 64204 addons\map_altis_data_layers_00_01.pbo - 64204 addons\map_altis_data_layers_01_00.pbo - 64204 addons\map_altis_data_layers_01_01.pbo - 64204 addons\map_altis_scenes_f.pbo - 63714 addons\map_data.pbo - 70871 addons\map_stratis.pbo - 72244 addons\map_stratis_data.pbo - 60227 addons\map_stratis_data_layers.pbo - 60227 addons\map_stratis_scenes_f.pbo - 69675 addons\map_vr.pbo - 70890 addons\map_vr_scenes_f.pbo - 70385 addons\misc_f.pbo - 67166 addons\missions_f.pbo - 72113 addons\missions_f_beta.pbo - 72076 addons\missions_f_beta_data.pbo - 62070 addons\missions_f_beta_video.pbo - 49010 addons\missions_f_bootcamp.pbo - 72076 addons\missions_f_bootcamp_data.pbo - 71826 addons\missions_f_bootcamp_video.pbo - 70504 addons\missions_f_data.pbo - 62070 addons\missions_f_epa.pbo - 72184 addons\missions_f_epa_data.pbo - 66883 addons\missions_f_epa_video.pbo - 58252 addons\missions_f_epb.pbo - 72076 addons\missions_f_epb_data.pbo - 66883 addons\missions_f_epb_video.pbo - 61701 addons\missions_f_epc.pbo - 72076 addons\missions_f_epc_data.pbo - 65195 addons\missions_f_epc_video.pbo - 65113 addons\missions_f_gamma.pbo - 72076 addons\missions_f_gamma_data.pbo - 55501 addons\missions_f_gamma_video.pbo - 52884 addons\missions_f_video.pbo - 52434 addons\modules_f.pbo - 72498 addons\modules_f_beta.pbo - 68461 addons\modules_f_beta_data.pbo - 56247 addons\modules_f_bootcamp.pbo - 72049 addons\modules_f_data.pbo - 69859 addons\modules_f_epb.pbo - 66731 addons\music_f.pbo - 69026 addons\music_f_bootcamp.pbo - 69633 addons\music_f_bootcamp_music.pbo - 69256 addons\music_f_epa.pbo - 62941 addons\music_f_epa_music.pbo - 62070 addons\music_f_epb.pbo - 62941 addons\music_f_epb_music.pbo - 62070 addons\music_f_epc.pbo - 65137 addons\music_f_epc_music.pbo - 65137 addons\music_f_music.pbo - 62070 addons\plants_f.pbo - 68746 addons\roads_f.pbo - 71662 addons\rocks_f.pbo - 68633 addons\signs_f.pbo - 71037 addons\soft_f.pbo - 72200 addons\soft_f_beta.pbo - 71840 addons\soft_f_bootcamp.pbo - 72200 addons\soft_f_epc.pbo - 71840 addons\soft_f_gamma.pbo - 72200 addons\sounds_f.pbo - 72216 addons\sounds_f_bootcamp.pbo - 71314 addons\sounds_f_epb.pbo - 71327 addons\sounds_f_epc.pbo - 71976 addons\sounds_f_vehicles.pbo - 71928 addons\sounds_f_weapons.pbo - 72253 addons\static_f.pbo - 71927 addons\static_f_beta.pbo - 69740 addons\static_f_gamma.pbo - 71864 addons\structures_f.pbo - 72229 addons\structures_f_bootcamp.pbo - 72304 addons\structures_f_data.pbo - 72305 addons\structures_f_epa.pbo - 71528 addons\structures_f_epb.pbo - 71781 addons\structures_f_epc.pbo - 72203 addons\structures_f_households.pbo - 72229 addons\structures_f_ind.pbo - 72229 addons\structures_f_mil.pbo - 72229 addons\structures_f_wrecks.pbo - 71528 addons\uifonts_f.pbo - 62497 addons\uifonts_f_data.pbo - 62497 addons\ui_f.pbo - 72099 addons\ui_f_bootcamp.pbo - 71374 addons\ui_f_data.pbo - 72099 addons\weapons_f.pbo - 72240 addons\weapons_f_beta.pbo - 71831 addons\weapons_f_bootcamp.pbo - 71871 addons\weapons_f_epa.pbo - 71913 addons\weapons_f_epb.pbo - 69062 addons\weapons_f_epc.pbo - 68963 addons\weapons_f_gamma.pbo - 69142 ======================= PhysX3 SDK Init started ... PhysX3 SDK Init ended. Initializing Steam server - Game Port: 2502, Steam Query Port: 2503 Connected to Steam servers Changelog v1.0: Initial release 7th Sept 2014