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Found 16 results

  1. Hello! I am having issues with the Animated Briefing function, specifically with how I am meant to implement it. I have finished my timeline (which is the code below), however my issues arise from the other bits of the code in the function _timeline = [ [0.0, {}], [1.5, {o1 say3D "briefmsg1"; titleText ["<t align = 'center' shadow = '2' color='#00ff00' size='1.5' font='PuristaMedium' >Officer</t><br /><t color='#ffffff' size='1.5' font='PuristaMedium' shadow = '2' >This is a test message for the Animated Briefing Test</t>", "PLAIN DOWN", -1, true, true];}], [7.5, {o1 say3D "briefmsg2"; titleText ["<t align = 'center' shadow = '2' color='#00ff00' size='1.5' font='PuristaMedium' >Officer</t><br /><t color='#ffffff' size='1.5' font='PuristaMedium' shadow = '2' >Yesterday the enemey broke through the Northern front", "PLAIN DOWN", -1, true, true]; ["binf1", getMarkerPos "bwp1", 4, 0] call BIS_fnc_moveMarker; ["binf2", getMarkerPos "bwp3", 4, 0] call BIS_fnc_moveMarker; ["bmec", getMarkerPos "bwp2", 4, 0] call BIS_fnc_moveMarker; ["enemy", getMarkerPos "wp1", 4, 0] call BIS_fnc_moveMarker; ["northline",3] spawn BIS_fnc_hideMarker;}], [12.5, {o1 say3D "briefmsg3"; titleText ["<t align = 'center' shadow = '2' color='#00ff00' size='1.5' font='PuristaMedium' >Officer</t><br /><t color='#ffffff' size='1.5' font='PuristaMedium' shadow = '2' >Elements of the 11th Infantry platoon captured the Refinary plant over here</t>", "PLAIN DOWN", -1, true, true]; ["show", ["lat"]] call BIS_fnc_showMarkers; ["lat", getMarkerPos "wp2", 5, 0] call BIS_fnc_moveMarker; ["show", ["refine"]] call BIS_fnc_showMarkers; ["refine", 3, 5] spawn BIS_fnc_blinkMarker;}], [21.5, {o1 say3D "briefmsg4"; titleText ["<t align = 'center' shadow = '2' color='#00ff00' size='1.5' font='PuristaMedium' >Officer</t><br /><t color='#ffffff' size='1.5' font='PuristaMedium' shadow = '2' >Our forces tried to counter attack however suffered many casualties and retreated</t>", "PLAIN DOWN", -1, true, true]; ["show", ["attack1"]] call BIS_fnc_showMarkers; ["show", ["attack2"]] call BIS_fnc_showMarkers; ["show", ["attack3"]] call BIS_fnc_showMarkers; ["bmec",4] spawn BIS_fnc_hideMarker; ["binf1", getMarkerPos "bwp4", 4, 0] call BIS_fnc_moveMarker; ["binf2", getMarkerPos "bwp5", 4, 0] call BIS_fnc_moveMarker; ["hide", ["attack1"]] call BIS_fnc_showMarkers; ["hide", ["attack2"]] call BIS_fnc_showMarkers; ["hide", ["attack3"]] call BIS_fnc_showMarkers;}], [32.5, {}] ]; And so here are my issues are: 1. What code do I put in after the timeline? 2. What file do I even put this in? I'm not the best when it comes to scripting and this Animated Briefing has actually drove me insane as it is probably the hardest thing I have done so far
  2. What is this. Example MP mission that has 4 working configurable clickable buttons in the briefing. Purely VANILLA, no addons These buttons can be configured to Open an external web page in your default browser Start and connect a client to your Teamspeak server ( If they have Teamspeak installed ) Download a file And most likely also allow you to link to your discord channel (not tested) No issues found while running with an anti virus and doesn't interrupt Arma (Tested in full screen mode with multiple monitors) DOWNLOAD LATEST VERSION Download Example mission and source code Following download has a working packed (pbo) mission file and the source files Txu_InfoLinks.zip (see changelog) The example mission will (If you click the links) (Please don't spam them) Allow you to Join my teamspeak server Open up the teamspeak client download page Open up our website front page Download our clientside addon pack INSERTING INTO MISSION 1) Copy the TXU_Info folder into the root of your unpacked mission folder 2) Add the following lines to your Description.EXT #include "Txu_Info\CfgControls.hpp" class cfgFunctions { #include "Txu_Info\cfgfunctions.hpp" }; If your CfgFunctions class already exists then just copy the "#include" line as seen above 3) Open the TXU_info\CfgControls.hpp Edit the txt= and url= entries for the 4 button classes in there and your done. Also if your mission doesn't have a briefing like for example OPEX, you can comment out the TXU_INFO_FrameEHId = addMissionEventHandler ["EachFrame",{[] call TXU_INFO_fbriefingEH}]; e.g. //TXU_INFO_FrameEHId = addMissionEventHandler ["EachFrame",{[] call TXU_INFO_fbriefingEH}]; so that it doesnt attempt to display in the initial briefing screen ADVANCED EDITING You can ad parameters to your Teamspeak URL For example, automatically add a bookmark to the players Teamspeak Client as well as passwords, default channels etc Complete format: ts3server://ts9.teamspeak.cc?port=9987 &nickname=UserNickname &password=serverPassword &channel=MyDefaultChannel &channelpassword=defaultChannelPassword &token=TokenKey &addbookmark=SomeBookmarkText Parameters are optional. In most cases, specifying the host and port should be sufficient. Nicknames usually should not be specified, leave this to be configured by the users in the client. So a common URL would look like this: ts3server://ts9.teamspeak.cc?port=9987 Or simplified if only the port is given: ts3server://ts9.teamspeak.cc:9987 CREDITS The orginal concept and a working example was by Larrow His original post https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/169501-link-to-website-in-briefing/?do=findComment&comment=3277456 He is the one that deserves the credit for this. His original version only had 1 button and wasn't available in the initial briefing screen. My version has 4 buttons (I cant see you needing more than 3 really) LIMITATIONS The system uses classes to create buttons that are defined in the Description.ext environment. This is the only way I can see to pass an external URL link. For that reason it cannot be injected into the client using a serverside addon. So the only way to get this to work is as part of the mission file. That's a lot of editing for server admins and their mission devs FUTURE DEVELOPMENT If someone better at coding than me wants to rip this and optimise it more, feel free, I'll happily update the example mission and re update it. ENJOY ! CHANGELOG V.01 (Date: 18/5/2020) File: TXU_info\f\fmapEH.sqf Line 20 Changed from if(TXU_INFO_ButtonAdded)exitwith{}; to if(TXU_INFO_ButtonAdded1)exitwith{}; __________________________________________ V.02 (Date: 24/5/2020) Removed the requirement to #include "Txu_Info\CfgBaseDefines.hpp" This file has been completely removed. The default Gui class bases are no longer inherited from, this makes it much easier to import this into existing missions that define their own GUI Base classes and should not conflict with any existing Gui definitions __________________________________________ (Date: 22/3/2022) Updated link was http now https
  3. I have a pre init function that randomly choose a marker and i want to focus on it rather than on the inital position of the playable unit when briefing is shown. Any ideas?
  4. Hello Lads, I am new to Arma Community and i have been into Arma since 6 months. i learned a lot and i'm in love of this game, and Frankly i want to do my own campaigns, Missions, Mods, and Intros. But i can't due lack of Experience in Arma 3, i watch a lot of Youtube Videos and tutorials, i'll get straight to point ... i want to use the Damn F*cking Intro/ Scenario/Outro Bar and it's Complicated with Feurex Tutorial Video - like Class Campaign {}, Class missionDefault {}, and a lot a lot... i just need assistance in my work that's all, if anyone could give me an example of the perfect Campaign or show me how to open Eastwind Project mission files so i can learn from the Original Campaign, i would be very fuckin Appreciate. Also i have military Experience, i know a lot of Covert Ops and Operations done amazingly by The US Armed Forces and British Armed Forces including The SAS, US Delta, US Navy SEALs and i can assist in Mission Making for anyone including Middle East Military.
  5. Hi, I am making a mission and want to set images on Briefing Room Screens, Laptops, basically any screens that are available in game. I searched online for and what I got is this setObjectTexture [0, "YOURPICTURENAME.jpg"]; and ["init", [this, "image.jpg", "text"]] cal BIS_fnc_initLeaflet I put the image in ThisPC > Documents > Arma3-Other Profiles > USER > missions > Stratismission.Stratis but when i tried to play the scenario it says picture: image not found did i put my image in the wrong file or used the wrong code? Pls help me, thanks in advance : )
  6. Hello all! I've made a super simple mission just to be able to get one done and I'd like to pretty it up a bunch to make it pleasing to the eyes and ears. Such as: Fancy briefings like the campaign missions, with clickable NATO marker buttons that show an entire army hierarchy, text that points out places on the map and markers to show front lines and such. Text on the screen like when entering hubs and some missions (like the text in the bottom that says the date, time and location) Music, for ambiance and dramatic effect Voiced dialogue UAV establishing shots And so on. You get my point. I checked out the wiki page on Mission Presentation, but a lot of stuff is missing, outdated or not clearly defined. I can gather a little from that page but I would like some expert advice. Cheers!
  7. Hi, I made a simple mission with editor and a briefing with Chris' OFP Script Editor, so i exported to Single Mission but what I get on the menu is: "title of my mission".Intro.Pbo (but I did no Intro at all). If I click on it to play it starts without the usual briefing static section like the other single missions but directely on the battlefield, and if I press M for map and briefing agenda the briefing section appears empty, and the mission name I get is _ _cur_sp. The notes section is non existent btw... So problem is that I get briefing showed only in preview... Thank you for helping :)
  8. HI ALl, Not sure what I'm doing wrong here. I want to create a marker via scripting, then tag it in createDiaryRecord, so that in the mission briefing when you select the marker name the map move to the position. So far I only have the tag in present but when you click the underlined text RADIO TOWER 1 in the briefing map nothing happens? fn_diaries.sqf _randomPosMapNoWater = [nil, ["water"]] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; marker = createMarker ["GOHERE", _randomPosMapNoWater]; marker setMarkerShape "RECTANGLE"; marker setMarkerSize [100,100]; player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["RADIO TOWER", "Capturing the <marker name = marker>RADIO TOWER 1</marker> allows you to ..."]]; Nevermind, The name in <marker name = marker>RADIO TOWER 1</marker>has to be the sting in createMartker "GOHERE".
  9. First of all I should say that I am new to Arma3 and the scripting and inner workings, so please be patient... Friends, Co-workers and myself have decided to get together and play Arma3 which lead to creating a "dedicated" server. The Server seems to be working fine with only one issue noticed, that in the Arma3 Shortcut the target path seems to drop the "-filepatching" on a regular basis which messes up the Zue_A3serverbriefing that is being used. The main issue is I created some Zues missions that could be used to create on the fly Missions with the Ayres-Achilles mod. Which for the most part works as expected, with currently two frustrating issues that I have two weekends and countless hours during the week trying to resolve. Problem #1 The ability to "save" in game issue came up and given the level of experience with some of our guys I decided to test and use Henrik Hansen's Zues ObjectEditor V.1.0. which works fine in Eden Editor testing on the MP platform. Problem #2 The briefing does not display, again worked in the testing. As I said both worked well testing through the Editor, but once placed onto the server, neither work properly. The Briefing does not display at all! and the Zues_ObjectEditor wont copy to clipboard, but seems to read the objectGrabber ".sqf" files. The following is the .sqf files that I am using to achieve this... init.sqf initServer.sqf initBriefing.sqf Description.ext I created the initServer.sqf to deal with multiple instance issues in both the briefing and objectEditor when in the init.sqf file. I don't understand why it would work in testing and not on the dedicated server. Also I should note that when the objecteditor was in the init.sqf it worked, but when started would put multiple objects on the server which would create mass explosions. Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance for any responses. Thank You Greg *** UPDATE *** Ok made some progress tonight. I created a initPlayerLocal.sqf and placed the objecteditor commands in it. initPlayerLocal.sqf Again it works fine in editor, and at least now works partially when placed on the server. It now allows it to complete once. When you attempt to do it again the server indicates that the process completed but when you paste into the file it pastes the last copy and not the updated one. I have the trigger set to repeatable, but doesn't appear to make a difference. Suggestions welcomed. Thanks Greg
  10. Hello all, This is Joel. I am a code newb and an EDEN noob. I love this game and I've been banging out my first scenario with glee, with a couple of puzzling hangups. I try assiduously to figure stuff out on my own and read in the forums. I feel like there a thousand variations of my problem with a thousand different replies. So, here I am asking for help. I apologize if this is painfully newbish. Here goes. 1. I am trying to create a properly formatted briefing. I first tried placing the creatediary module in the scenario editor screen, and editing the situation, mission, execution, signals, etc. The result, when played in the game is a sloppy, unformatted mess. I then read about using html tags when writing in the module text. NO change when played. I then found the F3's briefing code generator utility online and entered , generated, then pasted into a text file I created, renamed briefing.sqf. I created the init.sqf file and wrote this: [] execVM "briefing.sqf"; Nothing, and I mean nothing seems to be changing with the briefing. I'm really frustrated. I have created the init.sqf and briefing.sqf files in the same folder as the mission file I'm trying to play. Between this site, youtube, google, eveyone has an opinion and nothing they say seems to do the trick. Please help!
  11. Hello, I have this script: [this,"BRIEFING_POINT_TABLE"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; Within a units init. This works fine. However. I want the unit to sleep = 10; So, I created: cmdr_briefing.sqf Changed the units init to: this = execVM "cmdr_briefing.sqf"; Am I doing anything worng here? I then have inside cmdr_briefing.sqf: CMDR // unit name sleep 10; //wait for 10 seconds [CMDR,"BRIEFING_POINT_TABLE"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; // do animation // Is this correct? *Yes the CMDR is case-sensitive. Any help is greatly appreciated. Linked YouTube Video: Unlisted.
  12. Hello, So I set my Diary record for my mission briefing in EDEN editor, but they are all out of order, like this, -Mission -Friendly Forces -Situation -Enemy Forces -Mission Notes -Command and Signals -Mission Notes -Execution I want it simply like this, -Situation -Enemy Forces -Friendly Forces -Mission -Execution -Command and Signals -Mission Notes How do I order it in the EDEN Editor to get it like this?
  13. Ok. I have old problem with Inventory management in briefing. I can use weapons and magazines in "description.ext", but can not items. I know about Post #135 in DEV Changelog at 26/09/2013 * Inventory management in scenario briefings is enabled, but still undergoing quite a lot of work But 2016 is NOW! How was the problem solved? When it will be resolved? Will it solved? (Sorry, I used google translate)
  14. Features: - The script is server driven; all task additions and updates are called on server side. All changes are broadcasted to players in one array variable. This enables more work to be done only on server, since most of AI-related things happen there anyway. This way the number of triggers placed goes down, as they are unnecessary for clients (players). Number of publicvariabled variables goes down also. - Only one eventhandler is created instead of one per task. - As tasks are kept in an array, no global variable is created for each task. - No "call compile format" type of coding. - Variables used to check for task states and statuses are replaced with functions, cutting down number of global variables. - Usage simplified; briefings are easier to create, some parameters are made optional. Creating a briefing in init.sqf [[ ["Task1","Task1Title","Task1Desc"], ["Task2","Task2Title","Task2Desc",true,["markerTask2",getpos obj2]] ],[ ["Note1","Hello West",WEST], ["Note2","Hello East",EAST], ["Credits","Made by: Shuko of LDD Kyllikki<br />www.kyllikki.fi"] ]] execvm "shk_taskmaster.sqf"; Task Data ["TaskName","Title","Description",Condition,[Marker],"State",Destination] Required parameters: TaskName string Name used to refer to the task Title string Task name shown in the in/game task list Description string Task description, the actual text body Optional parameters: Condition boolean/side/faction/unit/group/string Units the task is added to. Default is everyone Marker array Marker related to the task. It will be created only for the units who have the task. Marker will be hidden after task is completed. Can be an array of marker arrays, if you want to create multiple markers. Name string Name of the marker to create. Position string Position of the marker. Type string Marker type. Optional, default is "selector_selectedMission". Color string Marker color. Optional, default is red. State string Task state of the newly created task. Default is "created". Destination object/position/marker Place to create task destination (game's built-in waypoint/marker). If an object is given, setSimpleTaskTarget command is used, attaching the destination to it. Condition (limiting the units to who the tasks and notes are created) Examples: [...,WEST] All playable units on BLUFOR (WEST) [...,"USMC"] Faction USMC [...,grpMarine1] Units that belong to group named grpMarine1 [...,myDude] Unit named myDude Then there is the IF syntax, so you can create a condition anyway you want, where _x is the unit (=player). Examples: "((group _x == grpScouts) OR (_x == pilot1))" Members of grpScouts and unit named pilot1 "(typeof _x == ""CDF_Soldier_Sniper"")" All CDF snipers TaskState The task state of the newly created task. Valid states are succeeded, failed, canceled and assigned. Default is assigned. Note Data [NoteTitle,NoteText,Condition] Required parameters: NoteTitle string Text shown in the list NoteText string The actual note text body Optional parameters: Condition boolean/side/faction/unit/group/string Units the note is added to. Default is everyone. Updating tasks Task states are updated by calling a function. Possible states are: succeeded/failed/assigned/canceled. Example: ["Task1","succeeded"] call SHK_Taskmaster_upd; It's possible to set state of one task and set another as assigned using an optional 3rd parameter. Example: ["Task1","succeeded","Task2"] call SHK_Taskmaster_upd; This will make task state of task Task1 to succeeded and the state of the task Task2 as current. Another optional 3rd parameter can be used to add a new task after updating another task. Example: ["Task1","succeeded",["Task2","Title","Desc"]] call SHK_Taskmaster_upd; This will make task Task1 as succeeded and create a new task Task2. Same set of parameters is used for the creation as in init.sqf or SHK_Taskmaster_add. Creating tasks during a mission Tasks can be added after briefing with the add function. Same set of parameters is used as in creating a briefing. The new task is set as current task automatically. Example: ["Task2","Extraction","Get to teh choppa!"] call SHK_Taskmaster_add; Functions SHK_Taskmaster_isCompleted This function can be used to check if a task is completed. Task is considered completed with states succeeded, failed and canceled. Function returns a boolean (true/false) value. Example: "Task1" call SHK_Taskmaster_isCompleted SHK_Taskmaster_getAssigned Returns list of tasks which have "assigned" as their state. Example: call SHK_Taskmaster_getAssigned Example result: ["Task1","Task4"] SHK_Taskmaster_getState Returns the task state (succeeded/failed/canceled/assigned/created). Example: "Task1" call SHK_Taskmaster_getState SHK_Taskmaster_hasState Checks if a task's state matches the given state. Function returns a boolean value. Example: ["Task1","succeeded"] call SHK_Taskmaster_hasState SHK_Taskmaster_hasTask Checks if a task with the given name has been created. Returns boolean. Example: "Task1" call SHK_Taskmaster_hasTask SHK_Taskmaster_addNote (client side only) Creates a briefing note. This can only be used on client side, and it's not boardcasted for other players. Parameters: ["Title","TextBody",Condition], Condition is optional. Example: ["Enemy forces","Oh noes, there will be enemy soldiers in the area of operation."] call SHK_Taskmaster_addNote Files shk_taskmaster.sqf Example mission I'm sure there are something to fix, add and change. Don't be afraid to ask for instructions, give feedback or report bugs.
  15. I recently discovered (from another thread I cant find) that separating the controls on the RMB will allow "reveal target" and assign target to work. I now have "Reveal Target" set to MouseButton#5 rather than on "Hold RMB", which seems to work much better. But it does not seem to work as well if I am zoomed with my RMB at the same time. Anyone else find this? Assigning targets: This is fubar as far as I can see. When I am a squad leader and want to assign a target: 1. I press the required F key to select a soldier. 2. I then hold Space and move the on-screen circle over the intended target 3. I then click MouseButton#5(Reveal Target) to assign. This works about 60% of the time, some times it just does nothing, I'll try it 5 more times and then it works... anyone else have this random behaviour? I really hope they clean up the Control system for OA. Some times I just look at the control screen for a good laugh and say, "What where the thinking?". Its no wonder it's hard to attract new players. Did you know we have 8 controls to make you move forward faster? Is that really necessary? 1. Fast Forward 2. Evasive Forward 3. Turbo 4. Vehicle Turbo 5. Fast Forward (Again!) 6. Car Fast Forward 7. Seagull Fast Forward 8. Command Fast Forward All these commands could be under 1 control called Fast Forward. You are never in a car and a seagull at the same time! You are never on foot and commanding a tank at the same time! etc. This is just one example, there are other conflicts and redundant, confusing controls duplicated or misleadingly named. I must point out though, there are things I like about the control system, like the way you can create conflicts and the game wont stop you from using them. This means you can stack multiple commands on one button if you like. I also really like all the modifiers you can use, like Hold and x2 taps etc. But we really need this cleaned up a bit in my opinion.
  16. Taskmaster is an attempt to have a more flexible way to create and update tasks. Features: - JIP support - Create tasks for any set of units/groups/sides - Create tasks during missions (and have them shown for JIP) - Easy way to update task states - Uses the fancy taskHint - Automatic marker hiding/showing taskmaster.rar Armaholic mirror The rar contains couple of example missions and the script file. The script and instructions can be found here as well: http://derfel.org/arma2/scripts/briefing.sqf It will always have the latest version. FAQ: Q: Why the tasks don't show up in editor preview? A: Script uses a command called "playableunits", which does not work in single player/editor. The script is designed for multiplayer missions on dedicated servers.