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  1. Strike that. I found the entire mission editing script package from F3, flew it into my mission folder, tweaked some settings and, voila! If you are in need of the same briefing help as I was, this might be the answer for you. It's pretty much a turn key mission editing suite for new mission editors who just want to edit instead of coding everything in (that's me). There's even a briefing generator to format the text, spacing, etc. A lifesaver, that one. Just go to Google and type in F3 Arma 3 and it should be the first return. Thanks anyways!
  2. Hello all, This is Joel. I am a code newb and an EDEN noob. I love this game and I've been banging out my first scenario with glee, with a couple of puzzling hangups. I try assiduously to figure stuff out on my own and read in the forums. I feel like there a thousand variations of my problem with a thousand different replies. So, here I am asking for help. I apologize if this is painfully newbish. Here goes. 1. I am trying to create a properly formatted briefing. I first tried placing the creatediary module in the scenario editor screen, and editing the situation, mission, execution, signals, etc. The result, when played in the game is a sloppy, unformatted mess. I then read about using html tags when writing in the module text. NO change when played. I then found the F3's briefing code generator utility online and entered , generated, then pasted into a text file I created, renamed briefing.sqf. I created the init.sqf file and wrote this: [] execVM "briefing.sqf"; Nothing, and I mean nothing seems to be changing with the briefing. I'm really frustrated. I have created the init.sqf and briefing.sqf files in the same folder as the mission file I'm trying to play. Between this site, youtube, google, eveyone has an opinion and nothing they say seems to do the trick. Please help!