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    Are AA3 players tank shy?

    Yeah, I agree with the above. I havnt played arma3 in ages, partly from feeling some-what burned by the lack of any interest from the devs in improving the tracked vehicle physics and other vehicle probs in arma3. I loved tanking in every BIS game up to arma3, but the addition of physX to Arma3 did zero favours for armor simulation..it just made it worse. I find it quite Ironic that The professional simulator (we are not supposed to mention..ahem) VBS now uses physx and similar updates to their engine that we have in A3, but guess what? They kept the tracked physics from Arma2. Even they know it's horrible. I hope one day they sort it out...Or even just give us back Arma2 tracked vechicle physics. PS thanks for the tips/info on Steel Armor, looks sweet!
  2. -=seany=-

    Vehicle handling (dev branch)

    Keep 'em coming :D . Not a bug I was aware of, but any fixes to do with vehicles I am very happy to see. Thanks.
  3. -=seany=-

    PhysX Discussion (dev branch)

    I doubt it some how. I made a polite, rational thread in this forum section asking if they could do anything about the vehicle physics, clearly highlighting the main problems...and a Dev (Pettka) replied to the thread.....but to inform some one else in the thread (who was unaware) of how the handbrake is actually functional in Arma3........great. Given that the expansion will be on Islands (and with dense vegetation), there will be less need for vehicles. This makes me believe even more that we are stuck with the current crappy Arma3 vehicle physics until who knows when....Arma4 maybe....Pretty sad that Operation Flashpoint has better Tracked vehicle Physics then Arma 3.... http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?192469-A-Plea-To-The-Developers-For-Some-Fixes-To-The-Long-Standing-Vehicle-Bugs
  4. -=seany=-

    Vehicle handling (dev branch)

    Any info about the possibility to fix some of the bugs I listed in the first post, the problems with tracked vehicles, compared to Arma2? And if possible, getting some one on the team to go over the vehicles and get them handling better?
  5. -=seany=-

    Arma 3 - Extended Edition Steam Sale

    Yep I was waiting for the DLC to go on sale, but it aint...Sucks... I'm not paying full price. I'll keep waiting.
  6. -=seany=-

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    New terrain looks sweet. Thanks!
  7. -=seany=-

    Vehicle handling (dev branch)

    Heh well that was just for demonstration purposes :) . But the problem exists even when driving normally.
  8. -=seany=-

    Vehicle handling (dev branch)

    Yeah, I get what your saying, perhaps there is some accuracy in this "top heavy" behaviour, but I think it's very over done here. If you have a try yourself, just driving around, it "feels" wrong/buggy. You should be able to roll it its so top heavy, but it wont do that either. I think in the real world they would probably make adjustments to the vehicle so that it would not handle so oddly, like stiffen the suspension/antirollbars etc. In fact they may not even have to if the vehicle is stiff enough on default configuration. I would imagine a modern vehicle like this would be designed from the ground up to take various types of top mounted loads with out the need to reconfigure the vehicle or have it so unstable with a top mounted weapon, I dunno. About the tank track physics. If they really can't do anything about it then maybe they could go back to the far superior Arma2 tracked vehicle model and keep Physx for wheeled vehicles?
  9. I have been waiting and waiting since release for fixes to the Vehicle physics of Arma3, to bring them up to a standard where I could compare them to Arma2 and it just is not happening. I waited until all the infantry stuff and recent DLCs where out and now I would really like it if BIS could take a look at this area and give it some improvement. The game is approaching it's 2 year anniversary! This is what the Official Arma 3 website says about Arma3's Vehicle physics:
  10. I didn't buy yet, I think the DLCs are too expensive I would have been happy to pay 7-10 euros. But I'll get them when they are in a sale. Another reason I have not bought them is that they don't seem to have any interest in fixing the things I am interested in..vehicles.
  11. -=seany=-

    NATO Vehicles and realism

    I'd be happy if they just bothered to fix the vehicle physics of what we have. Like, is it really too much to ask for a tank that can drive in a straight line when moving slowly? Or wheeled vehicles that don't behave like they should be driving around a circus ring ?(go on..take a Strider and drive it along at speed veering left and right..comedy hour) Almost two years old and vehicle physics have barely been touched....like the forgotten child of the series...It's a damn shame. From the Arma3 website: Oh really? Even Operation Flashpoint walks all over Arma3's tracked vehicle physics. It's pathetic. Broken for 2 years since Early Access.
  12. -=seany=-

    PhysX Discussion (dev branch)

    There are already videos and good reports about the existing issues that tanks/vehicle/physics have for a long time now. These new problems are just problems on top of old problems...one has to wonder if there is even any point making more reports. If some one is going to fix these latest issues, they may as well just take the opportunity to sit down and fix this whole area of the game properly? Starting with the tickets that are about the bad behaviour of tracked/wheeled vehicles compared to Arma2.
  13. -=seany=-

    What do you think of ArmA3's futuristic setting?

    I don't mind the future setting. Though I do find it a bit ironic that they used to complain about not wanting to be forced to "recreate the Abrams etc the nth time"... then they go and copy and paste every other object in Arma3 when they finally got their much desired creative freedom... hmmm I don't really mind what the next era they choose is.
  14. -=seany=-

    PhysX Discussion (dev branch)

    Why did BIS update Physx and not bother checking any of their tanks...for 5 minutes? Honestly that report by Fennek is just depressing.
  15. -=seany=-

    PhysX Discussion (dev branch)

    Even tanks? They handle so poorly in Arma3 its not funny. They can't even drive straight! Tracked vehicle physics in Arma2 OA are still magnitudes better than Arma3's Physx, which feel like a rushed after thought to me at the moment. Take the M1 Tank in Arma2 OA and drive it for 15 minutes and then go and drive the Slammer, t100 or the Kuma. There is no comparison. Arma3 feels like a tech demo or early access. The wheeled vehicles are not as bad, but a lot of them also have very poor transmission/engine/suspension simulation etc etc.. most feel like place holders we have been using for 1 year since official release! The Strider is a good example, drive this down a road and swerve left and right...the resulting physics behaviour is not from any world I am familiar with. Probably the best vehicle in the game over all is the Gorgon, for me. But, tracked vehicles are the worst offenders and need some serious attention for some one at BIS who has some interest and passion in setting these beautiful vehicles up properly. That's what feels missing.