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  1. After some testing it appears there is something going on, this will be looked into. did this ever get fixed by any chance?
  2. Asgar

    Global Mobilization

    when exactly is the scenario in the mod taking place again?
  3. Asgar

    Global Mobilization

    so the answer is no then? ;) since the Luftwaffe doesn't operate them, the Heer does
  4. i really like the new options you added. just wondering, do you plan to add some pacific jungle camo for the NATO vehicles this time around? I think many people myself included were a little disapointed when NATO didn't get proper vehicle camo for Tanoa.
  5. Asgar

    KSK 2035

    great looking screenshots mate! take your time, we're enjoying your mod and will be happy whenever we get an update
  6. Asgar


    i can see it too, but can't really tell what it is, but it looks like there might be a bit track visible...so Leopard 2A7 of some kind? i know there was some talk about that a while back
  7. Asgar

    KSK 2035

    Me and my friends really like using this mod for some of or missions, fits in very well with the Vanilla Arma 3 setting. I was wondering if you are considering adding the new Bundeswehr Multitarn camo for use with the more arid maps that are part of Arma 3, if you're still working on this mod of course. Kind regards o7
  8. This problem is over a year old, I've seen people point out the exact problem and Bohemia still hasn't fixed it? Thanks Bohemia
  9. Asgar

    TAC-OPS DLC discussion (speculation and hopes)

    i woul dlove to see gun slings, using your side arm is kinda useless when reloading is just as fast. if we could finally use weapons like actual soldiers that would be amazing
  10. Asgar

    Eden: Zeus mission does not work

    i see a bunch of old threads about this issue and see the devs saying they're working on it, but as far as i can see, the issue still persists a year later. Any update on this, it's really annoying to not have the option to place a virtual entity for zeus
  11. well, you are great, generous and handsome, since you're the one who commissioned my favorite pistol :) thanks
  12. just wondering, since you mentioned the 416 being commissioned rather than Patreon backed, are they being released as normal NIArms addons as usual anyway or is there gonna be any difference?
  13. Asgar


    @oOKexOo i found the problem, in the playwithsix release there is a old key files in addition to the up to date one. i didn't look closely and copied both, which caused the connection issues
  14. Asgar


    working fine for me as well