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    Show BIS_fnc_typeText2 to all Players

    Guy addEventHandler ["killed", {{[] exec "Missionflow.sqs"} remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_call"]; }]; I think my syntax is correct - on mobile so correct it if not. This will fire on the machine Guy is local (ie: host / server) and run the code on every machine via remoteExec. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. DangerousDiz

    Show BIS_fnc_typeText2 to all Players

    Event handlers are generally local to the owner of the object. So an ai is local to the server machine / (or host) If you want the contents of an eventhandler to run on all machines you need to remoteExec to all machines. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. Can we have them back? ;) they were really useful. :-D
  4. Have the Road objects been removed from Cup? Can't find them in the editor. Great work though guys.
  5. 100 % works from the editor. Such a great addition. Couldn't get it to work with scripted triggers though but I only gave it a quick go so likely, I just didn't set it correctly.
  6. While event scripts mentioned above are great, if you have a script that runs on all machines but does slightly different things on server, HC and player you'd use these commands and that stops you having to write essentially the same code in three places. Less repetition = better scripting and debugging.
  7. DangerousDiz

    [BugReport] No moonlight in 1.60

    Moonlight is there and pretty decent for me. Only on full moon in December though (the moon in high in the sky)
  8. DangerousDiz

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    In forests of Thailand for example there are certainly ferns that big. Agree that the models for the bushes and trees are furkin marvelous!
  9. DangerousDiz

    Eden Editor - Question/Suggestion

    Download cup terrains mod, it adds loads of arma assets like Bunkers and fortifications.
  10. JShock's version is how I would have done it. My suggestion was to highlight the issue with how you were using the operator ||. While they both do the same operation, the variant with {_x }count is cleaner (performing a single command over and over is better done in a loop than writing out each iteration) and easier to adapt. As to speed Im not sure whether it would make much difference.
  11. This doesn't work: player addAction [\\"Attach Chemlight\\",\\"Custom\Chemlights\attachChemlight.sqf\\",true,0,false,true,\\"\\",\\" 'Chemlight_green' || 'Chemlight_red' || 'Chemlight_blue' || 'Chemlight_yellow' in (magazines player)\\"];Sadly that's not how the || or && operators work. The condition field is expecting a return value of either true or false. The statements either side of the || need to evaluate to a boolean (true or false). So youd need to make it check for each type of Chemlight separately like this: "('Chemlight_green' in (magazines player))|| ('Chemlight_red' in (magazines player))|| ('Chemlight_blue' in (magazines player)) || ('Chemlight_yellow' in (magazines player))" That way each statement either side of the operator || is returning either a true or false value.
  12. No worries like I said it was just theory. :-D next time I'm in game I'll try and find a way round while you wait.
  13. So.. you'd like to orientate an objects (UserTexture1m_F) forward face with the surface of the terrain. Have you tried setVectorDir? As in kk's example get the surface normal or perpendicular vector of the terrain with _surfaceUp = (surfaceNormal (getPosWorld _object)); and set it as the forward vector of your object _object setVectorDir _surfaceUp; It makes it a little more complicated to randomise the rotation of the object but not impossible. You would have to randomise a vector instead, in the x and z planes. You could even do it all together in one command with setVectorDirAndUp. Kk has a great blog post regarding that command. ;-)
  14. DangerousDiz

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Only half decent?? ;-)... (I'll get my coat)..
  15. DangerousDiz

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Isla Abramia for A3

    Big fan of your maps dude, gonna test this and push to get it added to our available maps.
  16. I'd say that's just good practice anyway. :-)
  17. DangerousDiz


    Other than that, taskmaster can't remove tasks? Cheers Shuko. I'll let the mission designer know. I was debugging it for him as the bis framework was intermittently missing task creation. Suggested Taskmaster as an alternative, I'll work on fixing the bis instead.
  18. DangerousDiz


    Hey Shuko, I'm trying to call BIS_fnc_deleteTask on a completed task added with your framework, but its not removing the task. Is it compatible with the default task framework function is there anything you think id need to do? Ie: _doneDelete = ["mob_arty",west] call BIS_fnc_deleteTask; Cheers! DangerousDiz [3CB]
  19. DangerousDiz

    3den Enhanced

    If you check the BIKI I think ambient anim needs to be run after mission start in MP.
  20. DangerousDiz

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    3CB's mod team are working on a 60mm commando mortar. https://3cbmod.wordpress.com/category/news/in-development/ :-D
  21. There is a noticeable delay in target acquisition after toggling setCaptive but not too much if your AI isn't lagging already. Slightly odd, talks to pixels