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  1. tangofox

    Arma 3 Units not available

    Nope, there's is no solution in that post. Well, today at first it seemed to be working again, but this evening the same problem occured.
  2. tangofox


    Well, since I'm unable to become a dad I guess I'll have to stick to this truly great piece of work. Wish you all the best! Tried OPEX just this evening and absolutely fell in love with it. Maybe somebody can answer one quickie: How can a player save their stats etc.? The settings laptop is just accesible for the admin, but the FAQ says the players have to save for theselves. Thanks...
  3. tangofox

    Arma 3 Units not available

    Hi there, I also have this issue since yesterday. As far as I can tell, the Profile got corrupted somehow. Didn't try to join a Server, but creating a game in MP is not possible anymore. All the BI standard missions are gone. And even if I select a workshop Mission, the role selection Screen (Lobby) is blank like in no sides, no roles, etc. I tried to Change the Profile in game and at least I could open a Server (LAN an Internet) once again, joining and playing Looks fine too. If I Close the game and the launcher and try to load the new Profile with the launcher I get the same unit data not found error, everything else seems to be okay, even though at one time the launcher wanted me to link my account to steam, wich I did years ago. A search on Google brought up some really terrifying stuff. Someone even spoke of a complete OS reinstall to get it working properly.
  4. tangofox

    Eden editor / units get "lost"

    First of all, thanks for your reply. I am not using any editor mods, BUT (siily me) I was using alive, tfar, c2 and vcom. And deactivating the last two seems to get rid of the problem. I'll try to narrow it down later. For your second question, yes, that happened in all my mission, i tried to set up. It's kind of strange, that the problem occurs at a random point in time while doing nothing special, like I could pin it down to one action, that triggers it.
  5. Hello there, recently I've got a huge problem with the editor. My english is not the best, but I will try to explain it: I set up the mission as I did several times before and all of a sudden this happens to some if not all units marked as player or playable: - I can not see selection boxes (3d) or circles (2d) around them, actually in 2d they are invisible - In the entity list the blue box (for blufor) box on the left side of group name becomes a red square, units boxes stay blue - They obviously change faction, but still are listet as blufor - I can delete them all but the last one - When I try to change this last units type, the game crashes I tried to google this, but due to the lack of vocabulary and thus being unable to describe the problem corrctly I was unable to find anything useful. Any help would be appreciated very much. Thanks in advance... Tobi