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  1. zafjr

    [MP] MIL_SniperHuntDM

    Yeah.. I got as far as being able to get the markers working (tried with 14 players just now). However, not all of them get teleported. Some of them get stuck at the starting spawn position. Just to make things work, i HALO dropped them using MCC :p. It was fun, BUT near the endgame, around 30 minutes was spent waiting for the last 2 players to find each other (being stubborn just camping). This may sound disgusting but.. a battleroyale type of enclosing circle/square to force players to meet after a while doesnt sound like a bad idea :p
  2. zafjr

    [MP] MIL_SniperHuntDM

    Oh, hmm well then the dead player markers arent so bad after all. Just the adding more slots part :) (or maybe you can point me in the right direction of which script to edit or something :p got a discord channel?) Happy Birthday! (soon)
  3. zafjr

    [MP] MIL_SniperHuntDM

    Was fun :). - Can you add more player slots? (like 24 slots) Would make for a fun server event for my community. - The markers still update even if youre dead. Would be nice to disable that for dead people, to hasten players finding each other. (because when i edited to add more player slots, enemy markers wouldnt even show up so i guess my Arma proficiency stops there :p )
  4. @Wyqer Just tested. Yup it logged the purchases perfectly. Thank you :D !
  5. would it be possible to add a "log" feature to the buying function? So that the server adds to its rpt log, everyone who makes a purchase.
  6. zafjr


    May we request for an "Add ACE Arsenal full" module? As a companion to the regular Add Arsenal full. The new ACE arsenal has so many useful features. (but also keep the regular "Add Arsenal full" for preference).
  7. Thank you for the update! Would it be impossible to implement a brush tool like in Surface Painter? EDEN could become the tool of choice for terrain makers (in placing objects and vegetation) if it were possible :-)
  8. Can you add the ability to save an object pool? (eg. trees 1, trees 2, small shrubs) So that you dont have to add them again 1 by 1.
  9. Is there a way to script applying medical treatments to take longer? specifically i want to make giving/taking epinephrine shots take much much longer. like 7 seconds. Just for a specific mission.
  10. @jokoho482 Alright thanks for the confirmation! And on an unrelated note, im sorry once again for previously including l_suppress in a modpack i uploaded on the workshop before without asking. If you remember that ;p
  11. @laxemann I know this is a clientside mod but i just want to make sure: Does dynasound send anything to the server or other clients? (does it affect their performance?)
  12. @LordJarhead So that means the JSRS main mod (without the optional reloading and weapon handling sounds) does not affect the server's performance, nor should it affect the other clients?
  13. My friend has made a map for our group. Its based on the real Dalmar island. Its a very small map. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1132178534 However there is a problem. Whenever stui is turned on, this happens: Half (diagonal) the screen is covered. The only times it isnt covered is when we are in Zeus or if we press J (for objectives), otherwise its covered. We both cant figure out what is causing it. Can anyone here help? Edit: I can confirm that it has something to do with stui_core.pbo
  14. @LordJarhead Does JSRS send anything to the server or affect the server performance in any way whatsoever? (im under the impression that everything is clientside)