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  1. Foxhound himself or not, someone he trusted with managing his income is making these decisions. Jig86 on reddit put it perfectly: https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/75xguh/las_vegas_shooter_mission_released_on_armaholics/
  2. The changelogs are getting better with every update!
  3. Lets hope you will never have to update this o7
  4. 654wak654


    I have this pretty basic suicide vest function if you want to give it a try: Link removed.
  5. Must not... Make... Star Wars pun... About the "force" :unsure:.
  6. 654wak654

    ASL - Arma Scripting Language (Compiler)

    Yes, type checking of commands. Like ARRAY, TEXT, CODE etc. You can compare it with the script to see if the right type is used. For example, this is line 1018: u:showcompass BOOL so if the asl script is showCompass().("25") you can know there is a mistake, and tell the user to use the BOOL type and not the STRING type. Also supportInfo can help you change the syntax a little bit. hint()("Hello") to hint("Hello") You'd be able to remove that extra parenthesis for commands with unary operators! If the command is a unary operator (starting with a 'u:', meaning it has a single parameter (which is always to the right)), you can detect that using supportInfo and convert it accordingly, removing the unnecessary '()'. BI does the research part of the job here for you here, you'll never have to worry about new commands and their syntax; just extract a new supportInfo file with each update and it'll be done.
  7. 654wak654

    ASL - Arma Scripting Language (Compiler)

    Couldn't the output of supportInfo be used for catching most datatype errors? You already have the code for recognizing most of the data types. The exact output needs some editing to help the parser, though looks like a good start. Here is an example output from 1.52: http://pastebin.com/f8u6CSXq
  8. 654wak654

    ASL - Arma Scripting Language (Compiler)

    ASL scripts become sqf scripts when you run them through the compiler. So you can write your scripts in both languages, but your mission will have just sqf scripts at the end.
  9. Disks storage is cheap, but bandwidth isn't (Just ask the man above me). You've done an amazing favor to the community, probably saved hours of download time for clans.
  10. 654wak654

    ASL - Arma Scripting Language (Compiler)

    Lua wasn't around in the 70s, and it wasn't popular enough in 2000 for a small Czech game company to think about implementing it in to their game to allow scripting. There are tons of other languages like python, ruby and javascript that are old as lua but none of these had any popularity amongst normal people (or even developers) in 2000. They didn't have the internet (both for distribution and as a platform). Like I said the most viable choice was c++ and it whould have been too much. I don't want to turn this thread into a language vs language discussion (though this thread exists because of that).
  11. 654wak654

    ASL - Arma Scripting Language (Compiler)

    When you say lua I immediately think of Roblox or G-mod. I'd like to think that Arma has way more capacity than those two. Plus BI essentially made all of this stuff we're using 15 years ago. Even Java or C# weren't as popular, and c++ whould give too much access to the game, it also whould be harder to master than sqf. I made this btw, I'll finish it up it after update.
  12. 654wak654

    ASL - Arma Scripting Language (Compiler)

    I get defending SQF's strong sides as a videogame scripting language, but Java is an actual, real programming language. They're just not comparable by some means, like where to put semicolons, or what is a code block. In Java you can use a variable if you put a code below it or above it, since they're not just parsed through from top to bottom like SQF. They're not statements or values, therefor there is no need to put semicolons after them. Code in SQF is a data type: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Code
  13. 654wak654

    ASL - Arma Scripting Language (Compiler)

    Too bad everyone is doing it with a different programming language and is trying to use a different syntax.
  14. 654wak654

    ASL - Arma Scripting Language (Compiler)

    Something else that could help with functions whould be using the params command. I don't know how you'd implement it, but I wrote something that does it. It takes this file for example (funcs.asl): func add(_a, _b) { return _a+_b; } //Supports optional parameters too func testFunction(_param0 = 7, _param1 = "banana") { return true; } func myFunc(_a, _b) { return a > b; } myFunc(1+3/4, 2-(66*22)/3-((123))); And edits it in to this: add = { params ["_a", "_b"]; return _a+_b; }; //Supports optional parameters too testFunction = { params [["_param0", 7], ["_param1", "banana"]]; return true; }; myFunc = { params ["_a", "_b"]; return a > b; }; myFunc(1+3/4, 2-(66*22)/3-((123))); Slight problem: It's written in Java. I took a look at your code and I have no idea how this whould transfer over to go, hope you do. Here is the source, I can try to prepare some actual pseudocode if you're interested, or I can send you the .jar if you'd want to test with it, it runs like this: java -jar paramsParser.jar funcs.asl Prepared it for the command line, you could run it instead of the parseFunction and parseFunctionParameter functions you have. EDIT: Thinking about it, I can probably turn each of these in to a "fn_function.sqf" and add description.ext entries too.
  15. 654wak654

    [MP CO37 Campaign] Two Sierra

    Had the same "Which mod are those units from" thing in armaholic too (link), I think it's the tone of the grass that gives the picture an arma feeling.