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  1. Hi TPW. I have a query regarding TPW Radio. I can see that there are 106 sound samples in total, but it isn't obvious to me whether only some samples are used for the West, East or Resistance side. For example if I'm in a West vehicle will I only hear some of the samples, or could I hear any of the 106? Also, is it possible to increase the number of samples that are used by adding additional sound files beyond 'radio106' and tweaking the config so that it will include the additional ones? Reason for asking is that I would like to add some samples from the old Ace2 radio mod for Arma 2, but obviously I don't want US radio voices playing for East units and vice versa. This would just be a version for my own personal use. Thanks.
  2. munger

    Drongo's Air Support

    Hi Drongo. I like this mod a lot but I'm having an issue that stops me using it in most missions. I'm finding that some AI controlled aircraft (especially large aircraft from mods, e.g. USAF B-1B, C-17 etc) do not follow waypoints but instead seem to go into an immediate loiter mode and fly 'slanted' (i.e. wings nearly vertical) in a huge, slow circle around a loiter point indefinitely. This means that it's impossible to get them to follow point to point move commands etc. But other than it's great and works really well when needing a precise AI controlled bomb drop, strafing run etc. Thanks!
  3. Ok I've found the problem. The RHS compat PBO's that are included in the Optionals folder make the RHS NVG's full screen. I tried using an older version of the RHS compat PBO's and they displayed the NVG screen correctly with the black borders.
  4. I have noticed that when using ACE I get full screen night vision when using any RHS night vision goggles. I have tried deleting the ACE Night Vision PBO but it made no difference. When I disable ACE from my load order I get the correct 'bordered' night vision. I'm using the ACE RHS compat PBO's so it's not that. Anyone aware of what causes this?
  5. Hello. Recently I have noticed really bad lag when selecting or moving multiple units in the Eden editor. This happens whenever I drag a selection box around lots of units at once, either in map or 3d. It also happens when dragging lots of units at once to a different part of the map. With a single unit the lag is minor but when selecting many (e.g. 20) I get a screen freeze for 20-30 seconds until they all become highlighted and editable again. I am using a lot of mods but the issue is the same when running stock vanilla. I have also tried dev branch and non-dev branch. Non-dev seems slightly faster but there's not much in it. It's been a while since I played Arma 3 but I never used to have this problem. In the past selection and movement of units in the editor was basically instant. I should add that apart from this issue Arma runs very smoothly for me, so it isn't caused by an under-spec system. My settings are all mostly on max. Is anyone else experiencing this, or perhaps someone knows what causes it? Thanks.
  6. Hi. I am using the latest dev build and ACE 3.12.0. I am getting the following error popup whenever I preview a mission: '...fnc_setting.sqf", 28 + 1]]; ]; if ([I#I_settingName, "mission"] call CBA_settin...' Error Undefined variable in expression: _settingname File z\ace\addons\common\functions\fnc_setSetting.sqf, line 13 Any ideas what could be causing this? Also, has anyone noticed the editor has become very laggy recently? For me there is a delay whenever I draw a box around units to select them, or when I click and drag them to a different place on the map.
  7. Hello. Apologies if this has come up before but I couldn't find anything. I see here that an option was added to be able to zero scopes in Ace like it is done in vanilla. How do I do this? The linked page doesn't make it clear. Thanks.
  8. Well spotted ruPal. This gives me hope that BI will be able to fix this bug. Perhaps there is a small config difference between the main and diagnostic versions of the 64bit exe that is causing particle lifetime to be reduced on the main exe version?
  9. Completely agree. I have stopped playing Arma 3 because of this bug. ruPal's excellent Blastcore Edited mod is severely impacted because of the problem with particles disappearing almost as soon as they appear, and it just makes the visuals look unnatural. It looks like a fix may be possible though since ruPal has discovered that the diag version the 64bit exe displays the particles correctly. Possibly just a small config difference between the two exe's?
  10. munger

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    ruPal is correct. The 64bit version of Arma definitely removes particles much more aggressively than 32bit. The best way to see this happening is to use a particle effects mod such as Blastcore and then play an effects-heavy mission (or run YAAB) back to back on 32bit and 64bit. You will see that particle effects (particularly smoke) will fade away much faster on 64bit than 32bit. Also 64bit will sometimes instantly remove a smoke trail, e.g. from a destroyed vehicle. The smoke trail will be present but will suddenly just vanish. Then sometimes it will 'grow back' again from the fire. Not the easiest thing to explain but if you follow the process above you will see what I mean. Perhaps the particle lifetime on 64bit is lower than 32bit, or the total simultaneous particle count is reduced?
  11. munger

    CH-46 Knight

    You big tease, you. :-P
  12. Hi guys. Thanks for the update. One question - is it possible to start a mission with the BAM underwater hatch already open? Is there an init command I can use for that?
  13. munger

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    This may be a dumb question but is the non-64bit version of tbb4malloc_bi compatible with Arma3_x64.exe? I am one of the people who has seen a decrease in frames when running the 64bit exe so I was experimenting with different malloc options and strangely I seem to get the best performance when combining Arma3_x64.exe with tbb4malloc_bi instead of tbb4malloc_bi_x64. I guess this could be more unstable though? System for reference: i7 6700k @ 4.5GHz GTX970 4Gb 16Gb RAM @ 3.2GHz Samsung 850 Pro SSD Win 10 Home 3.5" floppy drive
  14. Hi - is there a way to make the LHD have its well deck rear door open at mission start? Sorry if this is documented somewhere but I couldn't find anything on it.