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  1. Still rolling around, currently doing a campaign revolving around the fighting in western Germany in 1945 on the Rosche Terrain. Closed down our Heavy Weapons department, due to it not working out the way we liked. But still rolling with two platoons of infantry and Panzer support.
  2. Karl Sauer

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Artist did not want to do it. So we did not do it.
  3. Still rolling on out! Picking up our jolly time in Africa from this sunday onwards again. We've recently moved up to two Zugs of Panzergrenadiers, meaning our unit is again Kompanie-sized with the support of aHeavy Weapons Team and Panzer attachment.
  4. The unit recently finished up a Mini-campaign in Normandy 1944, where elements of the 2.Panzer-Division faced off against an overwhelming British force! For the next few weeks we will be doing a few side missions, before returning to our Afrika Korps Scenarios. Beyond this, we've done some restructuring such as the implementation of a basic Rekrut-Course and setting up a Heavy Weapons Team that operates Panzershrecks, HMGs , PaKs and sometimes even mortars! - We are still looking for capable people to(in particular) fill in our infantry slots!
  5. Maybe leave the topic be? Place has already been cleaned up once over it. Nothing good will come from delving into it again.
  6. Karl Sauer

    Faces of War [WW2]

    That is Nick Cage dressed as an italian. Speaking with a god awful accent as well.
  7. Karl Sauer

    Star Wars mod, what is going on?

    This really isn't about two teams needing to make up. This is about one team stealing assets, both from the mod team BHI* and from other video games. This 'opposition' mod doesnt have any real argument for them, as they are just pirates and nothing else. People might want a star wars mod, sure, but that doesnt absolve all the legal and moral issues with content theft. *Never played the mod, but the video from earlier puts it rather plainly.
  8. Karl Sauer

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Thank you! Dealing with it now.
  9. A: The belt-buckle is supposed to be that bright when its brand new, yes. Here is a belt from the 30's(See Here!). Given that the whole uniform looks mint condition, I am assuming weathering will be done later, or not at all. Totally up to the WW team. B: This is an actual coat they used. C: Hell no. That is a proper Feldgrau(Wiki Article), even then there are a ton of tone variations in Feldgrau cloth, depedning on the factory and year. The germans did not wear grey uniforms, like in those old american movies from the 70's. D: Also wrong. This style of coat saw quite a bit of use in the Ardennes as well. Given that they are going for 1945 in Germany, such uniforms would still be wobbled around all over the place. The whole place was a mess of varied equipment from stores, such as the black Jackboots which were meant to be phased out from 1943 in favor of Schnurschue.
  10. Still going strong! Currently having a new website in the works at the following URL: https://2pzd.net/ However it will be a while before we fully release that beauty. Beyond that, we've made some structural changes to our events; So for the future we do not have set slots in our squads, except for the leaders, so its first-come first-serve for those juicy roles in the Gruppe. Furthermore we will occasionally play alternative missions to our Kursk 1943 setting, however there will still be at least one mission each sunday that plays our usual setup.
  11. Karl Sauer

    Re-uploading mods on the workshop

    They have certain legal clauses that make people's palms get sweaty. We in the FoW team were very reluctant to upload to workshop, because a few of our artists did not like the wording of the subsriber agreement related to content uploading. But we eventually caved in, as there was an overwhelming amount of 'requests' for us to put it up there, and the artists changed their mind after some internal discussion on the subject. http://store.steampowered.com/subscriber_agreement/english/ Such as this in 5: A Of course you have this in 5: B
  12. Karl Sauer

    Faces of War [WW2]

    I can't really say anything related to this except for possibly/maybe/potentially. Generally with 99% of this type of questions, the awnser will be this, as priorities might change down along the line, so we won't promise any inclusions.
  13. We are still recruiting for our Panzergrenadier Kompanie! (Mechanized Infantry) Beyond this we are also starting our new campaign on the coming sunday, it will be centered around the Battle of Kursk in 1943. Campaign Trailer
  14. Karl Sauer

    Faces of War [WW2]

    None, no. Check the workshop, might be something there.
  15. I am pretty sure that is the infamous german green screen defense, where they edited in monsters to scare off the americans