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    US Forces 2000s

    For anyone who needs it I made a config fix for the outdated M16A2. It makes a duplicate of the GSTAVO M16A2 with the old classname used in this mod. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1759388661
  2. I'm pretty sure you're referring to the m43 uniform which I believe is already in the mod but not in any units by default. It was derived from the m1942 jump uniform used by the airborne and is a darker green than the m42. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._Army_M1943_Uniform
  3. Has anyone reported funky textures on the beach on the colleville map? There's sort of a patchwork of different textures and grass where it should be sand.
  4. Well shoot that new model looks miles better than the old stuff anyway so I'm counting this as a net win. Glad to see you're still at it!
  5. antiflagellum

    World War II Units

    If you are still supporting this do you have any plans to change the 101st airborne uniform to the m1942 jump uniform? The jacket is noticeably different from the M41 jacket that the rangers used.
  6. I just threw them in a .zip and put them on mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/p3b9b8s95h4ie6v/TEI_Scripts.zip So I was thinking since there is the 32rnd and the 60rnd version of the MA5 maybe you could have the autoriflemen use the MA5 with the 60rnd clips, kind of like the M27 IAR is basically just an HK416 but fulfilling a SAW role.
  7. I made some fixes to my ammo and hog drop scripts. The ammo pelican was blowing up because he was running into the ammo pods upon their detatchment (whoops), and I changed the way they are deleted upon finishing their drops (they now fly to 1000m in the air and are deleted at 800m). Ammo: Hog: I also made a simple pelican taxi script, and a music script. Both only take the player as input. The taxi script is very simple, call taxi. get in. open map. click where you want to go. ?????? profit. The music script plays what I consider ambient music on a loop and switches to what I consider combat music when the player is (probably) in combat. I wrote it to work for west side only but you could easily switch it to east if you wanted to. To use the taxi script see my earlier post about using the ammo and hog scripts. To use the music script: copy and paste it into a file called 'player_music.sqf' put this in your init.sqf: nul=[player]execvm"player_music.sqf"; Taxi: Music: And lastly, I was wondering why the SMG magazines are larger in your inventory than the MA5 or BR magazines. Is this based off of their ammo count or their physical size?
  8. Right. Sorry about that. Back on topic then, are you planning to add any indigenous creatures to the custom maps? Like the Moa or Mr. Long-Fingernails guy from halo reach, or maybe even these guys from the first Halo:CE trailer? Even if they can't attack the player and just meander around I think they would add that extra layer of foriegn-ness to the worlds.
  9. The quick and dirty way to get this working is to: create a mission with a player character, make sure to name the character. save said mission. navigate to the mission folder, usually C:\Users\yourName\my documents\arma 3\missions\yourMissionName. create a text file for whichever script you want to use, we'll use the hog script, and name it 'pel_hog_drop.sqf' and copy and paste the hog drop script into that file. in the game create a trigger with activation - radio alpha, repeatedly, and put this in the onActivation: nul=[unitName]execvm"pel_hog_drop.sqf". then in game you can use radio alpha to call for a warthog drop. There are much better ways to do this but this will get you started.
  10. Feel free to use them. I just figured out how to drop a pod from mission start. Name your pod. Put this in the pods init: To remove the launch action put 'sleep 1; podname removeaction 0;' in your init.sqf. I also used a trigger to run an autoeject script after landing to remove the glitched door action: I tested it on ODST but it may not be the right action index for other troops.
  11. Awesome mod. For any editing novices, here are a couple scripts I made to have pelicans drop off an empty warthog and to drop some weapon pods. They just take the player (technically any object) as input. The ammo pods will automatically delete after the player (or whatever object) they were called to moves 800m away. I also have one to drop a manned hog and an entire UNSC marine squad if anyone is interested. Feel free to do with these as you wish. Drop warthog Drop ammo Also to put in my 2 cents on the ODST drop pods, I think they should initiate the drop sequence automatically after a certain period of time or at a certain height so all you have to do is: set drop pod height, add driver, drop. Best to keep things encapsulated as much as possible after all. Keep up the good work!