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  1. DMaco

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Heya so I have the All in all mod loaded but i have no clue have to use the items in the MISC area. Can someone explain
  2. I was flying with a Co-pilot last night but they are unable to interact with the buttons and the screens do not light up or show any info
  3. Will this be able to be added so it can be spawned in zeus please
  4. Found this mod as I love the pavehawk. I gotta say this is prob the best Heli mod I have tried. Very top notch keep it up A small request would a para rescue version be made and by this I mean a version with medical stuff all along the back wall of the Heli like medical bags, Bags of blood and saline. things like that 😄 I loved watching the Inside combat rescue series 😄
  5. DMaco

    USAF: HH-60G

    Love this looks awesome only thing is that the artificial horizon doesn't have a marker to unable to tell when level.
  6. DMaco

    3CB BAF Units

    Love the 3CB mods awesome work
  7. I downloaded AWS but I can't get it to work in the editor. I read the read me file and put the Init line in but still wont work :/
  8. Yeah I can't get the GBU 38's to show or the dual rails. Was pushing for my unit to use this :(
  9. DMaco

    CH-46 Knight

    just cause there isnt weekly updates doesn't mean its dying. It means the devs are busy doing work.
  10. DMaco

    Arma 3 : Underground

    Don't ask about mod progress Please
  11. DMaco

    CH-46 Knight

    Completely right on. Arma would not be arma if It wasn't for the moders who give up their time to make ours game experience better.
  12. DMaco

    CH-46 Knight

    Ah ok I only saw this mod about half way though so missed alot of info though the pages. Either way I know its gonna be awesome
  13. DMaco

    CH-46 Knight

    Guys the mod looks amazing. The amount of work you have put into this mod in your free time is awesome. Take all the time you need its your mod you choice on what happens. On another note not sure if I missed it. Will there be a fast rope if so are you using a fast rope addon made by you or depent on another mod/script. Keep up the great work guys. Looking forward to the day I get to fly this amazing piece of art. :D
  14. DMaco

    CH-46 Knight

    To save the dev from posting. When it's ready :)
  15. Well thats what I get for not having my morning coffee ;)