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    Arma 3 Server monetization

    Sequisha that was already stated already that greedy people had to ask for your permission first.
  2. xyberviri

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    In Arma 2 i always thought that double tap W was my "push harder" key, the normal "run" speed is just a sprint, its not like your actually running. The main problem there is no way to understand objects in a video game unless we are specifically told. Imagine if there was no sound , you just simply started taking damage and had no clue why, just because you couldn't hear the dude behind you shooting you in the back. Now imagine if there is no way to "feel" how encumbered you are when you load up all your equipment. Then get pissed because your tired for no apparent reason. its pretty simple, if the devs are going to have a system that enforces some rules, the players need to know about the rules.
  3. what up with the motion sickness cam
  4. Most of this is covered in https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dedicated_Server
  5. you should read post 118 pretty much sums it up even think about things like TF2, serious that game has a stupid amount of hats that people pay for
  6. Maybe the solution is to allow content developers to LICENSE the engine and make their own stuff, give them the tools to lock their content specific to their "game" and let them release it with a cut.. Along with a tool set so they can use non crap tools.(did you know that BI can export p3ds from Maya with a handy plugin, oh yeah but not for us, common modding community nope nope nope, were not worthy) I can pay 20.00/mo and get full source access to the unreal engine for a 5% royalty, i can pay 9.00/mo and get cryengine access with no royalties no source though, I can pay 75.00/mo and get full access to unity pro no royalties no source. Torque3d is under MIT license and you can download the full source and dont have to pay anything I could honestly care less about the "content" in arma 3, let alone most of the games i play, it has to be a really good game for me to not look at the engine.... i dont see "Arma 3" i see "Real Virtuality 4". Sure, keep arma the way it is... make modders take donations thats fine.... what will end up happening is those content developers are going to hone their skills in arma, prototype with arma, then when they figure out what exactly they want to do they are going to say.... bye bye arma, im taking my content to an engine were i can actually profit. Thats exactly what everyone i know with an ounce of talent has been doing, mods will always be mods, eventually you get tired of just being a modder, you get tired of un appreciative end users and you eventually you will get tired of BI making money off of your content. think Half Life 2->Garry's mod->Rust I hope that every content author slowly realizes that they can actually put their skills to use and leaves this place to go make their own games in another engine. Once you realize that arma is perfect to prototype your idea, you refine it and then leave... (just please don't make anything with zombies... seriously tired of zombies) make room for more modders to make new content, its like the circle of life for gamers for those that are in the same tone heres some engines that have a better license for content authors at a reasonable price: http://www.garagegames.com/products/torque-3d https://www.unrealengine.com/custom-licensing http://cryengine.com/get-cryengine https://store.unity3d.com/
  7. Does this work with stored procedures, when using the original dayzmod bliss hive the issue with call999, other than sql injection, was if you issues a stored procedures it would blow up with a 2014 error on the 2nd call, which is caused by bliss not checking to see if another record exists via the dll. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17115919/mysql-commands-out-of-sync-error-c-connector http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6826139/connector-c-mysql-error-code-2014-sqlstate-hy000-and-commands-out-of-sync http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12903481/2nd-call-to-stored-procedure-gives-error-2014 http://opendayz.net/threads/bliss-saving-newly-created-vehicles-to-the-db-almost.7341/
  8. use format instead _somevalue=1; _marker= format["veh%1",_somevalue]; //this is == to "veh1" _pos = getMarkerPos _marker; if(_pos select 0 == 0) exitWith{}; //almost no marker is ever created at 0,0,0 //if we get this far we have a valid marker.
  9. All companies get intellectual property protect including weapons manufactures and vehicle makers. The Kamaz is a real company that makes trucks out of russia so BI can't use the name in game. Just like they can't include products that have specific manufacturers names on them. The reasons are those IP owners don't want their IP looking like crap in a game compared to the real life counter part because it might damage the image in some way, they also frown upon companies making money off of their image when they haven't been paid a licensing fee.
  10. because that should have been typed as : nul = [object, 1, [pos1], [pos2]] execVM "light.sqf";
  11. I really love how anything advance requires hacky variables set on logics or markers. BI really needs to give use the ability to create objects via script.... que dead horse.... the way VBS does, at least in vbs you can create classes via script.
  12. you can it just takes a little more work to retexture units that are spawned in after the mission has started.
  13. xyberviri

    2017 - Official Announcement!

    DayZ on A3 is still dayz
  14. xyberviri

    Internet going down when Playing ARMA 2

    For the sake of testing you could just bypass the router and connect your pc directly, then if it doesn't occur reconnect the router and try it again, If it happens with out the router you should start checking other things.
  15. xyberviri

    Heli Rubber banding

    first off: Multilayer, Single player, Passenger or Pilot? Is it specific to a showcase or a specific mission? can you create a mission in the editor and then place a heli and does the issue occur here? in multiplayer when im a passenger i always rubber band when the pilot has high ping