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  1. Wow! Thank you for helping out an internet stranger, much appreciated. Dzienky bardzo. 🙂
  2. Hello everyone, I have been trying to add custom materials to kenoxite's OFP Materials 1.2. I've added quite a lot of stuff successfully by unpacking pbo's, writing down all the PAA and PAC filenames and added to the config.cpp for OFP Materials. However, I do have problems with two particular addons; SPD Jungle Special Forces and SPD Desert Special Forces. For some reason I cannot unpack these. I've tried UnPBO, PBOTool, WinPBO to no avail. Either I get an empty folder or just a logfile. The creator of the two addons have provided a config.cpp for each of them which lists some of the texture files, but only for wounds. In other words, some parts of the models (backpack and part of the boonie hat for instance) are not impacted by OFP Materials and are therefore much brighter than anything else. I haven't dabbled with these things before, and I was hoping that someone could give me an advice on how to get the list of PAA and PAC files in these two addons respectively. Many thanks in advance. Cheers.
  3. tkullander

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    Damn, that was quick! Much obliged, I'll try it out as soon as I have a spare moment. Cheers!
  4. Also, not sure what category to post this one in. Moderators, feel free to move the topic to where it fits.
  5. Hi peeps, In WW4EXT I'm testing the included CCE2 scenario. When the scenario starts, I get the following dialogue; Works fine, I can use the C key to open the Fwatch menu properly just as expected. I can also change the key bindings as suggested. The problem is if I abort the mission. When restarting, I get the following error; Somehow it seems that the key bindings are messed up after exiting the mission. I cannot use the Fwatch menu, not the switch sight and zeroing function. Not a game breaker, but it would be nifty to have. If I do a complete reinstall I get the dialogue again, but the error shows up after aborting restarting the mission. Any suggestions on where I can correct this manually? Not sure whether the problem lies within Fwatch or WW4EXT. My guess is WW4EXT, but where to start? Thanks in advance!
  6. tkullander

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    I certainly wouldn't complain about that! How complex is the porting? Since you mention you are no scripter, I presume it's mostly about putting markers / triggers in good geographical locations? Yes, I just fought off a squad of winter soldiers on Lingor. My point is that other dynamic missions make it possible to select what factions should be used. For instance, maybe you wish to have only FIA to fight, or maybe both CSAT and FIA. In Dynamic Recon Ops, the mods are also listed, making it possible to select Lingor Rebels and Afrenian Army as OPFOR, for example. This functionality would make all the different ports shine the way they could. Unfortunately I'm no scripter either, but one can always hope.
  7. tkullander

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    Guys, big thanks for porting Pilgrimage to different maps - I simply cannot stop playing! Paired with TPW (with some features disabled), Improved Ammo A3 (increased global damage), Advanced movement and rappelling, AI accuracy fix, Mao's weapon sway fix, Rested weapon movement and various sound mods, I've had my most intense Arma experiences during the past week. Awesome. Too bad my computer cannot handle Tanoa with Pilgrimage, but oh well. Was there any thoughts on porting this to Duala? I could imagine it would be very immersive if paired with the Duala units, and perhaps the African factions for CUP. Also, a question related to units.. Is it possible to somehow "narrow down" what factions will be used? For instance, if I play on Dingor and have CUP Units loaded among my mods, I will have Chernarussian rebels dressed for cold environments showing up which kind of breaks the immersion. Maybe this would be a next logical step to improve on Pilgrimage? To be able to select the main factions for red/blue/green/civ in a similar way as in the setup for Dynamic Recon Ops? Anyhow, I mainly wanted to say thanks - Pilgrimage is excellent, and having it ported to other Islands is simply great. Keep up the good work!
  8. tkullander

    WW4 + ECP Config Update

    Oh yes, this I know. But WW4 2.5 comes with an ECP-compatible config.cpp, which is why I was curious about what it actually does.
  9. tkullander

    WW4 + ECP Config Update

    What exactly do you mean with "in order to get the models to work"? Do you mean as replacement units for BIS units?
  10. tkullander

    WW4 modpack 2.5 sound replacement mod

    Great, thank you very much zulu!
  11. tkullander

    WW4 modpack 2.5 sound replacement mod

    Does anyone have version 1.1 available perhaps? Both links are unfortunately dead, and the link provided by zulu1 only contains version 1.0.
  12. Hey peeps, Just wanted to share something I discovered. I cannot see it has been mentioned here on the BI forums before. After meddling with a ECP + WW4 + WW4EXT mod combination, I noticed that I started crashing on startup when adding a few extra islands to the mix. It seemed like some memory limit was reached somehow due to all the mods I had loaded. There were also some strange issues with sudden extreme lag, all textures (including menus) where blurry and some random objects showed the lowest level of detail, even though I was up close. I have previously messed around with mods in Morrowind/Oblivion, and remembered an application called the 4GB patch by NTCore, which basically allows 32-bit application to utilize 4GB of virtual memory instead of 2GB. This only works in 64-bit environment however. After downloading the application I patched ColdWarAssault.exe, and now it runs sweet as hell with all the mods I want. After patching, I have played approx 10 hours of single player, and have not encountered any crashes or instabilities. I was using the steam version of Arma Cold War Assault, but I also tested briefly on the GOG-version and encountered no issues there either. Just wanted to share this piece of information to anyone having similar issues. The patch can be found on the link below (please note that I have no affiliation with NTCore what-so-ever). The application also backs up the original file (ColdWarAssault.exe.Backup) in case you would experience any issues. http://ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php Cheers.
  13. Thanks for this! I love WW4, anything building upon it is definitely nice. Two things however; 1. Support for ECP would be very appreciated. ECP with WW4 is my dream combination, and one of the best parts is that you provide replacement units that works perfectly with the campaigns. The replacement units does however not work when using EPC (even with Sanctuary's modified config), instead the vanilla BIS units loads. Luckily Marc13Bautista sorted out a config which makes it work for your replacement units when running ECP (thanks for that!) with WW4 animations. Maybe you could get his permission to include it in future releases? 2. I noticed a bug. When trying the WW4EXT version of the "Steal the car" mission, I got an error message when trying to blow up a pickup truck. It said something like "Cannot play sound ww4expl" whenever the truck exploded, and there was of course no sound. Keep up the good work, looking very much forward to an update. :-)
  14. tkullander

    ECP/WW4 - Weather

    Thank you, worked like a charm! And also a huge thank you for creating the ww4-pack, it adds exactly what i want in OFP. Before i used a lot of small mods, or FFUR, but now the only mods i need are ECP and WW4. Well, of course you at some points wish to play in different environments, so i keep AfghanEveron+Afghanpack and Tonal Redux ready of course, but WW4 is always loaded on every start. My hat is of for you! :cool:
  15. tkullander

    ECP/WW4 - Weather

    Ah, how could i miss those commands?! Thank you very much. :) I tried grouping the game logic (which is just placed somewhere, and suddenly it is snowing everywhere) to a trigger, but with no result. I suppose it would be possible to maybe spawn the game logic unit midgame, but i have no idea how. Anyhow, thanks for the info on the weather related commands.