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  1. Works flawlessly. Didn't tested the addon but it completly downloaded its 20 MB size just some minutes ago.
  2. The video above is your starting point to remove the old mods as dependencies of the mission. What you at least also have to do before you are able to edit the mission in eden is to remove ( or better just replace the classname with one of the new mods or vanilla ) all objects from mission.sqm which are provided by those old mods (f.e. mod vehicles, mod structures or mod units). Depending on the mission this could be lot of work... Next thing would be to modify the scripts but you should first do the above before talkin' 'bout scripts.
  3. After playing around with creating action menus with the ActionManagerComponent on a vehicle and saving/exiting/starting Workbench/Worldeditor/Scripteditor multiple times I get the above messages after the Projekt selection screen. Creating a new project as well as opening another existing project does not help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Edit: A simple start of the main game solved it. There was an update pending. maybe the problem was that those update was not done.
  4. this solved it. Maybe it was just an issue with the pending game update which was not done before.
  5. I'd like to try your solution for my own problem but where is those profile located you are talking about?
  6. sarogahtyp

    [SOLVED] C# SSLStream.Read crashing the game

    https://feedback.bistudio.com/T165724 One reason this forum is so helpful is that many members share their solutions with each other. It would be nice if you could do the same.
  7. I ve a bad feeling bout that feeling. Most pc user do not have that as well because of missing ingame editor. Try to be patient. You ll have that ability but not instantly.
  8. sarogahtyp

    MnK support

    Im so happy to not know every single shortage existing...
  9. I m sure this is one of the more prioritized things they do..
  10. They did. I cant tell the source but somewhere I read that mission rotation is just not yet implemented. Most likely I read that on their discord...
  11. sarogahtyp

    Command list

    Totally true but not clearly mentioned there. Maybe someone can do this or maybe I ll do later.
  12. Fortunately, that won't happen and never will.
  13. you have no clue bout how many pilots (and others) on PC are using Joysticks, Pedals, Thrust Controls, Steering Wheels or even Gamepads... and how well those are working also in Arma 3
  14. sarogahtyp

    Arma Reforger Crash Help

    For me your screenshot looks like AR is trying to read some stuff (symbols) from (V)RAM and it's not there (on the (V)RAM adress) where it should be. This can be an issue with AR itself or anything else. But my 2 cents here is the question "Did you overclock anything?". Anything could be CPU/GPU or RAM Kit. If you did then just revert it and try again. Also this: Please not only post questions in this forum to get help from users with similar experiences, but also use the feedback tracker to quickly resolve these game brake issues and possibly get further help: How to use Feedback Tracker Feedback Tracker - AR section
  15. sarogahtyp

    Engine initialization error

    Please not only post questions in this forum to get help from users with similar experiences, but also use the feedback tracker to quickly resolve these game brake issues and possibly get further help: How to use Feedback Tracker Feedback Tracker - AR section
  16. sarogahtyp

    Veh respawn script help

    Rule of arma 3 script error fighting: Always look in .rpt file for the first error caused by a script which occurs. That error has to get fought first. Therefore the script u r showing in op is the wrong one.
  17. sarogahtyp

    Veh respawn script help

    You should show the freaking .rpt file. We can already see ur script...
  18. I try to get the state of a vehicles engine. What I tried so far is using the EOnPhysicsActive event of the vehicle: class SaRo_BMHQ_Hillbilly01_Class: Vehicle { override void EOnPhysicsActive(IEntity owner, bool activeState) { if (activeState) Print ( "Active."); else Print ( "Not active."); } }; This detects if the physics of the vehicle get simulated and therefore it fires on movement even if initiated by another entity like another car. It also fires on initialization. Question is: Is there a method to get the engines state and which method is it?
  19. sarogahtyp

    Chernarus and Livonia

    AFAIK at least helicopter(s) count to planned features for one of the 3 large updates during the first year after release.
  20. At least it is a known issue and BI is working on it as they told about in yesterdays dev report.
  21. As you created a thread in the feedback tracker already I link it here just to have it: OnPlayerDeath Event returns wrong Entities
  22. sarogahtyp

    Sleep failsafe at high loads

    Show ur script and its usage is my advise.
  23. sarogahtyp


    I do not agree with this opinion. A little gimmick gladly, but no discount. I find that I get a lot of content for 30 euros. But that is probably also because I deal with the Workbench.
  24. On the contrary, I hope that BI will make great progress on this point! Because if you take a closer look at the physics scripting in Arma 3, you will sooner or later realize that the physics simulation in Arma 3 is a very optimized and thus unrealistic thing. There are reasons for exploding helicopters that have been rammed a bit by small quads. And there are reasons why these 60 ton tanks fly hundreds of meters through the air... I assume very much that physics should get simulated better in AR and Arma 4 as well.
  25. This is for sure a very good solution for the problem of being not able to edit the original world. But does anybody know what this means for the mission size? Saving the whole world into the addon when you are just creating a little mission should have an impact on size I guess...