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  1. Hi Thope! I use this program for a long time. But now with the Workshop i have a little problem! When i need to add a mod, it's ok but when they are several it's painfull, because we have to make the same clicks on the file explorer to go to the workshop folder and select the mod! My request it's if you could add an adress bar when adding a mod, so we can paste the path on it and go directly to the workshop folder!? Thank you!
  2. TheBigOne_014

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Here it is,...
  3. TheBigOne_014

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Hi. I'm using the DCG in Takistan, and when i request a transport, i go to the map select the extraction point and when i'm goig to select the insertion point (anywhere in the map and off the map) it gives allways the message that the insertion is too close to the extraction. And the transport gets canceled! Can you help me with this please!?
  4. TheBigOne_014

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    Any idea to put this mod on the steam workshop!? The best AI mod i found in a long time! Thanks!
  5. TheBigOne_014

    Arma3 Videos

  6. @diwako are you going to put this on Steam workshop!?
  7. TheBigOne_014

    Arma3 Videos

    My first mission with Armalusa
  8. TheBigOne_014

    Project Reality: ArmA 3 [WIP]

    I could, but I can't find reliable info of what I have to do to launch the server. Enviado do meu X5 através de Tapatalk
  9. Yeap it's this,... and what it's strange is that the headless client conecting from the same server has no problem entering the server!
  10. After the update, the server with V2 signature check the key from the server dosen't match players key and get a 'session lost'. Can you correct the key!? I deleted the previous key and puted the new after the update, i updated the mission and still get the same problem! BUT the Headless Client connects with no problem!
  11. TheBigOne_014

    Headless Client Error

    Ok! Problem Solved! Thankx!
  12. TheBigOne_014

    Headless Client Error

    Same problem here. Any solution? Enviado do meu X5 através de Tapatalk
  13. TheBigOne_014

    Limit the number of revives

    Same doubt here! Anyone!?
  14. Nice. Enviado do meu X5 através de Tapatalk