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  1. Deadman clearly stated what's wrong with mod
  2. Confirming ones we spawn few ships our server FPS goes from 90FPS to 1FPS and stays there until we kill the ships
  3. omon

    Renting server

    pm me i have a lot of free resources i can rent for cheap
  4. bumping old post Have you fixed the issue ? We have same issue with different mission and different mods
  5. Linux arma 3 server wont listen to -name= parameter It will create one called Player, so just go in player folder and paste ur profile code there.
  6. Just need to recompile that DLL to 64bit.
  7. ASM doesnt work with 64bit RC but works with current production build
  8. Hi Igi, Great mod btw! Few questions: 1. It says its a server side mod but gets inited by client. 2. ifiload.sqf has isDedicated commented out So im guessing its a client side mod?
  9. omon


    Join discord someone will help you load everything up! its easy https://discord.gg/Wkz75Tp
  10. omon

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    That is for OFP for arma 3 its different
  11. omon

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    We have a strange problem with Remote AI. Remote AI will go into hold fire mode in mid games, mostly AI that's inside static weapons. They will have full ammo and they track the targets but don't fire. Currently we run a loop on them to open fire every 30 seconds, and i have also seen this dirty fix on other CTI servers like CRcti. Is that a known issue or something DEVs can take a look at? //--- Update the gunner's properties every 60 seconds to fix them going into hold fire mode _ai spawn { while {alive _this} do { _this setBehaviour "DANGER"; _this setCombatMode "YELLOW"; _this enableAttack true; _this allowFleeing 0; sleep 60; }; };
  12. omon

    From Linux to Windows?

    AT least on bright side when Bohemia had memory leaks in server exe linux never had that :D
  13. +1 i get a slide show and then crash, some times i can wait out the slide show for 5 min then FPS recover. Game is unplayable as i get slide show every 20-30 min, if you ALT TAB there is 90% chance it will be a slideshow.
  14. i hope it doesn't come out until billion Arma 3 bugs are fixed, and i'm not talking about making textures look pretty! i hope they make more quality DLC content instead, as Arma 2 still has 80% more units and vehicles in it.
  15. omon

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    S300 launcher object disappears when you over 200 meters away from it.