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  1. I think he means an unvisible I think he means an unvisible helicopter marker.
  2. Muecke

    Proman Public crCTI

    I made a "Proman Public crCTI" on Tanoa for those of you who have a DEV Server running. Download: HIT ME
  3. Muecke

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    God Companion, I have updated my Pic before 2 weeks or so. It worked fine. You can send me your picture and I can try it on my side. Just to know if its on the picture.... btw, is there any status on the "comming soon" features ?
  4. Great update ! Thanks for your work ! :292:
  5. Hi, I mean like a box for websites. Same as http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  6. Hi, nice site. Have you thought about serverviewer for websites like gametracker is doing ? Keep up the good work... ;)
  7. Muecke

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    Not true, actually it does !
  8. Absolutely cool updates !!! You guys are rocking this game! Thank you so much... :)
  9. Muecke

    Namalsk for Arma 3

    Hi, congrats on the release. Here is a small AI test i just did. https://youtu.be/NQ_KEl1hLvc
  10. Hey, did not get it with naming it complete! lol Complete = Replacement Now i got it. It works good and its helpfull. Thank you for sharing your work ! :D
  11. My team and me would much appreciate it!
  12. Congrats on the release. That should have been fixed by our Bohemia funky Bunch long time ago. Have you consider to release a replacement version of it ?
  13. @estoysentado1 1.I have played hundreds of hours on MSKE. There is no sliding with vehicles on the roads like you said. 2.If you deactivate AiA or CupTerrains you are not able to play on the Island. Because it requires one of them. That is that !!! Otherwise the Island could need an update. As far as I know the Author is working on something.
  14. Muecke

    Proman Public crCTI

    Yep ! You know what I need to collect some experience with ACE in future. Then will see if it makes sense. Got other stuff in work first. btw join our server next time so we can free some towns together and let the gold old days live again.. ;)
  15. Muecke

    Proman Public crCTI

    Hey Bl1P old friend. There some ppl who asked me for ACE. We had it in A2 and some features were cool. So far I have no experience with ACE in A3. Is it worth to build it in the mission ? Iam not sure about ACRE but TFAR should allready work with the crCTI. There are a few parameters in the lobby for it.
  16. Everyone misses bikes in this game...
  17. Yehaa ! Looks like we got something special here. :459:
  18. The fps drop is minimal. Maybe 1 or 2 fps less. I have 3 Missions on MSKE and allot of experience on it. You dont need 4 separate terrains believe me...
  19. First thanks for sharing your work guys. The CUP Terrains - Complete - Patch: v1.0.0 to v1.0.1 has the same size as the CUP Terrains - Core - Patch: v1.0.0 to v1.0.1 . It is 749MB... I wonder why the CUP Terrains - Complete - Patch: v1.0.0 to v1.0.1 uses the same bisigns & bikey as CUP Terrains - Core - Patch: v1.0.0 to v1.0.1 . This brings a messy mix of sings & keys. I understand its much work to sing all anyway but this looks confusing. Iam about to handle this on server, myself and A3sync for my team-mates. No offensive but just a hint for next time maybe... regards Muecke Edit: Also the "cup_terrains_core-1.0.1.bikey" seems not to work. Does anybody has it working ? Edit2: Sorry was my fault with double key for one file...all good
  20. Can we aspect new key or what is your plan ?
  21. Tryed to run it on our server but the bisings do not work. Someone else got problems with this ?