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    Cold War Rearmed III

    Awesome work with this mod guys!
  2. If you mean 5 store buildings they were really called khrushchyovkas in ZSRR, no idea how outside, probably the same in PL I know 7 store buildings were called "Leningrads". Not sure if you refere to this. Funny thing about the Lenningrad building was an elevator with ground level marked with number "1" , so called "pyervoy etage". That way to go to 7th store (as we see it now) you had to press "8" :)
  3. there was such a mission back there...
  4. Needed SP or MP mission-s for this mod. Have you got any? Meanwhile:
  5. This is gonna be badass mod! You will be crying in happyness when you see it B)
  6. algrab

    An open letter on basic ARMA:CWA support

    Since I like OFP I would second that. BTW: below a picture of receipt of my OFP purchase on 29th of december, 2001. :)
  7. Somewhere outthere there is a famous internet little movie saying (or to be more specific singing) "Thank you, Bohemia"... ...Well, no. Thank you Q, and I mean it. And to all other modders who try to push this game anything close to playable state, we salute you!
  8. algrab

    WR5 M14 pack

    Great job as always Winters! Awesome M14's!:)
  9. algrab

    Funny ArmA quotes

    Ha hah. We, the "bloody forigners".
  10. algrab

    ASM - Arma Samples Mod

    2.0 era already? Darn, I thought it was stlill 1.63.112555!:butbut:
  11. algrab

    Tonal Island for Arma 3

    Yes you have a written permission to bring Tonal to A3 if you promise that following sounds will come along: "Agu-jagu!" "Ogadi!" "Amleykum!" and the similar rest origin from OFP Tonal :)
  12. sorry I posted in wrong topic, mod please delete this thank you
  13. FALSE alarm, false alarm. Everything is fine with this - i have been in a wrong testing enviroment. Sorry for the mess.
  14. -nologs. well, that's what happened to me when dedi was run with 112555 (163) and both params in line previously server was beta 103718 (162) with -bandwidthAlg=2 will see after more testing on weekend maybe. EDIT: after weekend testing - all fine, false alarm. Cheers.
  15. have you used -nologs param together with -bandwidthAlg=2 param? For me on windows server it created yellow chains and "loosing connections" msgs on clients
  16. oh, and don't try to add -nolog param to your server start line if you already use -bandwidthAlg=2 param it will cause "loosing connection" msgs on clients so question here: is -bandwidthAlg=2 param becoming obsolete with this 163 beta ? is -nologs param only for clients and not to be used on server?
  17. In other words there is no need to reinstall the whole game if you want to revert to 1.62 (beta or stable) from 1.63 beta. What's more, if you like you can even use both versions of the betas in turns, by simply moving the "beta" folder around your harddrive.
  18. Hi, I know this was already posted before, but was mistakenly understood by forum HQ as a request for an addon, which was not. Since more than a year before there is a working and existing modification to RHS Cargo System (ACE compound) enabling troops to embark and ride both sides of AH-64 Apache. Outside of the cockpit. Modification was done by ACPL's talented modder Winter5 as an inspiration from real life stories about real troops and pilots being recovered from shitty situations using that manouver. And those birds. Sorry I cant you provide with direct link right now, but you might stay tuned if you like. The addon is ready as it worked just fine in MP enviroment. If you think it could be valuable for you, please leave your comments in this thread. If the time shows right, download link will be available also in the first post. Thank you.
  19. Maybe I could take back the "conflicting mod" part of my post, all because of lack of answer to my previous question about what removed the parachutes. All you have to do when using both mods is to keep in mind one can influence other in certain ways. Such as if you have a I44 mission to be played along with Pacific mod you might want to add this to the units: this addBackPack "WX_us_parachute_backpack"; Our dedicated server seems to work fine with both mods as they are.
  20. Sounds immersive. Thank you. The P51-D is my love bird. In the mean time: What I can confirm from my personal tests is that adding Pacific mod to the mods line altogether with I44 causes the parachutes to dissapear after the drop. At this point it is a conflicting mod, sorry.
  21. Can you please specify what addons were conflicting? We have the same issue with parachutes since the last mod patch but we have been using constant mod collection alltogether with I44. No problems untill now. What did you remove from your Arma that fixed the parachutes?
  22. algrab

    =BTC= co 21 Advance & Secure

    How can I implement the saving system into my own mission. How do I do that? So I can save it at any time and then read the save from RPT? I am trying to look inside unpacked Advance & Secure mission but I cannot see what sections are responsible for this. What do I need to do? Thanks!
  23. algrab

    A2/A2F/A2OA Tweak Guide

    the article doesn't so far cover the usage of following start parameters: -cpuCount= -exThreads= might be important