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    Bonjour a tous! I dont know if someone can answer me, but in the official supported mod list, the mod Task Force Canada is supposed to be supported, but when i start a new game, I cant choose the canadian faction anywhere!! Is there a reason for it to not appear in the list?? Before you ask, yes, i've activated it in the mod list!
  2. warjager

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Got a problem trying it in solo (lan multiplayer game mode). I choose to be Bluefor commander, set ai to enabled. I started the game (on Altis and Stratis for the test), but after 30 min or so of gameplay, it didnt seem that Opfor is doing anything at all. I cannot confirm it, cause i dint have visual on their base. I dont know if im supposed to see or not some red flag poping up when opfor is capturing city, but after 30 or 40 min of gameplay, it only showed green flag all over the map (minus the blue one ive already captured). Also, is there a way to setup resistance difficulty in neutral city??
  3. warjager

    Warfare Cooperative (WACO) v1.1.1

    I have to say,with ace in, it is the best warfare variant i have ever played!! now, the ai is not so dumb and its a must+ all little extra added is cool! Btw, can someone can help me? i want to port this Waco ACE to another island (and mod it too could be good), but dont know how to do it! never touched config of arma before. If you can direct me to somewhere that have tutorial (or all by yourself could be good too ), ill appreciate it.
  4. warjager

    [SP] Itswar1 + 2 / LSD Campaign SP version

    My little 2 cent... Thing so far seen after 2 hour gameplay in the Itswar1: - Tryed to find mission but could not find... Just got a clue on a base south of somewhere, but nothing more so far (must try to talk to more people but must find them first ) - Is there a way you could possibly recruit new soldier? cause nearly all my team was wiped out on a base attack and were just 3 now - Finded the hard way the "hidden bomb" lol Spoted a juicy T-72, abandonned, and think to myself "wow, could add this to my arsenal!" ....but.... BAOUMMM!!! toasted some of my teamate (a good leader doesnt do the job himself !! - City look a little empty of civy... must find answer elsewhere! - It have 3 harrier in the hanger in main base... but could not use them, dunno why! - The "menu" doesnt have anything in it exept for the "signal evac zone" but its doesnt work... think this was an option more for the mp one no? Maybe will have something in later in game? Thats it for now... i now go continue the mission right now... stay tuned for more... Alt-tabing now....
  5. warjager

    LSD Mission package (Last release)

    too bad that you quit! Your mission was some of the most awersome mission to date. I don't come often on the arma community, but when i come, i seem more and more than arma is about to die, and its sad. Sadly, i never player arma online since its out. Why? cause each "group" is a sealed group and don't let new player join often. When thats not a group, its a public one and, like you sed falseprophet, fairplay isnt what cheater care, so, sadlym i ad always player alone in solo. Which i known how to make mission like you do, but i dont know nothing of scripting and such... too bad cause ive ton and ton of idea by myselft. I understand why you just leave this, cause ive already made some mod for other game and when you work hard for other, the best pay you can have for such work is the appreciation of the player.This is what fuel you passion for modding... but when you make mod for "deserted" place, its not so good for the mojo. Hope one day youll continue your work, cause i liked your work, i just want you to know it.
  6. hi all, I remember since the time of ofp:res, a lot of mod came out day after day. One in particular cought my eye and i was subjugated by the gameplay. This was a mission/mod that was a kind of remake of the resistance campaign, but in a kind of dynamic way. Sadly, this superb dynamic mission was never pushed more than that and was left, i think, unknown. If you have played it in ofp, youll know what i talk about. The name of this "dynamic" mission was The Partisan: Persistent Campaign. A lot of new thing that you coulnd find in other same kind of dynamic mission was put in place. For the people here that dont know this mission, then ill explain it: You started as the chief of the rebellion force, alone, with only a pistol i think. You got choice to go on mission,that was randomly generated. but the most original thing of this mod was that you had to capture weapon, ammo, vehicule, etc, if you wanted to survived to your rebellion, and put them in your base to keep them along, mission after mission. By the time of your combat for the revolution, more and more people joined you for the revolution (if you succeded your mission). But the thing that was a shame is that only 4 type of mission was developped before this project was abandonned. I wish someone here with alot of talent and idea can be able to remake this mission, but for arma. I can help with idea, mission type etc... but im really not a coder. To be true, even if this "mission" was in its unfinished state back then, it was my best mod ever played on ofp!!! if you want to try it (if you have ofp again), go here This kind of mission can have great potential for arma!!!
  7. warjager

    Dynamic Campain for arma?

    Dont ever know why the guys that made ofp and arma didnt think about putting in a kind of dynamic campain that can be comparable in some way to, lets say to pinpoint the best of all ive seen in this campain cathegorie....falcon 4.0. Maybe its just to complicated for them and they wanted to release the game as fast as possible to make the money in their pocket, but in fact, imagine a concept like a falcon 4.0 campain in arma + some stuff that the guy at dma put in their version!!! you can really got with this the most well made tactical game ever made/ period!! Ive played in ofp, a kind of remake in dynamic, of the revolution part of ofp:revolution. I spent all time playing this super dynamic mission!! if i remember it, you played as a lone revolutionist, that tryed to capture/eliminate the main force in your homeland. In each random mission, you try to capture, by all mean nessesary, all the weapon/vehicule you can to help the cause of the revolution. After the random mission, you returned to your hidden camp with the stuff/vehicule, so for the next random mission, you have a decent stockpile of ammo/weapon/vehicule to play with (cause you start the campain with just a handgun and a ak-47...). And after each succesfull mission, you got the chance to have one or two men with you to joint the revolution. That was the dynamic mission. You just have a random mission, some random patrol on the road, and a box to place your loot plus reinforcement after mission. Just this was alot of fun to play, but the autor of this dynamic mission could have done a LOT more to help the fun factor. This can serve as a base desing for a more complex and tactical dynamic campain. Ive imagined, after played this superb resistance campain, that if i knowed how to script thing back then, i could add some more thing to help this allready well made dynamic campain. The first thing that i had include is some kind of information on the campain. In all other dynamic campain ive played, all had some sort of info that tell you how much support you have and if you won or lose the war. In the case of the revolution side of the one i speak, it could be how much ennemy force is left on your mainland to beat. ex: 300 soldier, 30 tank, etc... Also, you could have some sort of listing to your asset, like how much men you have,how much vehicule and where they are, etc... This can eventualy, be tuned from revolution, to mercenary campain!! imagine waging war, with loot.... and money!! Where you can actually buy thing with money, made with mission acomplished or money captured from the ennemy, etc... this could be a hot dynamic style campain, and could feel a more "personal" war, but im sure it could be hard to script that thing (even impossible?). wish i can retreive somewhere this campain...dont remember the name of it!
  8. Hi all, I just wanna know if someone has heard of, or know if the dynamic campain will be back again in arma, like it was in ofp? I loved this kind of mission, and to be honest, i got arma just to be able to play a dynamic campain!! I dont know if the guys of the Dynamic Mission Alliance is working on this for arma....but i pray the heaven for it!!