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    T - 62 tank

    Thanks. It's a bit hard to me, but i'll still make efforts in modding in future. ps: I should named it as "Fake T - 62 tank" or at least "Decorative T - 62 tank" not to confuse people around, tho for the first days I tried to point an attention of real&strong modders to this tank and all, and at least make some fun mood, cause understood that Im not able to finish it now. So Asking moderators to rename the tread, if they wish, again to not to confuse people.
  2. T-62 in ArmA 3. Finally. Totally not a clickbait "Trust me... i'm a dolphin" © Some splendid gameplay Some splendid reveiw Yeah, so: as all of you know, unfortunately there is no such a cool & beautiful tank in Arma 3 that is called T-62. So I tried to make one. Buuut ... you see - because lack of knowledge in modding, weak computer specifications, lack of time & comprehensible tutorials ... and so on, I didn't able to finish such a difficult project for a newbie like me. But! At least I made some "decoration". Obviously you do not need such crap, and you'd like to see some playible vehicle. Oh well, me too...me too... Anyway, I hope I managed do something before RHS and CUP (not so high quality tho). As you see a standart T-55 model from Arma 2 was used. Just corrected a little in 3D max and then few days in O2... omg. Hope RHS CUP and/or other modders would make some awesome T62, and finish the job to the end, unlike me. And if you after all would like to test it out (very unlikely), you'll find it in requisite\facilities\village (simply write 62 in searchbox). Yes Arma thinks that it is a building, lol. Link given below. That's all folks. Google Drive Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K_aX5yhs9Alqw0OfDDw5ecrZeLDNjSLM/view?usp=sharing
  3. BSN_19

    Arma3 Videos

    My first attempts in video creation . Do not judge too harshly please.