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  1. Hate to say it, but its long gone. I've lost all models while transporting my files to my new pc along with being in hiatus for such a long while, but, I've focused on structural works, but here's a bit of what i officially plan to put in
  2. DeleoOne

    Issue with geometry and rvmat

    Hey, I know this topic is ancient, but how did you get the ball physics to work in the configs?
  3. I've created a soccer ball, and I'm having a pretty hard time trying to find a way to create a config that allows a player to interact with the ball so they can push it while walking, running or possibly shoot at it to push it around. I've seen some on Youtube take a gander at it, but it seems to be mostly scripting. I really want to stay away from it, and keep it as a config in the mod's folder as much as possible. Is there any suggestions, templates to work with or info i can use to make it possible? I will give credit to where credit is due for the help.
  4. Thanks for the help Grester! i actually made the normal, spec and bump maps for the textures! i guess its just how would i connect the normal to the rvmat? and I suppose when it comes down to how shiny or matte an object is, is determined in that line of code in the RVMATS. I see. Well then i guess the question then lies is will the RVMAT need to have the location of where the normal spec and bump would be? like "mod/addon/data/normal.paa"?and below it a "mod/addon/data/spec.paa? and so forth written inside the RVMAT config? and would that config be placed where the textures would be?
  5. Awesome! If you are ever able to remember how to do it lemme know!
  6. ? That was my next question and this! This is crazy amazing. Exactly what ive been looking for! Would there be anyway that i myself would be able to change the font and or location of specific HUD locations i.e. like moving the compass to the top screen, and make a mini map of enemies and friendlies like this? Keep that talent going GEORGE FLOROS, Thank you again!
  7. Ok, this is epic. im loving how well this entire this is coming out. Its freaking amazing!
  8. THAT IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! Freaking genius. Im excited to see what happens when its ready! Thanks!
  9. Absolutely fine, I'm in no rush and I certainly will! :D