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  1. As the title stated above, I've been having a hard time trying to create or find a way to make an addon for creating a custom HUD's for custom helmets.I want to add a health bar, Motion detector(like from halo), ammo bar and compass to this HUD. Any methods, suggestions or tutorials? Any and all help will be appreciated. I'll credit those who give any help in my addon!
  2. Thanks for the help Grester! i actually made the normal, spec and bump maps for the textures! i guess its just how would i connect the normal to the rvmat? and I suppose when it comes down to how shiny or matte an object is, is determined in that line of code in the RVMATS. I see. Well then i guess the question then lies is will the RVMAT need to have the location of where the normal spec and bump would be? like "mod/addon/data/normal.paa"?and below it a "mod/addon/data/spec.paa? and so forth written inside the RVMAT config? and would that config be placed where the textures would be?
  3. Awesome! If you are ever able to remember how to do it lemme know!
  4. This is an example of where the shield lights are located( and yes, the texture for shield lights are separate from that of the armors)
  5. Yes! just a light source. I have the models already. Now, of course the lights will be in different positions, BUT they will have to be very bright in a short amount of distance. Dont know if that is a model thing or not. I too also have to have the shield lights emit color as well for the main armor, but dont know how that'd work, especially if it could change colors based on your health (like blue for full, yellow for half, red for a quarter and white for dead).
  6. Hey, it's all good, figured i'd ask. Oh, but on the topic of configs, would there be any possible way to, lets say, add helmet lights or add ear protection to the helmets by any chance?
  7. Oh yeah, but it's going great! I haven't had the time to mess with the script since I've been dabbling with the configs for the armors, BUT I'll let you know if I did anything, otherwise I'll be waiting patiently for you! Thanks btw! Also, if you have any tips on creating rvmats by any chance lemme know!
  8. Its all good! Im doing fine, still working on the armors, havent used the hud yet, but im still researching the how to's on the scripting aspect. Im just having issues on trying to adjust the values on the armors and helmets( like adding ear protection to helms, and upping armor strength) also having the issue of not finding anyways to move certain parts of the hud(like ammo and compass) to the positions of that from halo reach. Ooof :P
  9. ? That was my next question and this! This is crazy amazing. Exactly what ive been looking for! Would there be anyway that i myself would be able to change the font and or location of specific HUD locations i.e. like moving the compass to the top screen, and make a mini map of enemies and friendlies like this? Keep that talent going GEORGE FLOROS, Thank you again!
  10. Ok, this is epic. im loving how well this entire this is coming out. Its freaking amazing!
  11. THAT IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! Freaking genius. Im excited to see what happens when its ready! Thanks!
  12. Absolutely fine, I'm in no rush and I certainly will! :D
  13. Really, thanks! I know this may be too much, but specifically what I would change? Should I change anything at all other that the .paa that would be used for the HUD? Also, I can make you your own armor set if you'd like(free and customized to your liking along with the credits for your help! Thanks again!
  14. You're welcome George!
  15. This is perfect! Im keeping all credits to you, this is awesome. Would i compile this the same way as the helmet models? ex: @HUD/addons/scripts? or would i have to add them to the helmets themselves?
  16. Hi There George! I know that, and i actually have that! But i too have my own helmets and armor that im creating. Seperate from OPTRE, that i want to make. Ill also be adding custom HUDS for the custom helms. Thanks though!
  17. DeleoOne


    Awesome! Because, I really wanted to add customized heights to my playermodels instead of the standard Armaman heights. Its really bugged me quite a bit.
  18. How does making an rvmat work? Is there any tutorials or videos? How would i go about adding normals, bumps, specs, illum(meaning light functions) and gloss(also how to adjust it). Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  19. DeleoOne


    Very Dedmen. Thank you. In doing so also, If i were to create a model with a bigger height than arma man, but make the animations for it so it wouldnt use armas animations, would it be possible to do so? Im tired of having to fit everything into arma man and have it look the same as every other arma character. Any thoughts or ideas?( i plan to add my own weapons and animations for it as well along with the medkit stuff) i Wouldnt be using any preset stuff like weapons or vehicles from arma anyhow
  20. So I've been trying to search all over to see if there is any step by step tutorial for adding a complete new uniform to Arma 3 including processes that prep blender models to object builder, then from adding final touches in object builder to creating configs and lastly transferring the complete work to be packed into a .pbo. Im open to all suggestions. It also doesn't have to be in one video(or a video for that matter), but its hard to even find anything on the subject of making complete new uniforms from scratch. (For those who help, you will be listed under credits for the addon im making)
  21. Thank you Sgt. Epic, but most of all Noks - Ohliger for the help. Its really been far easier now to add new models. Thank you guys!
  22. I'm having a bit of difficulty adding in the gloss effect to help create reflections on metal and visor in object builder. I also do have normal maps that I need to implement. Is there any simple methods and or videos on such topic? How would I go about the RVMAT for the models i have(its for a playermodel I plan on adding in as a mod). Any help with this and you will be credited for the help with every mod release. Thanks!