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  1. ramon_dexter

    [TUTORIAL] Contact Scripts

    Hi, I wanted to ask, if you have found out anything about the new task & note system? I have tried to use this, but looks like that scripting approach using BIS_fnc_taskCreate is little bit broken. I just cannot make it to show marker on map. The quest is listed in the list, the quest icon is shown on the compass, but no marker on the map. When I use 3den module, the marker is shown. But I need to use scripting, since I need to start several tasks from scripted conversations. The second thing is the note system. Obviously, createDiarySubject and createDiaryRecord dont work here. Did you found any trces of this new system? I would be happy to use this, but since the game files are .ebo, I dont even know how to open these.
  2. So, I started playing with contact, but found out that the new map and tasks list is little bit different. The main difference from base arma 3 is that the tasks behave little bit different than in stock arma 3. When i use the the standard [owner, taskID, description, destination, state, priority, showNotification, type, visibleIn3D] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; command, the task is created, it is shown in the top compass, but is not marked on the map. The widget still zooms on the tasks location, but the lcoation itself is not marked. My question is: How do I make to also mark the quest on the map? Do I have to rely on more scripting and basically create the marker on the map manually, or am I missing something with the new tasks system? edit: Also, how do I properly use the Note system? Obviously, Diary was replaced by the notes. But the wiki is little bit oblivious about this new stuff. edit2: For anyone interested, I found out how this actually works...its, well, not convenient. When I use the scripted approach, it works only partly. The task is notes under tasks, but only as side objective. Also, it doesnt have the map mark... Now, I tested the module approach. When I place the 'Create Task' module and configure it to set the destination as 'module position', define only parent task ID child ID leave blank and sync it with player ... then it shows the mark in map. But I cannot make it show the mark when I create the task by a script. And I need to create the tasks by a script. Or, at least find a way to activate the pre-placed modules by a script...
  3. Great, thats exactly what I was looking for. So the key is the baseWeapon property. Many thanks!
  4. ramon_dexter

    [SP/Coop 04] Contention Zone

    I volunteer as a tester :) But only for SP (I'm loner player and don't like MP)
  5. ramon_dexter

    [SP/Coop 04] Contention Zone

    Good luck! Waiting for a Alpha like a little child waiting for a toy :)
  6. ramon_dexter

    [SP/Coop 04] Contention Zone

    Any news about release?
  7. ramon_dexter

    Changing hostility of AI units

    I hope so. But in another thred, I read that there might be a problem, like when the PFOR units saw me before this is triggered, they will stay hostile...Well, I will see when I try it.
  8. Hi, umm, I need to help with something for my mod. I need to have multiple factions in my mod. On of these factions would be OPFOR based bandit faction. I need to have it OPFOR, so these units will be enemy for the player by default. But, in ceratain situations, I need to make them non-hostile (example: The player is sent to bandit base to rescue captives. I don't need the bandits to shoot player on sight - I want to make some negotiations, so I need to make these bandits friendly under some condition.). How can I make OPFOR units friendly under a condition? I was looking at community.wiki and found out this: playerChar setCaptive true; I will place this on a trigger, which will be placed on the bandit base area. Then, if the negotiation fails, I will just change playerChar setCaptive false and the bandits will be hostile. Will it work, or I have to build more complicated code?
  9. Hi, I read through the whole thread, but haven't figured out how to place a new laptop in my mission. I already serached through the sample missions, but since the option is linked to the task crete module, I don't know how to unlik it or how to make the option "download data" available from the mission start. I want to have a laptop with "download data" option already allowed from the mission start, or by a task. How do I enable the "download data" option by a task? How do I enable the "download data" option from the mission start?
  10. ramon_dexter

    How do I create a marker with a script

    If I put first create marker, nothing happens. this = createMarker ["markPlace", mIfestiona]; "markPlace" setMarkerShape "ICON"; "markPlace" setMarkerShape "hd_objective"; "markPlace" setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; "markPlace" setMarkerText "Place"; When I try to modify already existing marker (here mIfestiona), nothing happens. "mIfestiona" setMarkerShape "ICON"; "mIfestiona" setMarkerShape "hd_objective"; "mIfestiona" setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; "mIfestiona" setMarkerText "Hefaistiona"; Any suggestions?
  11. How do I make a script to place a map marker into a map? Triggered by a trigger, or anything else. I want the script to mark new locations for a player via conversation option. The conversation is done, but I really don't know how to simply place a marker. I tried building this: "markPlace" setMarkerShape "ICON"; "markPlace" setMarkerShape "hd_objective"; "markPlace" setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; "markPlace" setMarkerText "Place"; this = createMarker ["markPlace", getPos marker]; /// marker - in editor placed invisible marker But it won't do a thing. I already looked into the community wiki and build this code, which don't work.
  12. ramon_dexter

    addAction for tent/sleeping bag

    Larrow, thank you again. You are one of a few, who explains his code. This is really helpful for me, since I have problems with learning from documentation. I need to have an example code with explanation. That way I learn much faster than from documentation.
  13. ramon_dexter

    addAction for tent/sleeping bag

    Larrow: Thanks, this works like was intended. But I made a little improvement to the thing - I don't like grass poking through the sleeping bag. So I added a grass cutter object and attached the cutter object to the sleeping bag. Now I need to know, how to remove both sleeping bag and grass cutter. here is the code: _cutter = "Land_ClutterCutter_Medium_F" createVehicle position player; _SleepBag = "Land_Sleeping_bag_blue_F" createVehicle position player; _SleepBag attachTo [_cutter, [0,0,0.05]]; player removeItem "sc_bedroll"; _SleepBag addAction ["Sleep for 8 hours", {_date = date; _date set [3, (_date select 3) + 8]; setDate _date;}, [], 0, false, true, "", ""]; _SleepBag addAction [ "Pack the sleeping bag",{ _Bag = _this select 3 select 0; deleteVehicle _Bag; player addItem 'sc_bedroll'; }, [ _SleepBag ], 0, false, true, "", ""]; This method creates the sleeping bag in random place around player. I have an idea: How do I make to create this sleeping bag where I'm looking (I mean, the cursor/pointer/crosshair location).
  14. ramon_dexter

    addAction for tent/sleeping bag

    I was trying to build something myself and created this. This code should allow player to place a sleeping bag on ground, sleep in it and then pack it and return it to plyer's inventory. This is added on player's init line. If player has sc_bedroll in inventory, new actions shows up in actionmenu. this addAction ["Unpack sleeping bag", "sleepingBag.sqf", nil, 6, false, true, "", "_this == _target AND 'sc_bedroll' in (items _this)"]; And the sleepingBag.sqf: _SleepBag = "Land_Sleeping_bag_blue_F" createVehicle position player; player removeItem "sc_bedroll"; _SleepBag addAction ["Sleep for 8 hours", {_date = date; _date set [3, (_date select 3) + 8]; setDate _date;}, [], 0, false, true, "", ""]; _SleepBag addAction ["Pack the sleeping bag", "deleteVehicle 'Land_Sleeping_bag_blue_F'; deleteVehicle 'Land_ClutterCutter_Medium_F'; player addItem 'sc_bedroll';", [], 0, false, true, "", ""]; _SleepBag = "Land_Sleeping_bag_blue_F" createVehicle position player; ////this works - the sleeping bag is placed on the ground player removeItem "sc_bedroll"; ////to remove the bedroll from inv - player places it on the ground _SleepBag addAction ["Sleep for 8 hours", {_date = date; _date set [3, (_date select 3) + 8]; setDate _date;}, [], 0, false, true, "", ""]; ////this also works - the "sleeping action" skips time as planned _SleepBag addAction ["Pack the sleeping bag", "deleteVehicle 'Land_Sleeping_bag_blue_F'; deleteVehicle 'Land_ClutterCutter_Medium_F'; player addItem 'sc_bedroll';", [], 0, false, true, "", ""]; ////this part of the code don't work - i see the action in the actionmenu, but it does nothing. It don't delete the sleepingbag and it don't add the sc_bedroll object into inventory. What am I doing wrong? Ranwer: The skipTime command only skipstime, but leaves AI untouched. I thought that playing with dat would be better. And also, this works.
  15. ramon_dexter

    addAction for tent/sleeping bag

    DreadedEntity: This code works like a charm. With a little fix in animation name. Good one! [EVO] Dan: Well, basicly this fires when the sleeping bag is assembled. Good. But I want to add action to that deployed sleeping bag object. I tried putting B_respawn_sleeping_bag_brown_f addaction ["Sleep for 8 hours", "skipTime 8"] But it don't work. I don't know how to directly add action to this object. Is it possible? EDIT: I was trying to build something like this: if ('sc_bedroll' in items player) then { player addAction ["Rozbalit spacák", "player removeItem 'sc_bedroll'"]; _SleepBag = "Land_Sleeping_bag_blue_F" createVehicle position player; _SleepBag addAction ["Sleep for 8 hours", {_date = date; _date set [3, (_date select 3) + 8]; setDate _date;}, [], 0, false, true, "", ""]; _SleepBag addAction ["Pack the sleeping bag", "deleteVehicle '_SleepBag'; player addItem 'sc_bedroll';"]; }; But even if the condition is met (I'm not sure if I'm using the syntax right), the option is not visible. Can anybody tell me what am I doing wrong? The sc_bedroll object is from scorch's inventory items.