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  1. I don't think the BGS Forces should get facemasks and so on, they're still technically a police unit, so it isn't really fitting for their "normal" Units to cover their faces.
  2. Flari

    CAG/Delta Force Faction

    I really enjyo the gear the gear you made especially the Ops Cores. I would really like to see some Ops Cores without Headsets.
  3. Oh and I'm working on another, really new rifle.... Who can guess what it is? It will probably be adopted by a european army soon™.
  4. I've been away for a bit, so I restarted work today. I'm currently working on a "jungle" AR-15, still looking for some good inspiration for that one. Will most likely be a 300blk with a 7 inch barrel and maybe a collapsible stock.
  5. Morning everybody, Today I decided to show off a little project I've been working on for a while now. Although there are absolutely loads of AR-15s for Arma they're mostly all standard MilSpec Rifles with some fancy attachments here and there, but I wanted to expand that whole area quite a bit. Things like Recce Rifles, SBRs, MLOK or Keymod Rails are all things really missing from Arma 3. So the first goal of this modification will be to provide a diverse collection of AR15s with quite a lot of different parts out of the civilian and military industry. The next goal will be to provide other guns, not based on the AR-15 Series. The currently planned things: -Daniel Defense DDM5, DDM4 and Mk. 18. -LWRC LVOA-C -LMT New Zealand Reference Rifle, CQBMWSF and CSW -SIG Sauer 516 and MCX, including the Rattler -Diemaco C7, C8, SFW, including the NLD variants. -CMMG Mk4 -HK45C and HK P30 -Walther PPQ - I will try to offer most AR-15 based rifles in 5.56mm, 6.8mm, 6.5mm and 300blk. -I will try to offer most AR-10 based rifles in both 6.5mm Creedmoor and 7.62mm NATO. Some HP pictures of the C7 (all other Rifles will also be based on the basic parts) Please open the pictures in full screen, imgur thumbnail compression really makes them look horrible.
  6. Flari

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Because RHS made it and because it's a quite common combination in US Forces actually?
  7. Flari

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Afaik SOCOM stopped purchasing SCAR-Ls and is using the conversion kit for the MK17 instead, so for a US Forces themed mod the latter would be more appropriate.
  8. Flari

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Most People rewire their Antennas to the back. But it would be nice to see a Vest with FAC equipment. (Bigger Admin Pouch, maybe a Pen and a rite in the rain notepad in the Kangaroo Pouch and so on) Are the Zip-On Back Panels for the Crye Plate Carriers planned?
  9. Flari

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    What is planned on the Gloves side of things? A lot of gear that was recently released has Mechanix gloves or other thinner glove types, while thats fine and everything for "normal" Operator, I always thought that it looks off for the ones with special tasks like breacher and specialised DA Forces in general. Those are the kind of things were Oakleys or other thicker, padded gloves would look a lot better. On the topic of DA Forces, do you have protective Overalls planned for Police SF Units? Kind of like this.
  10. No. Arma 3 development at BI is over except for bugfixes.