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  1. Would I be right in assuming that VCOM AI mod may have something to do with this?
  2. Still the running persists... so I went a different route and sent the spawned groups headlong into a spawned enemy force attacking airfield. Some action as I land at the airfield anyways! kinda like it better anyhow... Thanks again Fellas!
  3. Much appreciation Gunter! Your AI compilation list is my go to for anything I need and has assisted me countless times and still will! Maybe I overlooked something and will search again... gonna try what pierremgi suggested and will report back. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks pierremgi! Will try this now as I just got up lol!
  5. Ok... I have searched for a solution to my problem to no avail (nothing specific to what I am trying to achieve anyhow). What I'm doing: Spawning AI BLUFOR group from trigger when my player group is present:working I place this code in on Activation of trigger to appear at marker:_wpt1 = _fireteam addWaypoint [getMarkerPos"WEST_WP1",0];_wpt1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; working... however I don't want group to be running to WP marker, so I put this after said code:_wpt1 setWaypointSpeed "LIMITED"; Group doesn't move at all. I also want the group to be in column formation not wedge. How would I go about making this work? It's simply for base ambiance as my squad lands at base. Thank you in advance!
  6. [Release] Heli Support script

    Very nice lordfrith!
  7. I meant to get back to you sooner Mirek... and thanks, the ACE IR strobe works as well! Thanks again!
  8. I apologize as well for digging this back up.... however, like others have, I have been able to get the transfer of support to work when switching units which is awesome! (Thank you Larrow!!!) My question is, how can I use this to incorporate the ALiVE supports for this? The BiS modules are a bit quirky and fail quite often, but I can get the ALiVE supports to work 100% of the time but ONLY on my player. Even when all playable units are sync'd to the ALiVE player support module, upon switching to other playable units after dying, I lose the ability to call supports from ALiVE( ctrl+win key no longer has ALiVE option..). I do not know enough about scripting to alter Larrow's to incorporate the ALiVE supports. Any thoughts?
  9. I'm having an issue with using two different unitplay instances. The first is a F-35B taxing to the runway and taking off(works fine by itself). The second, I placed a LHD and placed an AV-8B making separate path.sqf(path2.sqf) for it. Upon playing the scenario, the F-35B spawns on top of the Harrier and carnage ensues of course! Here is my files and structure: Init.sqf: MyPath = compile preprocessFile “path.sqf”; MyPath2 = compile preprocessFile “path2.sqf”; rec = [f351] spawn Mypath; rec = [av8b] spawn Mypath2; Made 2 path.sqf's i.e. path and path2. Made triggers on each A/C with on Activations of: null = [f351] execVM "path.sqf";rec = [f351] spawn Mypath; (This works fine by itself-w/o AV-8B involved) null = [av8b] execVM "path2.sqf";rec = [av8b] spawn Mypath2; Anyone see an issue? My goal is to resolve the horrid AI pathfinding issues on airfields and aircraft carriers.
  10. Thank you Mirek! I will give this a try! Question: Do you know the where to find the IR Strobe(vanilla or otherwise....I have several mods)in the editor? I have searched the "empty" and have come up...well...empty' Thank you again Mirek!
  11. Good morning Community! I've been searching for a way to attach an IR strobe to a static backpack in my mission. I have copied several suggested codes,scripts,etc. and have not found anything that works at this point. I have a limited knowledge of scripting and rely on related code snippets,etc. copied to init fields or placing .sqf's in mission folder.... just can't seem to get them to work. What I'm doing: HALO insertion at night near main airfield on Altis. Player to locate UAV backpack filled with necessary equipment - darter,UAV terminal...(thus the need for IR strobe to be seen with NV) Use Darter to laze AA armor so on and so on. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance and these forums here are my lifeline for mission making! SOLVED: Wow.I'm an idiot lol. Found the the IR Grenade module from the Achilles addon for Zeus and synced it to backpack and... viola....WORKS.
  12. Nice! Been looking for something like this! Thanks fellows!
  13. The attributes of the Hornet... the drop down gives the option of customizing the loadout, but doesn't keep this when aircraft is spawned in game via supports. Thank you pierremgi, I will try the setPylonLoadout in the init field. Provided I can find the pylon,magazine,etc. classnames to accomplish this that is...
  14. Ok...so I've been searching for awhile and have not found a solution to this issue: 1: I'm placing a virtual CAS (bombing run) module and using JS F-18E as custom aircraft. 2:Hornet spawns correctly but has only CAP weps onboard. Is there a way to change the loadout so that the Hornet has a CAS load? I have tried in the attributes to change to custom loadout then log class to clipboard, but aircraft still spawns with CAP weps. Any help is very appreciated!
  15. US 75th Rangers

    Thank you for the response Siege-A! Didn't even think about the gear randomization.... know what I can do now. Again this is an outstanding mod and I look forward to continuing the mission I began! P.S. I noticed you are from NC as well... Clayton NC for me.