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    Bonjours, nous somme sur la missions opex lythium qu'on adore mais nous voudrions augmenter les paramètres qui touche ,vie ambiante,civil car ,enemy patrols, etc ....comme cela était possible avant sur les settings mission.Apres avoir essayer de changer differantes value aucun changement (aucun vehicules civil de visible etc) hello good evening ,is anyone can give some advise how to increase all the value abouut civil ,civl car ,life ambiant ,enemy patrols and more ...thanks for helping we try change some value in the files but no result ,thanks alot
  2. hello,i'm looking for island life emita city pack,to make private server for only friends there are nostalgic of this roleplay mode ...it will be really nice if someone can share is mod pack to me,i m sure that many people still have it inside there pc 🙂 required: modpack/server pack /and emita city mission must last update version if its possible. thanks you verry much .