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    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    There is no excuse, just explaination. Disembarking crews or hit enemies in general magically know the exact position of your head the same moment you hit them and send a bullet through - with a scope-less rifle over 100m - hip-shot style. That way the crew of an hit tank kills you before the animation allows you to store or throw away the launcher to run away or hide. Like that since OFP. Will be solved when BER is ready for service.
  2. The Man Without Qualities

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    I see, I thought overlapping trigger areas would break some game logic. On the other hand...would it be to much redesign to get the "factory" asset under the umbrella of the "city" trigger and related forces coverage? In a way that related assets (lets say 2 factories and 1 military base) changing also the occupation status together with "city"? 1 Generic trigger area and several assets of different type related to.
  3. The Man Without Qualities

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Would it totally break your mission's global design when having production facilities rather in urban areas as in real life? I love the idea to conquer cities like Elektrosvod so that I gain the ownership of Citi+factory and maybe also military assets in one go. Minimum distance of 600m is rather hindering.
  4. The Man Without Qualities

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Southeast Angola 1974

    THANKS Icebreakr! Always good for a surprise! Perfect map for weaponary before 1985. - Flat (almost 2D warfare only if one does not own any airbourne assets) - no place to hide (well, few dry bushes & trees) - no bullet-proof cover Indeed it could be interesting to simulate low-tech warfare on such terrain. As soon as one side can efford a 1k$ drone, the game is over. Orchestered maneuvering of low-tech assets could bring victory. Playing with full year 2035 A3 weaponary is rather boring.
  5. The Man Without Qualities

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Maybe you missed the point: As cure for BIS failure to provide a working AI in terms of vehicle driving, some of the forum members suggested to do some manual workaround by fiddling around with unit behavior parameter as well as with convoy setup parameter. My point is that those WAs are not accessible for the casual gamer. Your point that some missions are broken but others work so...fine? ...is void IMHO since this discussion IS ABOUT the fact that many beloved missions ARE broken as soon as working convoys are necessary. Your point that non-devs should stick to playing is void...they can't without problems if flawless working convoys are necessary. May you rephrase what you wanted to say? Maybe I did not understood the intention of your comments.
  6. The Man Without Qualities

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    You ever thought about how that should work in a "user friendly" MP Mission? You do that eighter with one config set valid for all type of convoys or you create a telling GUI that enables the random user to select the convoy (or even to rearrange / regroup) and to set space/speed on the fly. Don't make the mistake assuming that the random gamer is a game developer or even just someone with some basic coding knowledge. They wanna play - that's it.
  7. The Man Without Qualities

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    A tank DLC that prevents the microsecond-synchron bailout of the crew at the same fraction of second the tank is receiving damage above a certain level would be a big step for human kind....well, for BIS. And NO, that parameter that should stop bail out at all is not the solution. The rest of the bling-bling BIS can keep until they fixed this. And stop tanks from going airborne.
  8. The Man Without Qualities

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Already from design it does not even come close.
  9. The Man Without Qualities


    This is just the link - forwarding to discord. Just another way to shrink the community.
  10. The Man Without Qualities

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    For this bug and many before: 1.) done 2.) done 3.) done 4.) now you made me laughting
  11. The Man Without Qualities

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Not sure what you wanted to express. I did not blame BIS for odd spawn area management, proper routines were coded even during OFP lifetime. I mentioned the combination of inability of AI drivers to empty the area by finding a valid path which makes a spawn collision more likely. Indeed, AI driving was never acceptable, but A3, current status leaves me stunned. As you mentioned the speed, I do not get the point why BIS is not trying to solve the issue partly by slowing AI driving in general alowing more calc cycles for interaction with the environment. It is standard that even single AI driven vehicles driving behind you smashing into your rear because they always using bakes to late. This is not the exception, this is the standard. And right, the use of streets does not bring a real strategic advantage since driving offroad does not bring any real time loss that matters nor wrecks it vehicles properly except those broken wheels cus AI does not recog any stone. I wrote it very often, in the very beginning of A3 the vehicles did not have this magic auto-back-to-wheels feature as it is now that turns you slowly back to wheels. I loved it. Also driving downhill pressing "W" constantly lead into a crash, there was no magic auto-break. All that is gone and driving even by humans is messed up by strange auto-pilots making this game more arcade-shooter style.
  12. The Man Without Qualities

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Now imagine the consequences for a CTI: - in very old versions, the transfer of "supplies" was simulated by trucks transferring virtally supply points to the occupied towns. That was given up loooong time ago because you lost lots of supply due to AI truck drivers - AI commander "buys" depending on the CTI mission complex sets of vehicles to form some useful squads (e.g. few tanks and 1 AA vehicle if > 2tanks in group), they are send by mission logic to the next town to occupy - depending on actual alert setting via roads or straight across landscape. With current AI driving - as often mentioned by me - most vehicle losses caused directly or indirectly by AI driving in combination with flipping tendency of vehicles and sensitive tires. - some CTI missions do not utilize proper routines to empty the closer factory environment nor checking the spawn area for new purchased vehicles. Result: vehicles and everything explodes in a huge fireball if the 1st vehicle spawns into another. Until that, AI driver have huge problems to leave the area in a crowded situation. This was not the case in 2016 by using the very same mission files.
  13. The Man Without Qualities

    DAC V3.1 (Dynamic-AI-Creator) released

    HCs are required to run missions like massive SP-missions using DAC or massive CTI missions with several hundred active AI....BUT shifting AI to HC often kills the AI brain and they stop moving - would be fine if BIS would support the community by debugging some CTI missions together with the mission maker and use it as show-cases how massive it could be if HCs used correctly.
  14. The Man Without Qualities

    Arma 3 Warfare. RHS+ Oldschool warfare server.

    Not so much information...and I do not want to switch to discord (just another odd fashion) to get information. My Qs: The mission, does it support also "old shool" AI commander and AI squadleader and all routines as designed by holy Benny? Does mission+server support HC?
  15. The Man Without Qualities

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    By judging the actual ability to play certain CTI missions by using AI, I consider the game A3 as broken. I hope BIS does not intend to leave A3 as it is now. Even at release of A3 - this out of my mouth/hands! - A3 was working better in terms of AI handling. If a possible new customer of A4 is confronted with an A3 as it is right now - I have doubts that he would be very attracted.
  16. The Man Without Qualities

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Well, I am not confident that we got nuff detailed information (or even a manual) how exactly all those parameter interact/interwork with each other. Otherwise it would be very time-consuming blind trial&error. So is there someone in BIS who could pamper those community members with very short response time for questions??
  17. The Man Without Qualities

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Could it be that the majority of the younger community is not aware that it ever existed before? That you could watch AI commanded armies battling each other (and join at any time any side)? So even here we have the evidence that mankind is loosing knowledge over time :-) .
  18. The Man Without Qualities

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Good that I can qoute myself :-) So if anybody is stumbling over a CTI with following WORKING features: - 3 factions - full AI commanders for 2 sides - AI squad leaders - selectable amount of AI squads - selectable amount of AI squads that can be played by humans - AI routine "transport duty" for AI squads - AI routine "take towns" for AI squads - AI routine "S&D" for AI squads - AI routine "Patrol (waypoints/area)" for AI squads - AI routine "Guard (WP/unit)" for AI squads - AI routine "rearm if xx% of any ammo type is reached if an asset marked as rearm capable is in xx m range" for AI - AI routine "refuel if xx% of fuel is reached if an asset marked as refuel capable is in xx m range" for AI - AI routine "heal if xx% of health is reached if an asset marked as heal point is in xx m range" for AI - tons more.... ...then PLEASE send me a PM! THEN we would have the functional set of what we had WORKING in OFP - currently I am not aware of any CTI supporting at least this. Would say crCTI was more or less the top of AI support we ever had. OFPS is pretty mature, but devs are not so much behind getting independant AI routines back to work. And there is the tendency of adding more features rather then getting existing bug-free.
  19. The Man Without Qualities

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    while back in OFP someone linked up assets by scripts so that addons like DKM-Tungushkas were fed by radar sites. When the network was up, no plane could even start cus the available islands were pretty small at that time.
  20. The Man Without Qualities

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    There is not such a version that works as originally designed.
  21. The Man Without Qualities

    Enhanced Movement

    Sorry for late recognition Sir, I was using your brilliant functionality during OFPS sessions I assume - discovered after hours of playing that its available there. I will ask if OFPS is at latest patchlevel and then test during game. Thank you for your work, I cannot count how often I escaped by hopping over a fence or wall since I discovered!
  22. The Man Without Qualities


    If I need related information like used mods, patch level of mods, where to look at if I do not want to use discord?
  23. The Man Without Qualities

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    The affected MP missions are all CTI missions, even those which were crippled down to pure "PvP"-like functionality set (no AI commander, no AI squad leader), even in those CTIs you want to employ some AI driver. During such an CTI I am most of the time busy looking after AIs in vehicles at map, see if the move at map, if not I check with unit camera function if vehicle stcks or flipped and try to help by giving new waypoints or using (yes! there is an anti-BIS-AI-driving-feature!!!) "flip vehicle" function to spawn the vehicle back on track/wheels. It is really,really hard and annoying work. If you play with active AI squads it becomes almost a full-time job when 12 squads with 12 crew max out there which means 12x4 vehicles when 3 crew per vehicle in average. Pampering 48 vehicles with nuts AI drivers is basically a permanent roadshow of what is wrong with BIS AI and BIS AI driving. The only solution until now: I rather rely on infantry tactics and skip using vehicles
  24. The Man Without Qualities

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    BIS would say: You must have done something wrong during this test, you did not set this and that, it is one single exception..... As I said before, during a hours long CTI session, most of my vehicle losses are due to AI driving, not due to enemy fire. Game is broken IMHO.
  25. The Man Without Qualities

    Tanks - Fire-control system

    Am I wrong when I say that there are many FCS with different methods available in RL? Some required a manual trigger for lasing and updating the FCS fire solution, others have a mode with constant/cyclic automatic update of the fire solution (its rather real tracking). But in A3 we have just one single FCS with 1 mode? for all weapons?