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  1. maximilionus

    ArmA 2 Animations To ArmA 3 - A2ATA3

    Hey. That's may be quite late reply, sorry for that. If you want to switch back to original walking animations you will have to rewrite configs for walking animation for every weapon type (hands, binocular, first weapon, second weapon, launcher) in crouching and standing poses. But please note that this changes in config file may lead to problems with the rest of A2 animations, cause there's some of them inherited from this walking animations. I'm working on "de-inheritor" script to make all animations fully independent from each other, but it will take some time to be done, cause I have many other task to accomplish. Sorry again for the late reply 🙂
  2. maximilionus

    ArmA 2 Animations To ArmA 3 - A2ATA3

    Changelog: Update is coming to Steam Workshop and Github in 10-30 mins.
  3. Well... should i call this a small "demo" of AnEVi functional?
  4. I'm currently working on private GitLab repo. Public source code will be available after first public release. I'm hoping that this mod will be really needed
  5. Yea, thats good ideas. Idea about descriptions is really perfect but it will take a lot of time to analyze more than 5000 of vanilla animations...
  6. Hello ArmA community! This modification is kind of expansion for A3 3DEN editor. I very often use this editor during the development of modifications and other trivia stuff (like cinematic trailers etc...) and when it comes to animation configuring part, well... that sucs Previewing animation in Animation Viewer > setting it on unit with switchMove/playMove > [you know whats next]. Yeah, and then... the adjustment of animation. Launching mission to test it out > getting back to Eded to fix position > Doing all this stuff again and again... Then, the idea came to my mind: what if i will be able to preview animations right in eden editor and then just use it on unit with playMove/switchMove? This is the story about how this mod was born AnEVi (Animation Easy Viewer) - is a powerful tool (expansion) that allows you to preview and adjust animations on units right in editor. Currently, the half of work is done and almost ready for release, but the functional is not sufficient yet. I'm planning to add more animation control stuff like: animation speed, play/pause/reset (and other things). What do you think about my idea? And yeah, sorry for my bad engrish guys c: // Soon I'll add link to my Discord server Screenshots:
  7. maximilionus

    ArmA 2 Animations To ArmA 3 - A2ATA3

    This update is more about configuration code optimization and animation interpolation fixes. Changelog: Update is coming to Steam Workshop in 10-30 mins.
  8. maximilionus

    ArmA 2 Animations To ArmA 3 - A2ATA3

    A2ATA3 | UPDATE 0.9 - READY! CURRENT VERSION: 0.9 # This version is fixes most of animation issues with sounds and mismatches in configuration. (Getting closer to modular animations yay ) ## Also, don't forget about this mod page on GitHub and GitHub Dev Tracker ### Oh, almost forgot: be sure to check out new trailer -
  9. maximilionus

    ArmA 2 Animations To ArmA 3 - A2ATA3

    A2ATA3 | NEW INFO LINK GitHub repository with source code was created and configured! Now you can manage all code in original and be a tester for snapshot versions :>
  10. maximilionus

    ArmA 2 Animations To ArmA 3 - A2ATA3

  11. That's an additional movement system which allows you to use much more advantages in combat
  12. maximilionus

    ArmA 2 Animations To ArmA 3 - A2ATA3

    I also created a simple mod development progress tracking page. Now, if you want to know whats happening with each update for A2ATA3 in details, just visit THIS PAGE.
  13. maximilionus

    ArmA 2 Animations To ArmA 3 - A2ATA3