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  1. US Military Mod

    This will be a nice update :) Thanks DeltaH.
  2. Icebreakr the landlord of ARMA verse :)
  3. ArmA 2 Animations To ArmA 3 - A2ATA3

    eagerly waiting your modular pack :)
  4. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    @andehess Are you using any script for landing the littlebird or default waypoint setting?
  5. I have been playing Operation Flashpoint since 2001-2002 and still have ofp installed with all the addons of this community. I salute you guys for making for these amazing addons and the time you spent for this awesome community :)
  6. [WIP] Sagarmāthā Zone

    looks incredidle ...nice map :)
  7. Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Hi, Is there a way to get the older versions of the MGP addons? Thanks in advance.
  8. Have been a huge fan since OFP days. Awesome work @OFrP Team :)
  9. ArmA 2 Animations To ArmA 3 - A2ATA3

    Do you plan to release the modular animations for A2?
  10. ArmA 2 Animations To ArmA 3 - A2ATA3

    thanks for the update maximilionus :)
  11. US Forces 2000s

    its on Armaholic :) Thanks for your hard work Simcardo. Thanks to you, we are able to enjoy ARMA in all aspects :)
  12. US Forces 2000s

    Awesome work simcardo Where can i download the new update?
  13. ArmA 2 Animations To ArmA 3 - A2ATA3

    Hi maximilionus, Animations from A2 are awesome, i really like the running animations, rifle point downwards, good handling and rigle disipline :) Is there a way to get the - A3 safewalking - A3 walking with gun and A3 pistol animations back?
  14. nice to see you guys in Arma3 :) Still playing your addons in OFP btw from time time just for the old days
  15. ArmA 2 Animations To ArmA 3 - A2ATA3

    nice release maximilionus. unfortunately Armaholic seems to be down. Will try later