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  1. I agree, but unfortunately this is the case now.
  2. Just now I saw the question)) No work is underway now. And most likely, we can say that the project is closed)
  3. No, you can't activate only bullet impact animations. The company with the mod is played normally. But you need to disable wounds for units with disabled damage in the options.
  4. This is done at the config level. It will not work just to make a setting in the options. For this no. But, you can use mod for no idl animation. It works fine and disables them only for the player. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1174806256&searchtext=no+idle
  5. I don't know where to write, if I made a mistake in the section, I'm sorry. I have a question. Why does ragdoll work so badly in multiplayer? Why not do the calculation of the ragdoll entirely on the client, and after its completion, do the general positioning of the unit through the server? It would look normal, not like it does now. For example: Ragdoll works on the client for 10 seconds for example. Then the ragdoll stops. After that, a general command is sent from the server to smoothly move the body without counting the ragdoll to the same position on all clients. And it would also be very nice to change the angle parameter between the pelvis and the upper legs. Now there is the general angle parameter. To bend back and forth. So, need to add the minimum and maximum angle. How is it done in the knee joint. After that, the units will not bend back excessively. I'm talking about these parameters: class Pelvis_LeftUpLeg_PX3 : RagDollD6Joint_PX3 { swingLimitZ = 105; }; class Pelvis_RightUpLeg_PX3 : RagDollD6Joint_PX3 { swingLimitZ = 105; }; And need to do something like this: class Pelvis_LeftUpLeg_PX3 : RagDollD6Joint_PX3 { swingLimitZLower = 5; swingLimitZUpper = 105; }; class Pelvis_RightUpLeg_PX3 : RagDollD6Joint_PX3 { swingLimitZLower = 5; swingLimitZUpper = 105; }; I think it's technically easy enough to implement. It's just need to correctly inform the developers about it. I don't know how to ask this question to the developers. If anyone can help with this, I will be very grateful.
  6. But in real life it does not work as you think) And in game it's not killing you) It's loses consciousness state)
  7. There is a way, in files PiRanim.sqf and PiRanim0.sqf change 0.8 in the end to 3. But for what?)
  8. Yes, it should be so. When you hit a unit in the wound animation, it loses consciousness. There is a delay of 0.8 seconds. The animation itself lasts 3 seconds. And if you hit with a second shot in the interval between 0.8 and 3, then the units fall 100% of the time.
  9. At the moment, work on the mod is over. New functionality will not be added, only errors will be fixed when they occur. About flying helmets and so on. This is subjective. When a bullet hits the head, the headgear flies far enough away. But the difference between the flight distance of a heavy helmet and a cap will of course be different. But in the game it is not realizable. Because you have to enter each class of things and the mod will become non-universal. The same is with body armor. And about injuries when hitting a armor. With normal shock absorption, the armor hit is not felt at all. But, the bullet gives secondary fragments and can ricochet. Aramid anti-ricochet bags do not fully save you from this. I saw how a person, when armor was not penetrated, was completely incapacitated. The bullet fragmented and ricocheted into the upper arm and face. Therefore, in reality, all this is very variable.
  10. This is not planned. If you connect a compatible ACE, you can take the wounded prisoner through the ACE menu, and then heal as usual and he will be captured.
  11. About PiR. RD.pbo contain only ragdoll. Removing it, it's ok. No influence on the mod work. I contacted RHS, they will fix this config and remove the ragdoll. And i don't see influence from ACE to ragdoll. What files affect this in ACE?
  12. I will not work towards ACE compatibility.
  13. No. If you disable it for player, it's disabled completely. If you want to disable the revive system, simply take all the medical supplies from inventory of all units. And you can't use vanilla heal system if injuries work. And what is the point of doing this? The concept of the work of the treatment system, similar to vanilla. So why turn it off and turn on vanilla?
  14. No, there will be no changes in this part.