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  1. First of all, I did it to increase the recoil for weapons from the RHS mod. Because there it is too small.
  2. Small mod, with which you can change the overall power of weapons recoil for all players. Download
  3. Change list: Hopefully fixed bug with weapon hanging in the air. Added the ability to adjust the intensity of blood on the screen. Now the blood disappears from the screen as soon as you are cured or died. Download new version.
  4. So... I did not find an error in the code, because of which the weapon is hanging in the air. I have this problem rarely. But ... I added some points to the code that should prevent this. I've been testing for several days and have not noticed this problem yet. And a new option. Adjusting the blood effect on the screen:
  5. Not. Because in real life, it is very rare. And he does not protect from bullets.
  6. Version with keys: Download link Updated in Steam. And I completely forgot about changelog)) Сhangelog: Added ZSH-1 helmet. Fixed bug with goggles strap on Maska-1 helmet. Fixed fit and geometry of Maska-1 helmet.
  7. Try this: Download link
  8. Yes, in Steam will be. But the man who does this is now missing) The next helmet will be ZSH-1-2. Then there will be ZSH-1-2M.
  9. New version. Keys will be added later. Download link
  10. Suspension system is ready)
  11. All 3 helmets have different geometry. ZSH-1 made of multilayer aramid. ZSh-1-2 and ZSh-1-2M are made of aluminum. “R” means radio. All 3 helmets can be with radio. ZSH-1 ZSH-1-2 ZSH-1-2M
  12. It's airsoft, i think)