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  1. Do you have the latest version of ARMA 3 installed? Because the gesturestate command was introduced in one of the latest versions of the game. If so, in what situation does the error occur?
  2. _unit setVariable ["dam_dihanie_statys",1,true]; _unit setVariable ["dam_puls_statys",1,true]; _unit setVariable ["dam_krov_statys",5,true]; switch (gestureState _unit) do { case "pir_medic_uncondition_1": {[_unit, "PiR_medic_uncondition_1_out" ] remoteExecCall [ "playAction", _unit];}; case "pir_medic_uncondition_2": {[_unit, "PiR_medic_uncondition_2_out" ] remoteExecCall [ "playAction", _unit];}; case "pir_medic_uncondition_3": {[_unit, "PiR_medic_uncondition_3_out" ] remoteExecCall [ "playAction", _unit];}; case "pir_medic_uncondition_4": {[_unit, "PiR_medic_uncondition_4_out" ] remoteExecCall [ "playAction", _unit];}; case "pir_medic_uncondition_5": {[_unit, "PiR_medic_uncondition_5_out" ] remoteExecCall [ "playAction", _unit];}; case "pir_medic_uncondition_6": {[_unit, "PiR_medic_uncondition_6_out" ] remoteExecCall [ "playAction", _unit];}; }; _unit setVariable ["dam_player_krovstoit0",true,true]; _unit setVariable ["dam_uncondition_injured0",true,true]; [ _unit, false ] remoteExecCall [ "setUnconscious", _unit ]; _unit setVariable ["dam_conec_istorii0",true,true]; [_unit,"UnconsciousOutProne"] remoteExecCall ["switchMove", 0]; [{ params ["_unit"]; _unit setVariable ["dam_ignore_CountTimeEffect0", 0 ,true]; _unit setVariable ["dam_ignore_HealEffect0", (24 - round ((damage _unit) * 24)) ,true]; }, [_unit], 2] call CBA_fnc_waitAndExecute; _unit setVariable ["dam_ignore_CountPlayerList0", [] ,true]; _unit setVariable ["dam_ignore_CountPlayerEffect0", 0 ,true]; _unit setVariable ["dam_ignore_Apteka0", 0,true]; [{ params ["_unit"]; _unit setVariable ["dam_player_lecit0",false,true]; }, [_unit], 2] call CBA_fnc_waitAndExecute; Already answered you in Steam, but here I will duplicate the same, maybe it will be useful to someone)
  3. The possibility of dragging the wounded is in the mod from the very beginning of its creation)) I do not plan to add new features. Now only fixing bugs if they are found.
  4. No, there is only a general adjustment for all units. Theoretically, when you make a mission, you can try, in the unit settings, turn off damage for available units. Then the available units will not die immediately after hit. But this is far from the best solution, because there will be no damage from any explosives, grenades and so on. Carrying the wounded and loading them into vehicles is not planned. The mod has the ability to drag the wounded.
  5. As I already answered in Steam)) There is nothing in mod that could affect time)
  6. The CBA settings correctly display which settings require a restart and which do not. I guess turn off injuries for the blue side.
  7. Video explaining the new system, but in Russian.
  8. The mod will be updated today.
  9. I think I still need about a week or so.
  10. Demonstration of work with a dropper.
  11. New QTE system for medicine.
  12. Set recoil -4, and see the difference)))