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  1. Well .. so you need to add all the input parameters to the script) For example: _unit = player; _anim = "UnconsciousReviveArms_A"; _shans = 0; _shooter= player; [_unit, _anim, _shans, _shooter ] remoteExecCall [ "EyeEffect0", _unit ];
  2. You need a file "EyeEffect0". He is responsible for the effect on the screen.
  3. Final variant. Next step... visor for this helmet.
  4. ZSH-1-2MR work in progress.
  5. Disabled self-healing in water. Download new version.
  6. I think this will never happen)) About AI, try the Bcombat mod. In my opinion, AI becomes much more complicated with it.
  7. Minor bug fix in crawl reaction in multiplayer. Download new version.
  8. ZSH-1-2 small geometry changes. Download link
  9. If you play multiplayer, then "IFAK fully restores player health" and "IFAK fully restores AI health" I recommend turning it off. Because in this position system is complete. But if you play a single player game, this is not necessary. Regarding the other settings ... the standard settings are the most optimal, in my opinion. About suicide. Needed for multiplayer) When your comrades cannot save you, you can kill yourself) This is unrealistic, but necessary for gameplay))) And about "AI kills the wounded", In ARMA, there is nothing to do with the prisoners. Therefore, it is better to enable finishing. If we talk about real life, only regular troops take prisoners and then, not always. Intelligence or special units not take prisoners, because it will interfere with the main task (Of course, if the task is not to take a prisoner).
  10. It should work. Only in settings Vcom AI need disable hit reaction or something like this. If I do not confuse this mod with ASR AI) One of them has this setting. And it affects the wounds. I myself use BCombat.
  11. Ah, got it) Just RHS has a very strange shade of Flora. I would like the cover to fit their colors. Therefore, I made VSR-93 instead of 98.