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  1. I don't know will it add in the game, but work on helmets continued) Rys-T helmet.
  2. This is strange) Because with such settings, the system is completely disabled for the selected side. I just tried it with a vanilla system. Everything is working.
  3. AI in general) Player side? It's Blufor, or what?))) If Blufor, then: - disable injuries for Blufor - disable injuries for player - enable standard IFAKs (means to disable the option to turn standard first-aid-kits into PIR IFAKs)
  4. And one moment. When you pick up a player, the IFAK of the wounded is spent. If the wounded does not have one, then the IFAK of the one who provides assistance is spent.
  5. 1. There is a standard damage system. Without body armor, you just die. 2. No. AI's do everything automatically. If the medic is in the same squad as the wounded, the distance irrelevant. If in different squad, then the distance is in the settings. A Medic is any unit with a Med Kit. If the advanced mode is not enabled, then Med Kit and IFAK are no different, except that Med Kit is used indefinitely. If the advanced mode is enabled, then Med Kit, can restore health, and IFAK, no. Based on this ... Almost any unit can help, but only a medik can restore health (unit with Med Kit). The mechanism of work, the nearest unit is selected to provide assistance. If he is injured or dies, the next nearest unit is chosen. Etc. If the unit is standing, has no bleeding, or does not have the means to stop the bleeding, but has low health, then the nearest medic is selected.
  6. I checked the spawn of units. Everything works. Look for a problem in your server or in other mods.
  7. Unfortunately not. This is a basic feature. She changes animations through certain cycles.
  8. Yes, I am Russian, but write in English) These are the rules of the forum)) That everyone would understand what the conversation is about) So ... this is very strange. I will check.
  9. This is a collision problem. It is necessary to redo the physical lodes of objects) In general, this is an unsolvable problem)
  10. The mod has been updated. Everything that was on the videos is now in the game)
  11. I was able to make a full animation loop) But Bis blocked the function of lying down. I had to hang it on the "shift + s" keys.