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  1. Very strange position) Most mods with which I play use CBA) So if I wrote a mod without a CBA, it wouldn't work for me)
  2. CBA and Vanilla have different hit parts. On this, remove the CBA will not work) What is the reason? Is CBA bad?)
  3. Added one new reaction in a prone position. At the moment, I have done a lot of work on the stability of work. Animations play more smoothly. Fully working multiplayer for players. And I was able to return my original fixation system to my own, it makes me very happy)))) Thanks to everyone who helped advice) Very soon there will be a release. For this, I ask all suggestions.
  4. I heard you. Perhaps I can add a setting in the menu to disable.
  5. The main thing that would work)
  6. Download test version v4. So. Completely redid the hit fixing system. The definition of body parts does not work as clearly as before, but for the fact that it works in multiplayer. And probably you will not feel the difference. Now you can try in multiplayer. I also added a feature in the CBA menu. There you can turn off the effects for the player. At this stage, I advise you to turn it off for the player, because in the multiplayer does not display the effect of blood for everyone except the server. And while I'm stuck with the solution of this issue) The same drag function is available only for the server. So far the same can not solve this problem.
  7. I think it's all too complicated for me. And I can't go this way. Thank you all for your help. I will rewrite everything under MPHit. There are problems with determining the part of the body. But for me it is at least understandable. And probably, I can solve it.
  8. It works in single. In multiplayer, only server and bots shots work. Maybe the matter is in the whitelist about which it was written above?
  9. I feel that I am very stupid, but .. This is my function: _x addEventHandler ["HitPart", {(_this select 0) spawn fnc_PiR}]; And I can't write it))) I do not understand the syntax. [params] remoteExec [fnc_PiR, _x, JIP]; What should I write to the parameters? Or should it not be like that at all?
  10. I understand the concept. But I do not understand how to write it. _My_Unit addEventHandler ["HitPart", {(_this select 0) spawn My_Function}]; How do I write this through remoteExec?
  11. And so, I can't make the mod work in multiplayer. I can’t get HitPart to work in multiplayer. Need help with this.
  12. I think it is not in the format of the mod)
  13. Download test version v3.5. Fixed bug with non-working out for player of effects after repeated injury. And now there is blood loss when in transport.
  14. Added interaction functions with AI. Now the player can drag and help them. To stop dragging, you just need to release the button backward movement. Also added the ability to kill yourself. Also some fixes added. Download test version v3.