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  1. Mod updated in Steam) Now I will not post a direct download link.
  2. It is necessary to test in the same conditions, turning the mode on and off. Then, under the same conditions, turning on and off animations or the effect of concussion.
  3. And so ... I did a lot of tests. I do not have FPS drawdowns. I put 30 units around one blast. I did multiple explosions. I compared with the mode on and off. Nothing stand out.
  4. No no no))) All this takes a lot of time) Therefore, I want to finish the helmets, since I started to do it .. and finish this)
  5. In option you can disable contusion. It's disable this animations too. And of course it will work through the walls, it was thought so. Unfortunately, I do not save previous versions. I have only one package of files with which I work) In my game, I did not see the effect on the FPS. FPS drop occur during explosions? Just the code there has been added at least in this update. I simply tied the animations to the concussion effect, that is, the load should not have increased. Do more experiments with FPS please. And did anyone else have problems with FPS?
  6. Some scrins after color correction) About ZSH-1-2M covers. Will be Izlom, Atacs FG, Surpat, Multicam.
  7. It's ZSH-1-2, not ZSH-1-2M) And no) No black variant)) So... release is delayed) Now I work with color correction of one color covers. Left old. Right new. Did it turn out better or worse? Grey Green Sand
  8. Added 18 animations to react to a near explosion. Download new version.
  9. Near explosion reaction.
  10. This is not a bug of Altyn) This is a bug of ARMA. Some objects look white through the glass. This can be checked on standard equipment, everything will be the same.
  11. What modern? If the helmets look like western ones BZSH-N or LSHZ-1+ for example. That is not) We will not do them) We will do: LSHZ-2DT, LSHZ-2DTM.
  12. Thanks) ZSH-1-2M will be on this week, I think)