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  1. Yes, ZSH-1-2 will be with a transparent visor. About covers it is difficult to say at the moment. In ZSh, the suspension system is very different from Altyn. According to this, now we need to spend a few more weeks to make it) Download link
  2. I think I have already done everything that I wanted) Corrections will be made only if errors are found.
  3. Fixed some bugs with animations. Panic animation after knocking out weapons now works correctly. When going into unconsciousness after bends down, jumps are minimized. Only the wounded part of the body is covered with blood texture. Added animations to someone who is being treated for a minor injury. Fixed the replacement of medpackages and first-aid kits. After injuries equipment remains in its slots. Minimized blinking weapons when knocking out. Added auto medic for AI (If a unit has no IFAK left, then it is assisted by a unit that has a large med kit and is in one group with it.). Download new version.
  4. I understand) But I can't do it)
  5. I think not. For me, this is too difficult) And I'm not sure that this can be done at all through regular commands.
  6. Fixed, the player triggers the effect of blood when injured in transport. Now when you are in transport you can die from blood loss. Now, with the mode turned off for the player, you can assist for the AI. Fixed bug with adding magazines to the weapons after knocking out Fixed animation after knocking out weapon. When you change the unit, if the previous one is alive, but wounded, then the blood will disappear from the screen. Download new version.
  7. Fixed bug with crawling after respawn. Fixed weapon knockout animation. Reduced bounces after some lethal hits. Download new version.
  8. Version with keys. Download link
  9. Yes, on Steam already updated. The next helmet is ZSH-1.
  10. People need feedback. Works, does not work? Because there were a lot of changes in the code.
  11. Added helmet Mask-1. Fixed normal textures on Altyn. Changed icons for Altyn. Download link This is the keyless version. With the key will be a little later.