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  1. I will not work towards ACE compatibility.
  2. Hi guys. This project adds different types of reaction on getting hit. As well as the ability to first aid and dragging the wounded. All this works for AI and players. Types of reaction: Knocking out weapon Knocking down helmet Cramps Crawls Loss of consciousness Explosion shell shock Wound fast Animations Also possible transitions from one state to another. Description of the mods mechanics for the player: If you are wounded and you can crawl, or if your weapon has been knocked out, then you need to move a certain distance, or wait a certain time to go to the next state. Help can be provided only when the player is in a state of unconscious. This condition is the end for any injury. If you want to turn off injuries for a specific unit, then before the start of the mission, write the following line to the unit’s init: this setVariable ["dam_ignore_hit0",true,true]; If in the mission to include a standard extended wound system in basic mode. Then you will get an instant death switch off when injured. All setting you can find in CBA mod menu. Wound to hand reaction: Wound to the legs and body reaction option: Head injury reaction. Unconscious state and dragging. Unconsciousness and assistance is based on this script. But, at this moment, completely redesigned. And from the original code, only an idea remains) Grenade. Effects on the player. Shell shock Wound fast Animations Different treatment options. New treatment system: Prone with launcher. "Shift + S" buttons. 🚧 Steam link Armaholik link 🚧 To work requires CBA.
  3. No. If you disable it for player, it's disabled completely. If you want to disable the revive system, simply take all the medical supplies from inventory of all units. And you can't use vanilla heal system if injuries work. And what is the point of doing this? The concept of the work of the treatment system, similar to vanilla. So why turn it off and turn on vanilla?
  4. No, there will be no changes in this part.
  5. I don't know will it add in the game, but work on helmets continued) Rys-T helmet.
  6. Release version: Armaholic link Steam link I present to you the project of helmets used in the MVD and FSB of the Russian Federation. We try to make our work as high as possible. Therefore, the process moves very slowly. At the moment, only one helmet with goggles, visor and various covers is completely ready. More screenshots:
  7. This is strange) Because with such settings, the system is completely disabled for the selected side. I just tried it with a vanilla system. Everything is working.
  8. AI in general) Player side? It's Blufor, or what?))) If Blufor, then: - disable injuries for Blufor - disable injuries for player - enable standard IFAKs (means to disable the option to turn standard first-aid-kits into PIR IFAKs)
  9. And one moment. When you pick up a player, the IFAK of the wounded is spent. If the wounded does not have one, then the IFAK of the one who provides assistance is spent.
  10. 1. There is a standard damage system. Without body armor, you just die. 2. No. AI's do everything automatically. If the medic is in the same squad as the wounded, the distance irrelevant. If in different squad, then the distance is in the settings. A Medic is any unit with a Med Kit. If the advanced mode is not enabled, then Med Kit and IFAK are no different, except that Med Kit is used indefinitely. If the advanced mode is enabled, then Med Kit, can restore health, and IFAK, no. Based on this ... Almost any unit can help, but only a medik can restore health (unit with Med Kit). The mechanism of work, the nearest unit is selected to provide assistance. If he is injured or dies, the next nearest unit is chosen. Etc. If the unit is standing, has no bleeding, or does not have the means to stop the bleeding, but has low health, then the nearest medic is selected.
  11. I checked the spawn of units. Everything works. Look for a problem in your server or in other mods.
  12. Unfortunately not. This is a basic feature. She changes animations through certain cycles.
  13. Yes, I am Russian, but write in English) These are the rules of the forum)) That everyone would understand what the conversation is about) So ... this is very strange. I will check.
  14. This is a collision problem. It is necessary to redo the physical lodes of objects) In general, this is an unsolvable problem)
  15. The mod has been updated. Everything that was on the videos is now in the game)
  16. I was able to make a full animation loop) But Bis blocked the function of lying down. I had to hang it on the "shift + s" keys.
  17. But this is already a cool thing))
  18. Fixed crawl animations. Now the gun does not hang in the air and you can crawl in any direction, and not just forward.
  19. These are standard animations, it is strange that Bohemia did not use them.
  20. Now I am studying the animation config. Here's what I could do with the sprint)