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  1. So an interesting (and very annoying) bug I've found with VCOM is that if any crew of a vehicle is turned out, AI under VCOM control with only fire at the vehicle with anti-infantry weapons even AI controlling tanks. This results in the players being able to just have the driver turn out (which for most vehicles barely exposes him and he'll never get hit) and making the AI suddenly forget it's an armored vehicle and just spray it machine gun fire. It even works if the AI can't actually see the turned out crew member. Didn't realize you had a github, it's been reported there now. Link to issue ticket: https://github.com/genesis92x/VcomAI-3.0/issues/132
  2. Eogos

    Nassau 1715

    Loving the mod, the interactions and sailing mechanics are amazing. I made a challenge mission for those that think they've gotten the hang of sailing with Nassau 1715 or for those that want a trial by fire. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1734381684
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    AF Large Civilian Ship

    Setting up a mission for my group to clear pirates from a hijacked cargo ship and it had to be done. Yes, those are the individual long containers from vanilla Arma 3. Yes, this did take a bit of time to do. Technically only one of those 5 "blocks" of containers is hand placed and the rest copy pasta but then I went back and made them random colors (plus one IDAP) cause it felt wrong having them all the same, so I still consider it hand placed. Now to do the below deck cargo hold and furnish the cabins and bridge. Side note for @ArmaFiend it looks like the engines are poking through the deck above them, might wanna fix that asap.
  4. Eogos

    AF Large Civilian Ship

    This is really cool! Definitely gonna use this for an event with my group for clearing pirates off the ship, should be fun. I'll let you know about any feedback we have when that happens.
  5. Not as a part of the mod, no. However this can easily be done in editor with a trigger and some scripting or if you're doing Zeus just select the AI and hit G and they'll eject.
  6. @Vandeanson Hey, so I noticed that the AI spawned for the bandit camps are using the "Guard" waypoints but I'm not seeing the creation of any guard points by the BCSpawner. Of course this leads to AI sometimes just deciding to wander off and do whatever. imo it'd be better to use a series of Search and Destroys or Move waypoints with a cycle waypoint at the end or if you want them to sit still than just a Hold waypoint as those wouldn't require the messing about with creating (and having to remove) guard points and making sure bandits stay at the correct guard point. I'm not the best scripter though so maybe you've already got it all setup and I'm just blind.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply and thank you for doing all this, it has really been quite helpful!
  8. Hey there, loving the bandit camp script! One problem I'm having though is I'm running it so that three camps should all be active at the same time and while three camps do indeed spawn they are always spawning in the north west, usually not actually being on the map at all but out into the debug area of the map. example: three groups of objects in middle of screen near camera icon is the bandit camps (please excuse the script error on the screen, thats from another script that I haven't fully set up yet so the occasional script error comes up) Another thing is that on mission start up these types of errors pop up pretty much every time: On a smaller note, the bandit camps that spawn with campfires tend to have one or two bandits spawn *on* said campfire and they just stand there until they burn to death. I just fixed this by only allowing the barrel fire but I thought it was worth mentioning anyways so you're aware. I was also looking through this thread and saw indication that at one point the bandit camps worked similar to the trader camps and could be spawned using markers? I feel like it'd be helpful if that was still an option as an alternative to the completely random spawning.
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    @Vandeanson Can you do me a favour and mention me when you post that script so I get a notification for it?
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    Cool! Good to hear it, perhaps my group will try having a ravage server again using that.
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    Just a quick question, is it planned to eventually have some kind of built in random mission/encounter generator? I love the ambiance that Ravage creates but unfortunately my group kinda lost interest last time we played due to, well, running out of things to do so as it is right now it doesn't really work for us as a continuous ambient mission.
  12. @TeTeT Bit of a bug report for you. 1. Using Ambiance 1 the ambient deck crew (not the ones launching aircraft, the ones that stand near the fuel pumps and elsewhere on the deck) are missing 2. The third (and all subsequent) aircraft it tries to launch during flight operations glitches out while launching, pictures to follow It starts out fine But then it loses it's pilot and folds it's wings Then it launches off the catapult and very slowly falls into the water where it explodes It also seems to drag the 4th wire when it does this 3. Speaking of the 4th wire, this is fairly minor but when in neutral state it has a weird kink in the middle of it Haven't seen anything else wrong at this time
  13. @TeTeT Sweet! Can't wait to see the Nimitz operating on it's own without mass casualties :D
  14. I assume you're also aware of the AI launching the aircraft while checks are still happening? That is while the flight operations are happening btw, works fine when a player is taking off but when it's all just ambient AI the plane gets launched right as the guy in green get sup the plane. Sorry if I'm bad at explaining myself, I can post a video of the issue if need be.
  15. Any chance of a non-apocalyptic version? I really like the extra areas and new building interiors but the abandoned cars and garbage every where really limits the map to being pretty much only for things like exile, ravage, etc.
  16. Eogos

    Konigstiger's Linux Toolkit

    @Kopaka89 @Wallop Hey, obviously our gitlab went down a long time back cause we ended up switching to windows which gitlab doesn't work with, and it's a long story. Anyways, Konig did move it back over to a github he just forgot to post that here. If you (and by extension anyone else looking for it) still want to use it, it can be found here: https://github.com/SchwererKonigstiger/LinuxServerScripts Also we've just switched back over to a Linux server, so there is a possibility Konig might work on it more, who knows /shrug
  17. So I'm trying to make a little side mission on my groups default ambient war mission involving them having to find the bodies of a NATO SF team and bag them using the ACE Bodybags. However I've run into the small issue of the Garbage Collector eating the corpses of the NATO units they need to find which makes completing the mission impossible. I couldn't find any info on if it's possible or not (mainly cause I think there is rarely a time when players need to find a corpse they aren't already near) but is there a way to prevent specific units from being deleted when dead?
  18. Just found this mod, looks really good! Hope you get a new PSU soon so we can see more from this or even a first release.
  19. So I'm trying to make a mission for my community based in the Pacific during WW2 using FoW, IFA3, etc. specifically a defense mission based off this scene in The Pacific: One thing I'm really trying to capture from that scene and translate into Arma is that opening part of the battle when the Marines are all looking across the river trying to spot the Japanese who are just out of sight in the treeline and then all the Jap soldiers open fire all at once. However I haven't been able to get a good way to really simulate that intense initial opening fire where it almost feels like a wall of fire. I tried using the AI module from ACE in Zeus where you can tell them to suppress an area but that thing barely works (seems to be an issue of compatibility with one or more of the WW2 mods), with half or more of the AI firing in the complete wrong direction for no reason (even when they were pointed at it in the first place) and those that do fire at it are so wildly inaccurate that it's absolutely no threat. The next thing I was considering doing was using this: to record each soldier and some mortars one by one, with me putting the playback and activation in after each one so I could better sync them up but that'd be so incredibly time consuming and a pain in the ass that it'd much better if there was an alternative way that worked almost if not just as well. So if any of you have any suggestions, that'd be lovely.
  20. @pierremgi Seems to work well enough, less broken than what I was doing before (I assume I was just doing it wrong or something). How difficult would it be to, instead of putting it in a unit's init, make a trigger apply this to a bunch of units? Cause I don't exactly want this going at the very start of the mission, I'm giving the players a small window to setup and prepare and also to sorta throw them off.
  21. Will try tomorrow morning and post results.
  22. @pierremgi Tried it, I think there is something with one of the mods loaded that is messing up the doSuppressiveFire command so that's out. I'm just gonna have to use the recording thing or just give up on the burst of fire at the start all together
  23. fair enough, once I get time (and a little motivation) to try it out I'll post the results back here.