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  1. AIG.Tartar

    Electric Fence

    Hy, when will you publish it?
  2. I get an error message when loading LYTHIUM 1.09 with JBAD buildings 0.7.0917: 'Addon ffaa_map_lythium requires addon Jbad_A_mosque_small' Can anyone confirm this error, or maybe already offer solutions? Gruß Tartar Hoffe einer kann helfen ?
  3. AIG.Tartar

    Combat Realism Scripts

    Thanks and is the script ace 3 compatible ?
  4. AIG.Tartar

    Combat Realism Scripts

    get the error message https://picload.org/view/drlwiodl/fehlermeldung.jpg.html
  5. AIG.Tartar

    Combat Realism Scripts

    Hy is the script ace 3 compatible ?
  6. AIG.Tartar

    Advanced Train Simulator (ATS)

    Can AI also drive the train?
  7. AIG.Tartar


    Where can I download the Women mod?
  8. many thanks sir Mr. johnnyboy
  9. The script also works for mods or vanilla only
  10. Will there be a server version of this in the future? That would be awesome !
  11. Too bad how you build the mission not for a Dedicated server ? Great mission
  12. Would like to apologize in advance for my bad English, have a question, etc. Is it suitable for singelplayer or also for servers?
  13. hy Are you developing it further? I ask because the documentation is still not there?