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  1. yeah sorry. If you reckon its ready go for it
  2. very nice work ZBE Caching script is great i've been using it for a long time now
  3. I use a rating system that gives you rating or takes it away depending on who you kill. not sure where i got it from. Rating.sqf Added the zombie part with help form Haleks. Ravage mod. Added with one a couple i have made. A script that checks your rating and promotes or demotes you depending on your rating Rank.sqf Promoted.sqf Demoted.sqf Now the problem i have encounted and cant seem to fix is that the rank.sqf only fires one time. As in you will be promoted one rank or demoted one rank. So you can go form private to corporal but not any higher. Then you can go back from corporal to private. If you get demoted back to private you can still get promoted up to corporal again. The problem may lie in the fact that if you get promoted or demoted your rating goes back to 0. You can also start the game as a Sargent and get promoted once and demoted once. Not sure what is going on. The promote and demote scripts work fine one there own but the rank.sqf is what im having problems with. Any help would be awesome thank you
  4. I cant remember which ones are doing it but after a bit more testing i found it to be random. Sometimes the loot floats and sometime it doesnt. Cant explain why it is doing it.
  5. sweet i got everything working really well, the only problem is some loot floats and some sinks
  6. Chuc


    got an ai to drive once. Straight into the ocean. Not sure why he did that. He didnt even try and get out of the car. I swam back to the shore and waited. He never came out. I put it down to he just couldnt handle living in a world full of zombies and decided to end it, would of been nice if he did it without me. Other than that they seem to shoot through me to get to there target. So i dont group with Ai much anymore and i definitely dont let them drive me,
  7. Cool thanks for that. Now with your pastebin position list. Whats the difference with the civilian_a and civilian_b tables? Then i also see a heap of different tables set for industrial and food. Is this so you can make different loot lists for each position? If so that is pretty much exactly what i am looking at doing. Is
  8. very nice scripts. Been looking for years for a loot spawner that spawns loot around player then deletes it. Loot spawning was always something i could never figure out. Quick question. With the class names in your script, this bit The class military. Is it possible that after all that code we could put in a new class with a different loot list? Then if we use your #Positions Creator Tool on buildings define them with the new class name? If that makes any sense at all. Like this Would be handy to know because one of the maps i like to make missions on doesnt have loot positions inside 90% of its buildings, one of the reasons i stopped using it. This would make that map a heap more useful. Also its to big to have loot always on the map anyway so your script will improve it even more
  9. Chuc


    So where does this go? I've gotten a little lost with it
  10. Chuc


    hello everyone. long time since ive been here. Got a quick question about the equipment pool module. I have added my own guns and things into it and they are working quite well with traders and bandit but for some reason the module doesnt work with 0 = [this] call rvg_fnc_equip;. Is this suppose to happen or is it just something that may have been over looked.
  11. Chuc

    GF Ravage Status Bar script

    hey mate happy new year been awhile. Just got back into mission making and would like to know how i can put this status bar at the top of the screen. I've looked at the code but just am not sure
  12. i noticed this in the setting sqf at the bottom /*dont change*/ if (DynSimDistManual) then {"Group" setDynamicSimulationDistance DynSimDistManualRange;}; if (!DynSimDistManual) then {while {true} do { if (cameraView isEqualTo "GUNNER") then { "Group" setDynamicSimulationDistance (viewDistance - (viewDi Is it suppose to just end like that or is it missing something?
  13. Chuc


    @ContheJon they will buy things you add to the equipment pool.
  14. Chuc


    that worked perfectly. Didnt even think of it like that. learnt something new Thank you. here is the working script.
  15. Chuc


    didnt help. For a work around im just adding into the zombie on killed init. but that means any AI that kill zombies will give me rating. Was trying to get it to work with player score but couldnt figure it out. Did work out how to promote someone once there rating got high enough but with every new rank comes a rating of 0 for some reason instead of the set number. So atm its every 1000 rating you lvl up. With the code i found before i can set east kills up to a low number and zombies atm are set to give 10 rating. rank.sqf Promoted.sqf made that promoted scripts a little over a year ago with help from @serena