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  1. Wow! It's some kind of magic (like in a song by Queen). I thank you for your answers and great help. How I try to do this - I'll let you know. Thank you so much!😉
  2. Hmm.Thanks for this answer too! I will try to test the script with other players soon. If it does not make it difficult, you could not suggest the following: 1) Is it possible to make a delay between the execution of the addAction command and the start of an artillery strike (the shells just start falling immediately)? 2) Is it possible to limit the number of artillery calls using my script? 3) Is it possible to make this action call a specific player named "Radioman" (as an example)?
  3. I tried the following method, but as I understand it, it will only work locally for the player who is performing the action. If you can remake it for multiplayer, it would be great. This is how my script looks like: And so it can be called through the mouse wheel, if you go to the object, in the initialization of which the following is written:
  4. Pierremgi, thanks for the answer! Yes, I tried the standard modules from BI, but they have what I don't need and don't like - calling support using the radio. I would like to have a script that would invoke support using the context menu through a click on the map.
  5. Hello everyone! Can you please tell me if there is a script for calling artillery by clicking on the map for multiplayer? I need that the map interface in the window be called up and that you can click on the target and that the action of calling an artillery strike can be tied to an object (for example, to a radio station lying on the table) and, if possible, a limited number of times. Thanks everyone and sorry for my english.