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  1. A great reference video of a real tank interi... Oh. I see. I really REALLY SEE! Oh, wow O_O
  2. Vvalerie2

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    C-17 doesn't play ramp sounds when lowering or raising. C-130 only plays ramp sound for a couple of seconds before it cuts off. The flap sounds are very quiet on both planes. Both planes give also an error message about night vision goggles not being drawn or some such when placed with default crew (It flashes quickly on the screen and keeps returning about every 20 seconds). It's possible to avoid this by editing the crew loadouts and changing or deleting their goggles.
  3. Vvalerie2

    ZEPHIK Female Characters

    Made a quick test round and the mod works quite well. The model can be used to drive vehicles and use guns perfectly. There was only a single problem concerning the eyes of the model. They were not rendered properly but seemed to be sunken inside the head mesh and were of flat black color which produced an eerie horror movie effect 😀 I tried to take a screenshot but I've had problems lately with Steam hiding them somewhere. I'll try to dig them up for posting. The problem itself hopefully isn't anything too serious, maybe a lod thing. All in all the best female Arma avatar so far, a huge thanks!
  4. Well shiell 😨 My long planned for Outlaws inc. type mission just chrashed and burned _again_, as the South Asia with roads map would have been perfect for it. I neither can fathom the DMCA and copyright claims, but hopefully those will get sorted out some way. Reading from all the comments in two threads this just seems weird. More dark and dark our woes, I say.
  5. Haven't tried it with level flying heavy bombers, but UnitCapture scripting command might do the trick. First record the entire flight path for one bomber, the copy it to the other aircraft in the formation. With UnitCaptureFiring you can record the bomb release too I think, but you may have to do several takes if you wish to hit something specific. After setting up the bombers in the editor, use UnitPlay to make them fly exactly as you set them up. This way you should be able to set up a large bomber formation, which can for example be used as target for fighter missions etc. Remember that UnitCapture needs to cache a lot of data and may cause lag with too many units using it at the same time. Better try it out in the editor first and see how many units you can set up with it. See usage description here:https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_UnitCapture And here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/159891-how-to-use-unitcapture-in-arma-3/
  6. Desert units in Arma3 at last and everything looks SO GREAT! Just checking: does the Red Devils update include LRRP armed Jeeps and Chevrolet lorries? I’m sure I read something about these in the thread a few months back, but can’t find the post anymore. Please let me know whether I imagined the whole thing 😛
  7. Wildboars in Arma 3! At last! 🤩 If I can just remember where I put that unfinished anti-poacher mission of mine... The other stuff by EO is great too, can hardly wait!
  8. And that’s good, as your work now gives us the opportunity to depict the numerous fronts and battles where Czech soldiers fought. I wonder what could be coming next, as many Czechs fought in the SAS and Long Range Desert Group too. All those interesting modified Jeeps and Chevrolet lorries, just saying... ;) Thanks for the great update & happy new upcoming mod year!
  9. Ops started at 0800 hours today as I started the dl. It has now been Christmas 1968 over Da Krong all day as Santa rides CAS on an iron sledge pulled by reindeer with wings of fire. Salute and Merry Christmas to all of Unsung team!
  10. Vvalerie2

    Soviet AF Pack

    Dld and took the IL-76 out for a spin right away. It handles nicely and has the impression of the huge lumbering beast it is. A sample of the other planes felt right too. Some bugs such as flickering textures and instrument dial textures floating in space in tight turns and loops but nothing major or function breaking. Will start systematic testing during the holidays and list bugs if found. Thanks for yet another nice Arma christmas present!
  11. I can also confirm that this happens every time, no mods other than IFA or not. Of course, it can be seen as a highly realistic simulation of the fates of unfortunate first wave assault units, but perhaps some small tinkering with the showcase should be considered..? :)
  12. Vvalerie2

    [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    You’ve still managed to work wonders with the Arma assets awailable! The sites pictured do have a very british quality. Hopefully the map will inspire other addon makers to add things usable with it. The Spanhare area especially could do with some re-textured black rabbits, the bonnier the better
  13. Whenever this update comes out, I’m gonna call it Xmas!
  14. Excellent, more tree types are always welcome!
  15. This is a prime example of the ways Arma can also be used as a virtual museum. Very poignant and important. Special thanks for including the Bushlurker statue too.