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    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Just curious @Siege-A, will the customization system be completely hardcoded for your stuff or will other authors be able to use it if they add USP as dependency? Because, honestly I've been thinking about implementing a system where if you'd have a certain item in your inventory (let's say a vest on) it would add an ACE interaction to open a dialog menu and choose from different versions and camos of the vest (simply by copying the contents of the said vest, deleting it, creating a vest of a different class and adding items back in). But implementing it would take a lot of time for a really small team like mine (I might event have to do it alone lol), while you guys are certainly going to release a quality system.
  2. Same here, if you still need any testers my clan would be really greatful for the opportunity. We have a couple of guys who fly regularly in ArmA (including myself) and testing this would be mindblowing, especially since there are no good up-to-date combat helicopter sims (except for DCS, but welp, you can't fly a Black Hawk there). Anyway, I appreciate all of your work, great stuff man. Can't wait 😄
  3. WPK-ArmedVeteran


    Are you planning to update your mods, so that they work with ACE Medical Rewrite? (Asking, since the Release Candidate build is already on github and ADV CPR doesn't work as it should rn)
  4. Hey! Any progress on recreating that ROVER bug I've reported a few months back on GitHub? I still can't seem to get it to work as intended. Camera is somehow reversed.
  5. Hi! I've searched for it for quite a while now and wasn't able to find a solution. How do I make items defined in CfgWeapons visible in the Assets section in 3den Editor? CfgVehicles stuff is obviously available by default, because I can see units and backpacks, but other stuff doesn't appear there. Thanks in advance.
  6. WPK-ArmedVeteran

    Make mod items available as editor assets

    thx ❤️
  7. WPK-ArmedVeteran

    Make mod items available as editor assets

    Alright, thanks ❤️ One more thing I'd like to ask, if you're able to help me with that. Any idea why my uniforms T-pose when on the ground? Should I add a model for the folded uniform or did I mess something up with inheritance?
  8. WPK-ArmedVeteran

    Make mod items available as editor assets

    Do I need dlc, vehicleClass, editorCategory, editorSubcategory fields or is the subclass enough?
  9. WPK-ArmedVeteran

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    So, how is it going? No trailer just yet? I'm so hyped :D
  10. WPK-ArmedVeteran

    Advanced Urban Rappelling

    Any chance for the Grappling branch to be released? I've seen your progress on that one and I hope you'll get back to it :/
  11. Awesome job! What you could think about implementing is carrying a dog with you.
  12. Hi, I'd like to know if I'm able to export all the placed objects, while keeping all of their properties, position, init box content etc. and import them into a new mission file. I need this, because Dynamic Simulation isn't working for me and I believe that if I create a new mission with imported objects and copy my external scripts it will work. Any clues on how to do it?
  13. Hi! I tried using Dynamic Simulation to increase framerate in my mission, but surprisingly it doesn't work. The units which have DS enabled don't "wake up" at all. The simulation does not start, therefore I have quite a big problem. If I disable DS for a unit, the simulation goes normally, same for global disabling of DS - all units behave as they should. I'm using 3den Enhanced, but don't think that's what's causing this situation, since I've read that it works normally with 3E. Any ideas where the issue lies?
  14. WPK-ArmedVeteran

    Dynamic Simulation not working

    Aw shit. I just checked it on a new empty scenario and everything works like a charm. No one will be able to help me remotely in this case I guess :/
  15. Hi! As the title says, I can't figure out how to use Murklor's AI Spawn Script. I'm a total noob in scripting, therefore I can't really understand what should I do. I'd gladly use some detailed instructions on how to use this script or a description of another way to despawn editor-placed units and spawn them later using trigger, while maintaining all the setup like waypoints etc. Murklor's script on Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26909
  16. Although, there is a new problem. After destroying the MHQ while my friend tries to teleport he teleports into wreckage of the previous MHQ, instead of new one, because the script is only executed for me. @Update Nevermind lol. I managed to fix this using publicVariable in this script and getVariable before moveInCargo in teleporting script.
  17. Hi all. I'm a total noob to Arma scripting (or scripting at all). I've read some tutorials, but still, nothing better than expirience. But, back to the point. I've been creating a MULTIPLAYER mission with Mobile HQ. I've done some testing with my friends, and generally most of things work, but there's this one issue I can't solve. Here's the code of the script I'm going to reference (the file name is mhq1.sqf and it is executed by execVM in init.sqf): MHQ1 is obviously a name of a marker I have set. mhq1 is the variable, name of object - SUV I have spawned in the editor. mhq1SpawnMarker is another marker I've put down in the base. The marker moving works fine. Now, when I am alone on the server and destroy the MHQ only one MHQ respawns. But then, when a friend of mine joins and we do the same, 2 of them spawn. If another friend join there are 3 vehicles spawning and so on. I've tried multiple variations of this code, including using remoteExec function, but no luck. I can't understand what's the issue, why this isn't working. I am aware that I could use a ready script from the net, but I'd like to learn scripting the way I'm doing it now instead of using other's work. Anyway, thans in advance for helping me out.
  18. Can you guys explain how does it work? I understand that I need it to force the execution of the code for machines other than server, but why?
  19. Well, if you place a flying jet with a pilot in the editor and give it "Move" waypoint the pilot will fly there. Here you've got wiki description: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Waypoint_types#Move
  20. Well, to be honest Arma's VOIP was always not the best. That's why mods like TFAR came up. Using Teamspeak is crucial if you want immersion to be real.
  21. WPK-ArmedVeteran

    Flickering / moving textures

    By the looks of it it's HDR / Antialising issue, but not sure how one would fix it, since you probably tried changing settings. I guess you should contact BI support.
  22. WPK-ArmedVeteran

    "3FPS Issue" - Call for Help

    God, this problem is driving me nuts sometimes. Especially when I'm hosting a LAN server and playing with my friends. Ocasionally the game gets in 3FPS mode and I'm basically done. I hope that 64bit platform update will do some difference.
  23. WPK-ArmedVeteran

    Removing stanima?

    You can always use 3den Enhanced, where you can set stamina for every unit.
  24. WPK-ArmedVeteran

    Post New Thread Button missing?

    I think I just solved my issue, thanks!