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    AF Large Civilian Ship

    We had zero problems except the ladders/stairs, but i think thats more of an arma Problem. Deck markings would be a very nice detail. for us it was quite not easy to navigate throughout all rooms but id did work out and again, there were no problems like falling through the floor into the water or similiar. And to the flattery part: Im just thankfull that there a people out there giving free stuff. I dont have the skills to do stuff like that.
  2. Selvo Domenico

    3CB Factions

    Thanks for the quick answer and getting awsome things like that done!
  3. Selvo Domenico

    3CB Factions

    Hey I would like to report an issue, sorry if this is the wrong place: The HK33 seems to not have compatibility for all RHS-Optics, would be awsome if that could be added (dont know if this is a bug?) Would Compatibility with the rhs grip sysemt be possible? Anyways, thanks for this awsome Pack, we reduced in my community our modset and your pack gave us the oppertunity to drop CUP and rely completly on RHS wich boosted performance and asset-quality overal. 🙂 huge thanks!
  4. Selvo Domenico

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks for the update and the long long awaited humvees ! Excellent Work as always ! :)
  5. This looks so sick, thank you for your effort in making this possible 🙂
  6. Selvo Domenico

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Lingor & Dingor for A3

    No there isnt. Be Greatfull for what you get or dont use it. And by the Way. you can ,technically, write a fix by yourself instead if it bothers you that much. the year or so you keept spaming this issue here was more than enough time to get it solved by yourself in some way...
  7. Selvo Domenico

    3den Enhanced

    Hey just wanted to say thanks a lot for this mod. It makes my live so much easier and yeah, saves me a lot of time. Thank you for that!
  8. Did you place a "lighter?" (sorry englisch is not my mother language). So after placing down the explosive you need to interact with it and place a kind of "light it up device" (Detonator?). after that you can select it from the self interaction menu.
  9. Selvo Domenico

    AF Large Civilian Ship

    Thank you for this awsome mod! My Clan had a Mission feauturing this Ship Last Night and we were all stunned. Again , thank you for this Mod. Greetings
  10. Selvo Domenico

    ArmA 3 Custom Buildings

    Does anyone know if there are some scripts to utillize the interiors of the bank (saferoom) and the policestation (weapon room)?
  11. Selvo Domenico

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Will we see this on the workshop, or is it just something you created for yourself? :)
  12. Selvo Domenico

    [MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird

    Thanks for your answer. could you give me an example ? Im a real noob when it comes to scripting
  13. Selvo Domenico

    [MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird

    Hello Guys, maybe this question i a little bit weird but is it possible to use the view of the Camera as a livefeed on a ingame Screen in the quality of the one the pilot sees, for something like a command center?
  14. Thanks for your answer. I didnt wanted to annoy you with my post so sorry for that. Thanks for your efforts :)
  15. did you tested Fraps? It works great without a complicated Setup ^^
  16. I hope i will have time this summer to to work on a little project and learn using blender with your tutorials, thanks for making these!
  17. Nice to hear, a dream comes true :D
  18. Hey any news about this, are you actually working on this or is this Project on ice/dead?
  19. Hey Katie, short question: Ive asked a few weeks ago under your videoupdate for the JLTV if the M2 will have an Firing-Animation, you said you will think about it, any news? :D By the way, I hope you have had a good time in Thailand
  20. Thanks for your reply, :) looks very interesting. If you need a few people for Testing and so just give me a shout, me and my small team will support you if we can :)
  21. Are there any news ? :) the thing with the Mobile sound interesting
  22. Hello, a short question, I tried to test the Framework local on my PC (Hosted Database and all this) but Actually the Icons for Money, Hunger, Thirst and Stuff doesnt show up. The files on server and on client are in place, but the PBOs witz the Icons doesnt get loaded says the error i got ingame. can you Help me? LG Selvo ---thanks to discord support obsolete---
  23. Selvo Domenico

    Ghost Missions

    Hey Ghost, thank you for finaly bringing V3 of Enemy Assault to us, I am allowed to modify and/or porting it to another Map ? Because the Base doesnt really meet the requirements of my Community ( too much Vanilla :P ) and we would really like to play on Takisten, Saharani, Chernarus etc so again, I`am allowed to do that? ( of course you will be credited as mission maker)
  24. No I'am not Quaking but I made very bad experiences with VoN. Furthermore I prefer Radio-mods for my Mil-Sim-fetishism. I like it Hardcore Realistic Mil-Sim-Proved. :D but to be serious I hate the way VoN its integrated into the game (Push to Talk, Groupchannel all over the Map,...) and TFAR is just much more comfartable.
  25. Hey Guys, do you have actual thought of the Communication System? Cause the ArmA 3 Standard VoIP is not so good in my experience. So do you aim to us TFAR or providing a own solution? Greetings Selvo