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  1. 2LT. Smith

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Hey, I was playing around with the landrovers in the Virtual Garage, and I noticed they had RAF Police textures. Any way we can get that vehicle texture in a mission. or is there currently not a way? Disregard, found the vehicle in game.
  2. 2LT. Smith

    Adding Zeus to SQM Manualy.

    As of the last update, I can no longer get the drop down to allow me to put zeus to use all unofficial addons: Image for reference (No its not on my end.): http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/96105264960893046/555B74DBF4A296FEEDFF105C8BCECC92CFBA7C8D/ I simply need the SQM code for a zeus will all unofficial addons. Nothing else.
  3. Zeus drop down in the game master module for setting offical/unoffical addons is borken too.
  4. The mod is still working on dedicated right?
  5. 2LT. Smith

    Project OPFOR

    My units Dedicated Server has been freezing twoice now, when Project OPFOR veichles blow up. Anyone know what it could be?
  6. Does anyone have or know of a updated EODs. The public one is no longer working on my units dedicated server.
  7. 2LT. Smith

    Western Terrain.

    Project temporarly cancled while I sort stuff out.
  8. Apparently the developers are just really busy.
  9. 2LT. Smith

    Western Terrain.

    Also Sunday I will let you guys know where I plan on doing the terrain. First one wont be the best as I am still figuring out the tools but I plan on doing a few.
  10. 2LT. Smith

    Western Terrain.

    I now also have permission to use Mattaust's buildings.
  11. The Mikero tools think my arma 3 is in my C drive, this happened with the Arma 3 Tools too, however with the tools I can change the path. I cannot figure out how to change the path for the Mikero tools.
  12. 2LT. Smith

    Western Terrain.

    I have permission to use the building in Santa Catalina island, however I would only use them for the commercial buildings, not houses as the houses are not enter-able. Someone has only told me that they are working on learning how to 3d model. I also hope to contact Mattaust in hoped to use some custom buildings, mainly houses.
  13. 2LT. Smith

    Western Terrain.

    What do you mean?