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  1. I am not sure if this is a weapons model bug and if it was already reported. If you put a weapon on the ground in the Eden Editor, they don't have (show) a magazine. If you check the equipment storage (right click -> Attributes) there should be a magazine. If you walk to the (visually) empty weapon and go to the inventory (do not grab the weapon), you can also see, that there is a magazine (but not shown in the weapon). There are only two weapon models, which have their magazin loaded: MAR-10 .338 & Rahim 7.62 mm
  2. Same for the Tanoa map. There are extreme loud wind noises (louder than chopper engine sounds) at some places (e.g. at the edge of the volcano crater).
  3. I am not sure, what happened, but it seems, that the issue got solved over night (for me as an European). Battleye doesn't block the NPClient64.dll anymore and I can use my face tracking software in combination with my HOTAS setup again.
  4. Hello there, I have the same problem with FaceTrackNoIR. I can't use my face tracking software anymore because Battleye is blocking the NPClient64.dll. It worked the last two month flawlessly but now I am not able to use it anymore in combination with my new HOTAS setup. I already have written a message to the Battleye support and hope that this issue might get solved. If not, Opentrack and FaceTrackNoIR users are expelled from the game from now on. But I can't spell for TrackIR users and hope, one of these guys can tell, if TrackIR is still working.
  5. KoalaDSK

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    I have found a minor issue with the To-201 Shikra. After the cockpit has closed you can see three mirrors infront of you (left, middle and right). The middle mirror isn't showing a mirrored image of yourself and the plane . This image has to be horizontal mirrored. The left and the right mirrors are working as expected. Images of the issue
  6. As far as the developers said, the update 1.68 (64-bit included) should go live this week. https://dev.arma3.com/post/sitrep-00188
  7. KoalaDSK

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    I have created a ticket with a similar feature request (ability to switch from the UAV/UGV turret sound to the operator ambient sound): https://feedback.bistudio.com/T123679
  8. KoalaDSK

    Dynamic Simulation Feedback

    You are on the main branch, that's why ;)
  9. KoalaDSK

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    Hey there, Have you tried to verify the integrity of your game cache with Steam? Maybe there are some corrupt files which cause the trouble.
  10. That's definitely a point but we should not forget that we still have the zoom function (right mouse by default) if there are problems with the readability of the MFDs. But never mind, let's get back to the topic and maybe discuss the FoV topic in another thread.
  11. Or we will see some FoV (field of view) slider in the future and people could decide according to their display setup (4:3, 16:9, 16:10, 21:9, VR HMDs - just dreaming), how much they want to see on their screen edges. For now, pressing two times the Numpad Minus key is a dirty solution because everytime it changes to the default FoV if you get in/out a vehicle or static weapon.
  12. I second that. Auto-FOV is a bad choice. Sometimes you just can't read the displays in cockpits if you fly or drive with maximum speed. A bad solution of simulating speed.
  13. KoalaDSK

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    I for myself have very good performance in the game (not have tested Georgetown yet) since the upgrade to 64-bit. I am only using following parameter settings: 64-bit.exe, -skipintro and -nosplash and left everything else untouched (default). Even in AI heavy missions (f.e. recent official "Combat Patrol" mission) the performance in Kavala was between 30-40 fps and pretty good on my end. My specifications: GPU: GTX 580 3GB VRAM CPU: i7 3770K (oc 4.00 Ghz) RAM: (3x4) 12 GB 1666 Mhz OS: Win10
  14. Hello, why (and where) do one buy a 15 GB SSD? The Apex update has many core features that can't easily be deactivated like all the additional mods. I guess you should buy a new SSD 120/250/500GB and won't have to complain about such stuff anymore.
  15. This is strange. I for myself haven't experienced any issues with the key bindings after the update. I am using Win10 and all launcher settings (profile path etc.) are default (excluding "-nosplash" and "-skipintro").