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    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Much appreciated!
  2. escforreality

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Hi quick question, in the change log the item below is stated. But how do you setup an AI unit to be able to use artillery in the first place?
  3. escforreality

    Waiting for forums.bistudio.com

    Same here, for the last few days it has continuously failed on me.
  4. escforreality

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Alive mod is exactly what I was thinking of (I basically only play ARMA with it now), they clearly do something for their AI commander to pick where it fights but this is a great option to build on that theme. I'm not sure how they are doing it but what you are suggestion of the front line changing based on the AI knowledge of enemy composition is great. But ignoring the whole Alive mod thing, this alone is a good enough reason to do it.
  5. escforreality

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Strike_NOR that is an excellent suggestion! Something like this natively handled by the engine could revolutionise the the AI.
  6. I second this, RHS has done a few second wait time of their tanks so it is technically possible.
  7. escforreality

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    This is probably not the right place to ask this but why do Russian weapons (AK series) have multiple muzzle brakes? Why do they not simply have one that is specifically designed for the weapon? Is it the intention to use different muzzle brakes with different ammo types? In RHS does it actually make a difference which muzzle brake is chosen and if so how does one determine which is most appropriate?
  8. In your new mission on the Tanoa map have you changed the IND allegiance to be against BluFor? By default when you open a new mission NATO and IND are allies.
  9. escforreality

    Stationary weapon

    How about this for a reason, when you click assemble on the backpack they setup in the direction you are facing but at a random distance from you. This matters because if you are near the crest of a hill it sometimes puts the weapon facing down hill. Right now there is no easy readjustment possible, you need to disassemble and start over. All that is mildly irritating. Also as a separate point the setup should not be instantaneous as it us now.
  10. I have nothing to do with Alive but In relation to helicopters not moving by any chance did they come under fire? I know from reading some threads on Dev branch that there is an old issue with helicopters coming under fire from an "Unknown Enemy" then getting stuck hovering in the sky because they are trying to run a retreat command that does not work. This might have nothing to do with your issue but I thought I'd give my two cents in case it helps.
  11. escforreality

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    @S3blapin You must have key bound the Air brake and Decrease Throttle because that is not the effect I am seeing. I can maintain throttle at 100% and Air brake at the same time. An issue I have noted is that when trying to make a tight corner in the Nato Jets (possibly others) at low speed (about 15km/hr) you lose speed and come to a complete halt. This makes turning a pain in the ass because if you are trying to make a very tight corner like to top of the main Tanona Airport runway and hold "w" or "e" you need to throttle very high to overcome the "friction" but then move over in a much larger turning circle, which is annoying. It would be beneficial to have an actual wheel brake on the Aircraft akin to the helicopter's AFM brake, if there is a key bind for this I have not seen it.
  12. May I enquire as to what this in effect means? Will the Alive Wiki supported factions page be updated with any new working RHS factions? Separately to that, the wiki has an error in the current descriptions: Current entry: Russian Federation Troops: rhs_faction_msv Russian Motor Rifle Troops: rhs_faction_vdv Should actually be: Russian Motor Rifle Troops: rhs_faction_msv Russian Airborne Troops: rhs_faction_vdv
  13. escforreality

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Very good point, I added one. I never even considered that.
  14. escforreality

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    In relation the the new showcase mission I agree with the sentiments (bug reports) above. I think you should also try a little harder in the mission to force players to use the TGP camera to find a target, area lock the camera, laser the target, switch to bombs, lock on to the laser and finally bomb it. There is indeed a hint which is very informative but I think forcing a player to bomb a building that can't be locked onto with missiles would be a good idea. I appreciate that this would also require the player to be able to land and rearm (maybe at Altis international for proximity and ease). At mission start when you get into the plane there should also be a "setup" phase where the tower or wing man talk you through applying flaps and turning your radar on. A lot of people are not going to understand the need to turn it on when Jets DLC lands. The spoiler below contains info on the showcase mission.
  15. escforreality

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    There are issues with the Praetroian 1C (B_AAA_System_01_F): (1) It does not appear to have a firing sound when other sounds like helicopter/jet engines are present or if two AA systems are firing. The sounds of bullets cracks, impacts etc. are present. (2) It swings about 90 degrees past its target then corrects but swings 60 degrees past the target in the opposite direction, that's a little excessive I think, The main issue is its firing the entire time its doing that. The target was a stationary helicopter behind it on spawn. (3) Shooting the platform with an MX rifle causes it to explode with as few as six (6) bullets. If it is desirable to have the platform very fragile I suggest having the gun point to the ground like it has lost hydraulics (e.g. disabled tank cannons) would be abetter implementation. It could of course then explode later with a higher hitpoint/critical threshold. Otherwise the AA(A) platforms are really cool! Great work.
  16. escforreality

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I noticed in today's build that if you place the To-201 on the editor in the air so it starts flying on mission start the canopy is initially open in first person view at least. I check the other two DLC aircraft and they did not have this issue. An animation is also played (For all three DLC aircraft possibly others) at mission start that resembles the end of the get in animation whereby the player's hand is above/on the HUD and his head is close to it just as he settles into the seat. That isn't a big deal but there is no need to play it from what I can see.
  17. escforreality

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    I 100% support this. AI driven vehicles to which the player is commander should not be murdered by the driver when he gets out of the machine. (1) Friendly AI driving any kind of vehicle needs to prioritize avoiding their own side and civilians. (2) For this specific issue vehicles should not follow an on foot commander unless specifically ordered to. I.E. A commander exiting a vehicle should also trigger a "Stop" command to the AI. It is not typically useful the have a vehicle follow you in formation.
  18. escforreality

    RHS: M1 Abrams vs. T-55A

    These comments are as epic as the mod :D
  19. escforreality

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    That worked like a charm, thanks Da12thMonkey. It was bound to nothing to start with but now works great! It gives landing a enjoyable extra challenge, as opposed to being almost impossible when I didn't have a brake.
  20. escforreality

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I have no doubt that its more realistic but what do you do to reduce speed? Reducing throttle to 0% seems to maintain your current speed and attempting to reduce altitude requires a nose down approach which increases speed. The only other way I've found to reduce speed is to bank and turn which is of no use when attempting to make a straight on approach. Are their any air brakes? If so how do you turn them on/off?
  21. escforreality

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I've had the same problem but on smaller runways with the Buzzard, it didn't seem to go over about 160km/hr before the runways ended. Also although I like the new percent applied throttle in Jets, how does one now land? I'm having a hard time reducing speed to land and end up gliding over the runway, flaps or no flaps.
  22. Yeah I read on PC Gamer that AMD have advised BIOS changes as Dwarden noted to improve performance. The guy at PC Gamer expects that firmware or driver updates might be needed to improve Ryzen performance. They also noted that the motherboard may effect results for gaming (Not yet tested). They don't check ARMA in the benchmark but it is an interesting read though I must admit I'm disappointed in what I've read so far, lets hope that the updates help. http://www.pcgamer.com/the-amd-ryzen-7-review/
  23. escforreality

    Possible fix for the "3 FPS Drop" Issue

    I can confirm that I always get it on the Eden editor, I primarily play single player missions with a large mod set (ACE, RHS etc.) but focused on Alive mod. After about an hour I will start to get the 3 FPS bug. I have been getting it for a long time, a few months ago I thought it was specifically related to Alive due to all the spawning and/or ghost spawning of entities, then I thought it was related to the RHS Bradly's cannon and Mil Mi 24 Gatling gun as incoming fire from them seemed to trigger it but I no longer think that is true. In terms of recovering from the the 3 FPS bug I've found that every time I've recovered the issue has reoccurred shortly thereafter (approximately 10 minutes or less after recovering). As my mission does not work on Dev branch I can't test it but there is a marked improvement in performance with 64bit for especially when flying with large view distances. I have personally not yet experienced the 3 FPS bug on Dev branch.
  24. escforreality

    Fixed Wing Flight Model (dev branch)

    One issue I have is when you perform a sharp turn and lose speed until stall it is practically impossible to get any thrust from the engines after returning to horizontal flight. I understand that after a stall you need to pitch down to get more air speed but if you return to horizontal flight holding down "Shift" you get nothing from the engines. This is the behaviour of the Wipeout and Buzzard not sure about the other bird, compare this to the modded RHS SU25 after stall at low speed from turning then returning to horizontal flight and holding "Shift" opens up the engines and gives thrust. Maybe the default mechanics is correct behaviour, I'm sure someone can correct me on that, but what I expect to happen is for the jet engines to have more power.