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The "Official" Advance and Secure Thread (AAS)

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AAS Complete Pack released

Although the AAS Complete Pack was released already one month ago here is the according news and it might be the last one for quite a while. This latest and maybe last "official" release holds the newest versions for ArmA2, Operation Arrowhead and Combined Operations. It contains Templates for each of the three Game-Versions for Stock- and also a couple of famous Community-Islands like Panthera, Namalsk and Quesh Kibrul and more. Coders and Modders will find also the non-shrinked and fully documented code-versions of AAS for each of the three Games (A2/OA/CO).

AAS is designed as PvP-Game-Mode for all but especially for larger scales but it can also be played as SP-Mission with AI against AI or as Coop-Experience. AAS requires NO Mods/Addons to be installed on Server/Clients with Missions based on Stock-Islands. Have fun with more than 140 Missions and all the tools to make countless more!

Due to the lack of public interest in AAS and not receiving much Feedback during the past three months please understand that my personal motivation in running AAS-Activities has reached almost zero meanwhile. It looks like some are doing their own developments recently (which is allowed and appreciated!) but are unfortunately not interested in sharing them with the whole community here. Please understand that I won't answer personal requests via Email and PMs anymore regarding AAS, please use this Site and its Ticket-System or the Forums at advanceandsecure.com for questions/suggestions and Feedback so answers and discussions are available to the whole community and not just for one person. If you want to experience AAS nowadays in a way it was meant to be played in a 30vs30+ environment, the now starting Armed Global Warfare Campaign 5 Tournament is the best place to go I know. So check it out! Thanks to the Basecamp-Allstars who made the AAS-Site/Forums stay online by paying the bills as an archive and maybe it'll come back to live one day.

I thank CoolBox for porting and supporting the best-ever-game-mode AAS to the ArmA-World and of course kju for his countless hours of supporting a complete noob (me) in a million of editing-issues and troubleshooting me integrating his great work into AAS. Of course also thanks to all Members of the AAS-Network and the many many mission makers who all kept this alive! As I failed to attract any new coders to this project for some more polishing it's time for me to step back. I'll check this site and the mentioned Forums for any questions that might arise and try to answer them as good as I can and if one really wants to pick it up with or without my help I'll be glad to support that both. ;-)

Thank you!

Source: http://www.dev-heaven.net/news/521



"AAS-Advance and Secure" Operation Arrowhead Missionpack V1.14

Release V1.14 can be found here

"AAS-Advance and Secure" Operation Arrowhead Missionpack V1.13

Release V1.13 can be found here

"AAS-Advance and Secure" Operation Arrowhead Missionpack V1.12

Two days late already but now it´s time for the initial Release of "Advance and Secure for the Armed Assault II standalone expansion Operation Arrowhead". The initial package contains 24 templates to build own AAS-Missions on the new terrains "Takistan", "Zargabad" and the "Desert" and six brandnew missions ready to play! Only Hosts need to download the package or players that like to explore the Missions alone or want to fight the AI. One known feature from previous versions unfortunately isn´t working anymore within Operation Arrowhead: The Medic-Revive System is obsolete because the dead bodies disappear almost immediately. Given the fact that the Medic never was popular in AAS Public Gaming this won´t hurt most players and can be hopefully fixed in the near future.

The release is fully compatible with "Operation Arrowhead" standalone, ArmA2 is not required to play it (only for all earlier AAS-Releases!)! You can download the AAS-OA-Package here.

I´d like to thank CoolBox for starting this AAS-Project two years ago in ArmA1 already and kju for his awesome work and support during the last eight months, especially during the last few days porting this to Arrowhead. Of course also thanks to quattro who designed 50% of all initial OA release-missions and qwertz for giving AAS a face with the Logos. Thank you all guys!





"AAS-Advance and Secure" Complete Mission Pack V1.11

As promised one week ago the separate pure AAS-Missions-Release featuring different Rulesets for Hosts with and without enabled AI is today. There´s also a new feature for Mission-Designers that allows to place Flags at different elevations now.

It fully supports/requires the earlier Addon-Package Installer V1.1 Release (read below!)

We also made a Ruleset-Cleanup, this release Features a new "Default Ruleset" and two popular Community-Rulesets (Armacalypse and ArmA2.ru ).

I´m also thankful for the following new missions made by Armacalypse-Community-Members that we are allowed to add as well. These missions are new/updated in this release:

•Armcalypse Now (Duala)

•Battle for Zappado (Panthera)

•Broken River (Panthera)

•Coastal Roads (Panthera)

•Dunes Reloaded (Panthera)

•Jalovisko Disko (Namalsk)

•Lake Ukane (Panthera)

•Saint Pierre (Everon)

•SnowEPass (Namalsk)

•Strike@Lesce (Panthera)

•Tara Bridge Sweep (Namalsk)

•Town Rush (Panthera)

•Village Run (Panthera)

Get more than 100 AAS-Missions now! (For Hosts/Mission-Designers, Clients get the Missions automatically while joining a game)



"AAS-Advance and Secure" Addon-Package V1.1

Today I´m a little bit proud to say that using certain Addons for ArmA2 especially in combination with the Advance and Secure game-mode has never been easier as with this release of version 1.1. Of course the Community has to agree yet and I´m looking forward to the feedback we´ll hopefully receive. The AAS-Advance and Secure Addon-Package V1.1 contains for the first time all Missions, Addons and Keys that are needed to play/host AAS today in one simple to use Installation package supporting numerous languages:



- LittleBirds 2.2 by Cyborg11

- Panthera 2.61 by IceBreakr

- Isla Duala 1.6 by IceBreakr

- Community Base Addons 0.4.0 by Sickboy, Dr_Eyeball, killswitch

- Namalsk 1.02 by Sumrak

- Quesh Kibrul 2.0 by floosy

- Everon 2.9b by SgtAce

- More than 100 Missions

Other Changes:

- New Feature using 3rd Person-View on vehicles only

- New Feature makes it possible to use Aircraft-Carrier as Base or Objective

- New AI-Features (Aircraft Collision Avoidance System and AI Throwing Smoke by Victor Farbau)

- New Missions (more than 20) utilizing the Worlds Quesh Kibrul, Namalsk and Everon

- New AAS-Server-Key will change in every new version to ensure consistency in MP-Environments

- Several Bugfixes

Download Mirrors:

Mirror #1 AAS-Addon-Package 1.1 Installer (855MB) - advanceandsecure.com

Mirror #2 AAS-Addon-Package 1.1 Installer (855MB) - basecamp-allstars.de

Mirror #3 AAS-Addon-Package 1.1 Installer (855MB) - arma-creations.com

Mirror #4 AAS-Addon-Package 1.1 Installer (855MB) - slingfile.com

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Let us know what you´re thinking!


Original 1.0 Release-Post


What is AAS?

AAS is a Team vs Team Multiplayer-Mode coming from Novalogics game "Joint Operations" brought to ArmA2 by CoolBox-SBS. In case you´re new to AAS here´s an overview with additional links how it works, explaining the HUD, general Tactics and specific key-controls. It´s not complete and not nice yet, I know, I´ll come to that later.

AAS comes as a bunch of scripts that are part of a mission-layout but it is a bit more than just that. That´s why I hope this thread is right here, because this is about the AAS-Project as a whole, not just one mission and there are so many people involved.

Translated from the german Wikipedia:

AAS (Advance and Secure):

Despite both X-Ray Homebases of each team, there are several objectives that need to be conquered in order. A Teams wins if it captures all Objectives or owns more than the opponent at the end of a given amount of time.

Unlike it is done in the Battlefield-Series you´re not fighting for all objectives at the same time, instead they need to be taken in a certain order which keeps the action very focussed and dense and the usage of tactical skills, teamwork and logistics is more vital than single player actions. Also you don´t have to stand 2m beside a flag to decamp an objective, you´ve to outnumber the enemy inside a bigger perimeter around the flag, at that point the enemy is not able to spawn anymore in that objective and he needs to reinforce from other objectives/bases further back. Only if the flag is down (decamped), one player needs to get close to take control of that objective. You´ve to decamp, overtake and upcamp an objective until it is fully functional and you can spawn your troops there.


Indepedent from the standard ArmA2-Classes you can pick in the Lobby of an AAS-Server, the real Class-Change/Choice in "AAS für ArmA2" happens only and directly in the game at the Armory:

  • Rifleman: Standard-Class - Nothing Spectacular, carrying an assault rifle an some grenades
  • Grenadier: Only this Class has access to grenade launchers (M203/GP25)
  • Engineer: Most Important unit for Anti-Tank/Anti-Air
  • Medic: Medics can heal wounded and revive dead teammembers at the cost of firepower
  • Gunner: The Machinegun-Guy
  • Sniper: The Sharpshooter
  • Recon: Carries silenced weapons only and satchels for operations behind enemy lines/nighttimes.

All 73 AAS Missions in V1.0 contain the complete Game-Mechanics. Only for the "Non-Chernarus-Missions" you need (Panthera/LittleBird/Sahrani) on Servers and Clients. This means that all 49 Chernarus-Missions require nothing else than vanilla ArmA2 and work direct "out-of-the-box" on every Server while Clients Download the mission automatically if they join a server. So no need to install anything, just put the desired Mission in your ArmA2 "mpmissions"-folder and give it a go!

Where to play AAS?

Arma2 Russia Public Gameplay on a daily base (Russia/Eastern Europe)

Armacalypse Public Gameplay on a daily base (U.S. East Coast)

Armed Global Warfare Tournament. Registration required. Sign in now for up to 100-player matches with maximum organized Teamplay (Somewhere in the U.S. and Canada)

Basecamp Allstars This server always runs the latest AAS-Alpha-Releases / Public Gameplay every Thursday starting at 8pm CET (Germany, Central Europe)


PvPScene-AAS is a Spinoff-Project developed by kju aiming at lower player numbers (up to 20) for League´s based on the AAS-Core. Click here for a list of PvPScene-AAS Teams and Servers.

The Future of AAS

After the upcoming 1.0 release we want to focus on AAS-Gameplay and the Community itself to improve and develop gameplay. Therefore we´d like to start a small Community-Page that brings all the AAS-Interested People like those already mentioned in this Thread closer together for Events and Information. Of course we plan to bring AAS to Operation Arrowhead as soon as it hits the shelves as well.

All this will be announced in this Thread soon. Of course your questions and Feedback are/is welcome here as well.

Click the Spoiler-Button to read what to expect from "AAS 1.0 Final":

Done in r325

  • Revived Players aren´t rearmed instantly anymore
  • Space-Bar-Scanning is disabled now
  • Changed Objective-Box-Background-Color to Black (upper right of the HUD, so it´s Blue/Red/Green on a black background) to improve readability
  • Vehicles don´t respawn anymore if there´s still a crew in it
  • Moved the text on the Result-Table a bit downwards to improve readability
  • Started transition to use new Parameter-System that came with one of the latest patches

Done in r327

  • Fixed "Key-Stuck Issue" after respawn (in combination with Game-Update 1.05

Done in r331

  • Added Spawn-Delay-Feature: Means you are dead for 10s before you´re able to choose a spawnpoint. So dead players are out of the game for a longer persiod of time, that should make attacking easier. This affects all Rulesets until its set up otherwise in specific Ruleset!
  • Fixed some bugs caused by previous bugfixes (weren´t visible ingame)
  • Armory-Timer already running after respawn before a choice was made should be fixed
  • Players who join in progress get stuck in Score-Board-Message at times and need to reconnect several times until it works should be fixed
  • Added more options for building future maps
  • Several Script-Tweaks

Done in r335

  • Hide revive action in menu for non medic classes
  • SpawnArmourTime now starts once you are in position and not before
  • Fixed some minor and major bugs that were caused by earlier bug-fixes thanks to all Alpha-Testers!

Done in r419 (Public Release)

  • Added options for Admins/Hosts to setup new Parameters for each mission while logged in at Startup: Weather, Time of Day, Fog, View Distance
  • Weather should be more synchronized now for all players (it was possible that you had sunshine and your mate 5m away saw rain at the same time)
  • Added AAS Sahrani-Template/Mission made by wormeaten (req. CAA1)
  • Slightly enlarged Text-Size showing the range to/from each objective to improve readability
  • Removed need to scroll for Revive-Action (Medics). Revive action appears automatically if you come close to a dead body, just need to press Enter/Click middle mouse-button to make it happen
  • Minimap more zoomed out by default
  • Fixed pressing ESC during respawn menu makes you stuck in camera
  • Added Playername to "nearest Medic" Dialogue and increased Font-Size
  • Fixed Units cannot revive on mission start
  • Replaced map flags icon with more position precise ones
  • Removed/Fixed Debug Message in gameplay "Deleted dead bodies"

Done in r424

  • Improved new Params-System: Admins can setup TimeOfDay more granular in steps of five minutes now
  • Fixed Revive-Score-Problem, should be accurate now
  • One new Mission and Template for Sahrani by wormeaten (req. CAA1)
  • Added "Cancel" option to Spawn-Selector-Dialogue

Done in r435

  • Players who JIP/get Revived/Switch Classes at Map-Nighttimes automatically have nightvision enabled
  • In "Spawn Selector" Dialogue you now see the total number of players before you in the spawn-queue
  • Fog Settings in Params now make more sense according to their description
  • Various improvements and Bugfixes that should make the AAS-Code hopefully better performing and scalable as well as more robust

Next Public Release (Coming Soon! r5xx based)

  • Fixed Spawn Protection now working reliable again
  • Fixed some Errors messing up the Server.RPT
  • New AAS-Extreme Features and Template
  • Reduced BootHill-Death-Range (250m) for easier Mission-Design on smaller Terrains/Islands
  • Enabled Override in Classic-Ruleset for individual Vehicle Repawn-Times as requested by Armacalypse.com
  • Fixed one could have multiple entries in one Spawn-Queue while waiting
  • Fixed unprecise Vehicle Locations after respawn
  • Added AI-Support again based on UPSMON, fully capable of playing AAS even on its own and using mission vehicles as well!
  • Improved readability of objective names on the mini-map

Updated/New AAS-Maps/Missions for Chernarus, Panthera, Sahrani and Utes since the latest public release:

  • Kill Hill (Utes) by qwertz (*new*)
  • King of the Hill (Cherna) by BCA Cat Toaster (*major update*)
  • Creamed Corn (Cherna) by Grimes 3id (*new*)
  • Vandegrifs Airstrip (Cherna) by Grimes 3id (*new*)
  • The new World (Panthera) by BCA Lord (*major update*)
  • Bloody Bend (Panthera) by AGW Stainless (*new*)
  • Death Row (Panthera) by AGW Stainless (*new*)
  • Skooma Showdown (Panthera) by AGW Stainless (*new*)
  • Tropical Thunder (Panthera) by BCA Cat Toaster (*new*)
  • Valley of Death (Panthera) by Grimes 3id (*new*)
  • Zelezniki Assault (Panthera) by AGW Stainless (*new*)
  • Brawl for it All (Panthera) by AGW Stainless (*new*)
  • Panthera Highlands (Panthera) by BCA Cat Toaster (*new*)
  • Kobarid Bridge (Panthera) by Grimes 3id (*new*)
  • One Day (Panthera) by Grimes 3id (*new*)
  • Black Rock Coast (Panthera) by BCA quattro (*new*)
  • First Blood (Panthera) by BCA quattro (*new*)
  • Koritnica Triumph (Panthera) by Grimes 3id (*new*)
  • Liquid Delta (Panthera) by BCA quattro (*new*)
  • Corazol Arms Market (Sahrani) by AGW wormeaten (*new*)
  • Electricity (AAS-Extreme on Cherna) by AGW wormeaten (*new*)
  • Last Stand (Panthera) by Grimes 3id (*new*)
  • Industrial Zone (Cherna) by qwertz (*new*)
  • In the Trees (Panthera) by Grimes 3id (*new*)
  • Mountaineers (Panthera) by Grimes 3id (*new*)
  • Battle at Bled Lake (Panthera) by BCA Cat Toaster (*new*)
  • Panthera Capital (Panthera) by BCA quattro (*new*)
  • LaDrang Valley (Panthera) by BCA quattro (*new*)

More than 70 AAS-Missions Total not counting Templates! Only a couple of those got presented in here in the "User Missions" Section.

Click the Spoiler-Button for Credits (If you think you´re missing on this list please PM me!) :



Norrin, Xeno, Spooner, Monsada, wormeaten, Kegetys, Chillmasta, Zaphod, PaulyP, Fenix, Lord, Maverick, qwertz, Grimes, Skyhunter, Stainless, quattro


Arma2.ru, Armacalypse.com




The official AAS-Release-Trailer:

Stream from Vimeo

Download 720p HQ-Version, WMV


More Videos

PvPScene AAS-Videos

Complete AAS-Mission Tactical-Overview (Screens)

Click here

Click the Spoiler-Button for License Terms and Download:

License Terms

(1) Anyone is allowed to do anything at all with the code

(2) You don´t demand credit for your contribution as a licence condition. You may be credited, but it is not a right

(3) The above only applies for the core AAS code (in chernarus template), peeps hold full copyright over the maps they add/design etc.

Final Release Notes

  • The uncompressed Package needs 410MB of Harddrive-Space!
  • The Package contains all AAS-Missions with each available Ruleset set up as default and additionally with AI-Support Disabled or Enabled until more than 8 players are on the server as default.
  • Normal Players/Clients that don´t want to design own AAS-Missions and aren´t interested in playing AAS alone with or against the AI, don´t need to download this package at all. All you´ve to do is to connect to a server that is hosting Files of this package.
  • Some Missions on this package are dependent on additional downloadable free content like the Panthera-Island or the Little-Bird-Addon, available here.


Link #1 -> AAS Final 1.0 r526 Complete Package (652KB)

Link #2 -> AAS Final 1.0 r526 Complete Package (652KB)

AAS Final 1.0 r526 Commented Code Mission (110KB)

Visit Dev-Heaven for known issues.

Edited by BCA Cat Toaster
Release of AAS V1.11

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Awesome :)

Hopefully the coop kids aka noobs :D will see the beauty of these missions, so much fun... a huge step over the last great PvP set 'Berzerk'.

Congrats to the BCA team on their first non beta release of these amazingly fun missions.

Now hurry up ;P

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Thats awesome news - can't wait for the final release!

Its funny that many people complain about the missing PvP gameplay in ArmA while at the same time there is a jewel like the AAS pack.

I can just invite everyone to try it out - it has everything (and more) that a good, tactical PvP mode needs, and (in my humble opinion) is so much more fun and challenging than fighting against largely mindless AI.

Keep up the great work ! :yay:

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Thanks Guys!

Congrats to the BCA team

Congratulations to the AAS-Team please, BCA is just a small part of that. :-)

AAS will feature "largely mindless AI" as well (it´s capable of playing AAS completely on its own already!), you can check that out on the servers in my sig. AAS-Coop is possible but originally it was meant for the time you´re waiting for more real players to join! ;-)

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a huge step over the last great PvP set 'Berzerk'

I disagree. AAS is the most boring type of PvP out there.

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Well what about a nice teasing AAS trailer or/and ingame footage? Something where people say/think - "that could be great". Good to see devs in A2 combat and enjoy their own work. :)

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I disagree. AAS is the most boring type of PvP out there.

Not everyone likes the FPS or CS style of pvp. It's more of a challange when you fight other people if their is a purpose behind it other than capturing a flag or just killing for the sake of points and internet-ego.

I have been tracking the progress of these mission sets for some time now and think they are great and you can get some great tactical team pvp out of these missions. To win in AAS missions you have to work as a team or you will not be successful.

I do have one question...will these missions be compatible with ACE2?

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I disagree. AAS is the most boring type of PvP out there.

Dunno how well it works with arma but in Joint Operations it was awesome, that be when teams were balanced :cool:

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Well, I played JO for some years and this project is the only reason most BCA-Members inlcuding myself bought ArmA2 at all. However it turned out that ArmA2 is a bit too much hardcore for some players, that´s why I don´t know if it works with ACE2 or not. Should be no that big deal to make it working, however I´ve no time and interest to do that but maybe someone else. Personally I just love AAS and the ArmA2-Engine obviously is an awesome mighty toolbox that offers the ability and scale to make AAS happen again.

In AAS you can pick a predefined Gear-Setup (ArmA2-Slots mean nothing) from an armory when in the game and go with that instantly. No two minutes gear-setup manually if you don´t want it. Revives are instant. It has Spawn-Protection, Spawn-Queues, Spawn-Delay. More than 70 missions of all scales and terrains. No Ingame-Ranks that prevent players using the hardware on the missions. Different Rulesets to choose from.

Might sound a bit arcade but what finally matters is Teamplay, Communication, Logistics and Medics. Oh, and don´t forget Fun! Should still offer more depth than Betafield and CoD ever will.

Well what about a nice teasing AAS trailer or/and ingame footage?

I´ll try, but everyone is free to contribute as well! :-)

Edited by BCA Cat Toaster

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Well I can say that I have been working with the missions some for the ArmA II unit I am in and so far we like the gameplay style. The only thing we have found that we would like to see changed would be the addition of ACE2 which would allow a more realistic gaming experience. We are currently working on trying to add ACE2 to the missions, but have found some incompatabilities with the mission scripting and some of the modules.

Hopefully we can find some work arounds to alleviate these issues as this has massive potential for some real combat simulation.

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maybe if AAS allowed ACE or more mods id play it. The action is certainlymore consistant than that of a dom game. As well as new missions for the new islands like namalsk, thirsk, duala etc.

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This seems nice. Not too compicated to play as Devastation nor too "messy" as Berseker\similars.

But indeed, a ACE version would be very welcome to use such features as CQB sights, CSW and so on.

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Really nice concept!!

But in my opinion there are too many information on the screen :D .

Maybe you could remove all this info!!

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You can toggle thru AAS-HUD-Display-Modes by pressing CTRL+H while playing. At least you´ll see the objectives in the upper right while everything else is disabled. However most of the information makes sense and you get used to it. You can also increase/decrease the size of HUD-Elements within the grahpics-options for example. That video shows the "Full-AAS-HUD" in "Minimum-Size" (which is what I use) at 2:08 and "Normal-Size" (for improved visibility/readibility in that Video but way too big) at 0:37 for example. Kill- and Server-Messages are optional at Server-Side as well.

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Updated the initial post:

- Added latest Changes at "What to expect from 1.0" Section

- Added latest release notes

- Added addtional YouTube-Version of the AAS-Release-Trailer

- Added License Terms

- Added Download-Links for AAS 1.0 Complete-Package

Well, that´s it. Have fun and Happy Easter!

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Can you explain that a bit better?


Thought it was pretty self explanatory.

Official AAS-Mission-Pack Final V1.0 r526

Edited by 76

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What was done to resolve the "defenders spawn inside the zone they are defending and thus you have to spawn camp them in order to kill them faster than they spawn" issue?

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The "Issue" you´re talking about still is part of the fundamental AAS-Game-Concept but that got improved by bringing in its original Spawn-Delay. If there´s heavy fighting going on a player that gets shot in his "to defend objective" is out of the game for 20s if he I wants to join at the front again (cumulating "Spawn-Delay-" and "Spawn-Queue-Timers" each 10s). However this can be bypassed by using medics. In order to prevent your enemy from spawning in that objective you have to outnumber them in their own perimeter. This is possible without a single shot (but decreasing enemy numbers by shooting them helps a lot). That is essential, don´t expect any changes here in AAS-Core. It´s a major part of AAS that you get near and finally into a perimeter as a team without being seen until the very last moment being covered by a sniper or LAV/Tank/Air-Support.

In case you still don´t like that, take a look at PvPScene-AAS mentioned in the initial post, that features a slightly different AAS and an additional Attack and Defend-Mode that might be closer to what you´re a looking for.

Edited by BCA Cat Toaster

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Sorry if that info has already been posted somewhere, but could you point me to a place where the different rulesets are explained?

Thanks in advance,


Edited by Dimitri_Harkov

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This looks realy good finaly some real PvP action and no AI.

I know it can be played with AI I just hope people get some real PvP servers up.

And yes ACE 2 will kick ass with this :).

Let us know when ACE 2 is working with it wooooot

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You´re right, it´s not posted here because it´s completely outdated and I had no time updating it yet. You caught me not making my homework completely. ;-)

I´ll try give you an update here:

With V1.0 the predefined Classes/Kits-Loadouts are identical in Public/Hardcore/BCA and with just slight changes in ArmA2.ru, they were way more different before. Arma2.ru features very slow healing speed compared with the others.

In Classic everyone can revive, which makes the Medic obsolete and you can pick up every weapon on both sides if you do manual loadouts at the armory. Some kind of unlimited "Arcade-Style". All other Rulesets only offer side-specifig weaponry.

BCA and Public are almost identical, just slightly reduced Heal-/Revive-/Cap-Range (5m instead of 10m) and proportional Capping-Speed enabled according to player numbers in BCA and disabled custom loadouts as we think the predefined Kits are good enough.

Hardcore features also the lower heal-/Revive-/Cap-Ranges, addtional friendly tags are only shown up to 60m distance (up to 1000m in all other Rulesets) and the HUD is limited as well (no Minimap!). Spawn Protection only lasts 8s compared with 10s in the other Rulesets and Class-Change is set locked for 60s after making a change while the others have just 30s or no Class-Lock (Classic).

The AGW-Ruleset was used in a Tournament in their Campaign 2 and is a bit special. You´ve to find out yourself.

I suggest Public is the best to start with and based on this you can decide if you want it less restrictive (Classic) or just slightly more hardcoreness (BCA/ArmA2.ru) or maximum hardcoreness (Hardcore).


Honestly I still don´t know what prevents AAS from working with ACE2, has one tried it once? I know CEAL had running an AAS Server with ACE2 and there was almost no activity. If there is so much public demand for AAS with ACE2 I don´t get why no one can tell us what the problem is.

There are several AAS-PvP-Servers up, on ours AI gets automatically disabled as soon as there are more than eight human players on the server, which is the default-Setting for the AI-Enabled-Packages supplied in the Final-Release. I just want to say that - if AI is present on a Server - it does NOT mean it will be around all the time, it´s just meant to keep the players entertained while on low numbers until more players join. Playing 1vs1 for half an hour is not that funny. If a round starts with nine players you don´t see any AI at all.

Thanks for your Feedback guys, keep posting your thoughts!

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